This Hocus Pocus Airbnb Is Available For One Night Only, & It’s Magical AF

The Sanderson sisters are inviting two lucky fans to their cottage (but maybe leave the kids at home... just in case).

The Magical Hocus Pocus Airbnb

Little children beware; the Sanderson Sisters are inviting guests to their cottage just in time for Halloween this year. In celebration of the premiere of Hocus Pocus 2, Airbnb is teaming up with the witchy sisters to offer two lucky fans a stay at the Sandersons' abode on Thursday, Oct. 20. If you want to secure the one-night stay for yourself and a friend, then you'll have to act fast — this isn't a competition. Instead, bookings will open at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 12, and if you're the fan with the fastest fingers, then the once-in-a-lifetime, peak Halloween experience will only cost you $31 a night (!! — but, note, you'll still be on the hook for travel to and from the spooky Airbnb).

As for the cottage itself, it’s not exactly deep in the woods of Salem, as you may remember from the movie.... but close. You’ll find it in Danvers, Massachusetts — what Salem Village became when renamed in 1752. The privately owned property is a near-perfect recreation of The Sanderson Witch Museum.

What’s in the Airbnb?

Once visitors walk through the door, they'll be greeted by sights like the Black Flame Candle, the sisters' spell booooook (which you'll be invited to try for yourself), and a steaming cauldron just begging you to run amok, amok, amok.

Helynn Ospina
Helynn Ospina
Helynn Ospina

And when it comes time to take a break from your witchy pursuits and catch some shut-eye, you'll be tempted to sleep for 300 years in Mary or Sarah's rooms. You can expect creeping vines and candles galore in Mary's room, while Sarah's chamber includes soft touches of pink sprinkled throughout the greenery and glimmering candles. Meanwhile, the cottage experience is all about authenticity. Per the location's official description, that means there are no facilities on the premises, but there is a modern outhouse.

Helynn Ospina

And hey, what the cottage lacks in modern amenities, it more than makes up for with nostalgic touches from the original film. In addition to having a water wheel attached to the outside, there are also plenty of nods to the movie sprinkled throughout the décor.

“We all know that the Sanderson Sisters’ story might not have ended when we turned to dust, nor did our shenanigans,” one of the movie’s stars, Kathy Najimy, told Airbnb. “What better way to celebrate the season than to host guests at the trio’s historic haunt for a night they’ll remember for years to come?”

What else is included in the booking?

If you are the fortunate person who books a stay at the Sandersons’ home, then expect more than just an immersive experience that evokes the best parts of the movie. Guests will also be treated to a tour of Salem’s historical sites and a special screening of Hocus Pocus 2. Meanwhile, per the release, Airbnb will be making a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem, an organization “which aims to ensure that success is within reach of every young person who walks through their doors.”

Helynn Ospina

So, wait... how exactly do you score this Airbnb?

Ultimately, you’ll have to conjure up some serious speed when the booking window opens on Airbnb at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 12. Bookmark this page with all the details, revisit it often until that time comes, and let your fingers fly, sistassss!

For Hocus Pocus fans, this Sanderson sisters-themed vacation sounds like the perfect chance to run amok — just try not to sacrifice any virgins or turn anyone into a cat. If the Hocus Pocus franchise has taught viewers anything, it’s that casting spells can be a tricky business.