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Planning A Hocus Pocus 2 Viewing Party? Here’s Your Dinner & A Movie Menu

These spooky Hocus Pocus recipes are sure to put a spell on your guests and keep you from spontaneously combusting like the Sanderson sisters.

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If you're planning a viewing party for 'Hocus Pocus 2,' you'll need some 'Hocus Pocus' recipes.

The Sanderson sisters are set to rise over Salem once more in the long-awaited Disney+ exclusive premiere of Hocus Pocus 2 on September 30, 2022. Though it won’t be on the big screen this time around, all of us millennial sistaaahhhsss are no doubt on the edge of our seats (er, couches?) with anticipation and excitement at the thought of throwing not one but two Halloween-themed parties this year. OK, so maybe it’s more planning and more work, but we smell a magical “dinner and a movie” night in the very near future — and this pre-planned menu of Hocus Pocus recipes is sure to put a spell on your guests and keep you from spontaneously combusting.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson at the end of the original film, leaving everyone guessing just how the witches will make their comeback in this month’s sequel. Will another virgin light the black flame candle? And what about the rest of the OG Hocus Pocus crew — will Allison or Max and Dani Dennison make an appearance? No matter what surprises the witches have in store, a failed lineup of Hocus Pocus-themed treats won’t be one of them.

So, jump on your broomsticks and be on your planning way!


Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board, Gather & Graze OC

Charcuterie boards are all the rage (does anybody still say that?)! As they caught on, creative foodies began making themed boards like this to-die-for Hocus Pocus charcuterie board by Gather & Graze OC. If you’re lucky enough to live near Yorba Linda, California, you can pop into the shop during business hours and pick up a custom charcuterie or graze board in person. If you want to create a DIY version, here’s your inspo. A few items you’ll need to pull this off: an assortment of cheeses (including rounds), fruits, deli meats, pretzels, peanut butter cups, Oreos, candy eyes, and brownies (made to look like Book, natch).

Pumpkin Guacamole, Bored of Lunch

Bored of Lunch author Nathan Anthony’s pumpkin guacamole and chips appetizer is reminiscent of the trick-or-treat scenes in the original Hocus Pocus film, where pumpkins lined the porches and streets of Salem. Avocado may not be a veggie, but hey, let’s get into the make-believe spirit and pretend it is for one night only. Spoiler, you won’t find much in the way of veggies on the rest of this menu.


Spooky Spaghetti and Cheese Stuffed Meatballs, Persnickety Plates

The Sanderson sisters and their beloved booooook keep a close eye on the residents of Salem as they torment the town. So, of course, eyeballs must make an appearance at any legit Hocus Pocus party. Not into eating real human eyeballs? No worries. Melissa Williams over at Persnickety Plates made these using ground beef, stuffed with cheese, decorated with an olive, and served on a pile of wormy spaghetti. Yum!

Toe Chili, Ghoul at Heart

Have you stumbled upon Lori Castellon of Ghoul at Heart yet? If not, prepare to have your dark heart delighted! The creepy recipe creator’s “dead man’s toe” chili is sure to gross out your guests — until they taste it, that is. It comes together quickly and is the perfect self-serve, buffet-style dish, which means you’ll have time to pull up your broomstick and put on your resting witch face for a minute or two.


Graveyard Pudding Cups, Britt Heller Home

This graveyard pudding cup bar, courtesy of Britt Heller Home, is the perfect combination of cute, delicious, and surprisingly easy. In Heller’s own words, “All you need to do in advance is make the chocolate pudding and crush some Oreos!” Milano cookies (yum, the best) and an edible marker make super-simple tombstones. Then you just have lots of candy toppings available for everyone in the fam to pile on their favorites. All that’s missing is poor Billy Butcherson.

Hocus Pocus Cupcakes With DIY Sanderson Sisters Cupcake Wrappers, Popcorner Reviews

Unless it involves cleaning up their toys, kids just love to help. What better way to put those little witches to work than with these DIY Sanderson sisters' cupcakes by Popcorner Reviews’ Monica Delmonico? If homemade cupcakes are a stretch, you can always go with boxed cake mix and premade icing and put the kids in charge of that, too!


Halloween Hocus Pocus Punch, Joy + Oliver

Dry ice has a way of upping the creep factor of just about anything! The food-grade dry ice in this bubbling Hocus Pocus punch by Joy + Oliver is exactly what gives off the foggy, cauldron-like appearance that kids will go crazy for. It tastes amazing, too, thanks to goblin green fizzy lime soda and pineapple juice.

Shrunken Apple Skull Cider, Karina Discovers

Even if apple cider isn’t your kid’s favorite sweet fall drink, they’re sure to be in awe over this floating shrunken head apple cider by Karina Discovers. And this cider isn’t just for decor! Throw in some orange slices and warm spices and spike it with your favorite rum for an adult drink that will get everybody’s blood flowing.

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