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Bookmark These Divorce Party Ideas To Kick Off Your Next Chapter

According to Pinterest, divorce parties will be big in 2024.

Written by Brianne Hogan
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There are many divorce party ideas, but spending time with your best friends is part of all of them.

Throwing a party after getting a divorce might not be the first thing on your mind. Whether you're moving on from a dysfunctional and toxic marriage or going through an amicable split, a divorce is one of the most challenging things a person can go through. However, it can also be one of the most liberating and exciting times of your life — a shift in your story worth celebrating. And you certainly aren't the only one thinking of hosting this type of "alt bash." According to Pinterest's latest data, searches for "divorce party ideas" have spiked 55% in recent years.

So, once the divorce proceedings are over (and you've had a good cry... or two), throwing a divorce party could be a great way to turn over a fresh page in your new chapter. It's also an opportunity for you to celebrate with your friends and family who supported you through thick and thin. But before you start sending out Evites, embrace the No. 1 divorce party ground rule: make it about you and not your ex. The most memorable and enjoyable marriage postmortems aren't about throwing your ex under the bus but throwing an unforgettable soiree that celebrates your journey.

Now, onto the exciting part! Keep reading for all the inspiration you need to toast your new start.


Throw a Spa Day

You need serious self-care, and throwing a spa day celebration — whether it's for a night or weekend — is the perfect self-pampering antidote to your recent stress. You can either go away to a spa with your best friends or invite mobile massage therapy and manicurists to your house and indulge at home. Serve your fave foods, wear your comfy robes, and sit back and relax. You can even treat your guests to gift bags filled with bath bombs and slippers.


Have a Sleepover

If you just want to chill with your best friends, throw a good old-fashioned slumber party complete with pizza, popcorn, and inspiring movies with strong, empowered female leads. Or, if you're feeling strong enough for it, cue up some shows about divorce. Tap into your good-old-days nostalgia by playing fun board games and sharing your favorite celebrity (and maybe real-life) crushes, like you did as a teen.


Host a Chic Cocktail Party

Time to get fancy! Throw a chic cocktail party and raise a glass to your freedom and new life! Wear a nice little black dress and ask your guests to wear their best duds. Serve up signature cocktails and mocktails — maybe even one named in honor of your divorce, like an Hasta La Vista Baby — alongside delicious nibbles.


Get Spiritual

If you'd prefer a more zen approach to your independence and would like to tap into your intuition and manifestation skills, you can opt for a spiritual party with your closest woo-woo friends. Create a vision board together to assemble all the big dreams and goals you'd like to achieve in your life post-divorce. You might also want to invite a tarot card reader to help guide and predict your future. Yoga poses and ecstatic dancing are great ways to release energy and more peacefully embody your best self.


Have a Non-Wedding

Are you a little kitschy and quirky when it comes to parties? If so, then throwing yourself a non-wedding might be your jam. This is an occasion for you to ditch your wedding dress in the most fantastic way — whether it's in a bonfire or tearing it apart with the help of your friends and family. Serve a three-tiered non-wedding cake with a fun image (like making lemonade from lemons or ditching the ball and chain). Your guests can also gift you a non-wedding gift like lingerie.


Throw a Dance Party

Sometimes you just need to dance it out! Hire a professional DJ or a musician if you seriously want to go all out. Or you can curate your own playlist with empowering and inspiring ladies like Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, and Demi Lovato. Make sure to dress up like you're going out with your best friends, even if you're only busting a move in the kitchen.


Enjoy a Sweet Ending

If ever there’s a time to indulge the free spirit of your youth, it’s at a divorce party. The gist? A Willy Wonka-esque, candy-fueled bash for the ages. You can lean into retro favorites like gummy bears, Razzles, and Bit-O-Honeys, or you can just let your sweet tooth be your guide. Make sure you provide baggies for your guests so that your new beginning is extra sweet for them, too.


Visit an Escape Room

I mean, is this a little on the nose? Yes. But that’s what makes it so much fun! Check with your local escape room company to see how many guests you can bring along to help spring you. Then, send out Evites accordingly. If you don’t have an escape room nearby, try DIY’ing your own at home.


Perform a Cleansing Ritual

Even in the most amicable of splits, there’s bound to be a bit of negative energy. For this type of party, it’s probably best you only invite your closest friends and family — the people whose energy you feel aligns with the vibe you want in your future. Once you’ve decided who to ask, reach out to a local spiritual guru or indigenous healer to see if they offer cleansing rituals. They can help you properly and respectfully smudge your space with intention.


“Reverse” Wedding Traditions

You might need to back up and find your new direction before moving forward. So, how about starting by “reversing” a bunch of wedding traditions? This can be super light-hearted and hilarious. You can set up games where your guests have to face off in activities like untieing knots, jumping over a broom backward, racing to see who can blow out the unity candle first, and more. Oh, and dress code? Everyone wears black.


Pick Up the Pieces

This sounds sadder than it actually is. In fact, this divorce party idea makes picking up the pieces something everyone will want to get in on. Why? Because it’s a puzzle party! If you don’t want your guests to feel too much pressure, you can simply set up puzzles on high-top tables for everyone to work on at their leisure while you host a more typical cocktail party. But if your crew is down for it, you can amp up the intensity (and laughter) by having teams compete to see who can put the pieces back together fastest.


Get Out of Town

Ain’t no party like a three-day party, right? Gather your best travel buddies and take a mini-vacation. You’ve earned it, friend. You might even consider booking one of those “surprise location” trips that are oh-so-trendy — it’ll definitely establish a spirit of adventure for your next chapter.

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