Better Than Eggos?

Netflix's Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Is Here To Transport You To The Upside Down

The seven Stranger Things-inspired ice cream flavors are available exclusively at Walmart.

Courtesy of Netflix

Starcourt Mall may be gone, but Scoops Ahoy lives on thanks to Netflix’s latest collaboration with Walmart. Just in time for the Halloween season, Stranger Things fans can try four “classic” Scoops Ahoy flavors inspired by Robin and Steve’s time working at Hawkins’ beloved food court staple, as well as three flavors straight from the Upside Down. From the Erica-approved USS Butterscotch to the charcoal-infused The Void, each flavor will transport you and your kiddos to Hawkins while the long wait for Stranger Things Season 5 continues.

In Season 3 of the series, Steve and Robin bonded as they served up ice cream and tracked Russian spies during their summer working at Scoops Ahoy in Hawkins’ new Starcourt Mall. Sadly, the mall didn’t last long, thanks to the Mind Flyer, but now your family can see why everyone made Scoops Ahoy their first stop at the food court.

First up in the Stranger Things-inspired lineup is the USS Butterscotch, which was mentioned on the show in Season 3. The super sweet flavor is a favorite of Erica’s, and it might end up being yours, too. With ribbons of caramel and swirls of chocolate, this flavor doesn’t hold back on its promise to deliver a boatload of flavor.

Meanwhile, if Hopper and Eleven’s father-daughter bond still makes you weep, you have to try the Triple Decker Extravaganza. This flavor is a direct ode to Season 2, when the Sheriff first took Eleven in and treated her to all the waffles she could eat. This vanilla and butter ice cream features peanut butter candies, maple swirls, and — El’s favorite — waffle pieces.

Courtesy of Netflix

The traditional flavors are rounded out by two ice creams Dustin would likely order during his visits to Scoops Ahoy to hang with Steve: Chocolate Pudding and Cinnamon Bun Bytes. Chocolate Pudding is perhaps the most basic flavor of the bunch, but the mix of chocolate ice cream, fudge swirls, and vanilla wafers is sure to satisfy anyone whose go-to flavor is chocolate with a side of chocolate. Finally, Cinnamon Bun Bytes pays homage to Suzie’s “Dusty Bun” with a cinnamon ice cream base paired with cinnamon roll dough and cinnamon cream cheese.

Want something a little bit spookier? You’re in luck because it seems the Upside Down has its own darker version of Scoops Ahoy just for Vecna. Daring fans can try Mint Flare (a minty concoction with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chunks), Pineapple Upside Down (featuring pineapple ice cream, pound cake chunks, and salted caramel), and The Void (a black vanilla ice cream with strawberry ribbons and cookie pieces that gets its dark hue from activated charcoal).

Netflix’s Scoops Ahoy lineup isn’t the first time the streamer has made a fictional food brand from the show a reality. Previously, Netflix and Walmart came together to make Surfer Boy Pizza a reality. Sadly, Argyle doesn’t deliver the ‘za to your door, but the pineapple-jalapeño flavor would make the lovable stoner’s day.

All seven Scoops Ahoy ice cream flavors are available now exclusively at Walmart — and something tells us they’ll pair perfectly with a Stranger Things rewatch.