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This Woman’s Outlander-Inspired Home Reno Is The TikTok Spinoff You Never Knew You Needed

Just turn it into an AirBnB already, PLEASE!

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TikToker Chelsea Smith has transformed her home to look like sets from the Starz series 'Outlander.'

Have you ever been watching a movie or a television show and suddenly wished you lived there? (Who didn't want Clarissa's cool bedroom in Clarissa Explains It All?!) Or maybe you just dreamily longed for the "simpler times" while watching a period drama before. But what about going deeper than that? When TikToker Chelsea Smith realized all her favorite design inspo stemmed from a single show, Outlander, she decided to act on it.

Now, she's working to turn her entire home into a makeshift Lallybroch... or better. From stormy ocean blues in the office to a rustic, witchy kitchen, every room she makes over with her husband is an even bigger transformation. It's the stuff of dreams — even without Jamie Fraser.

There are fans of Outlander, and then there's Smith, who's even been known to cosplay as Claire and dye her husband's hair that trademark Fraser red. But it's really her home renovation that has captured attention as she documents her mission to make every room in her 18th-century Massachusetts dwelling look like a scene from the popular Starz show.

They've even lovingly dubbed it "Houselander."

You need a frame of reference to understand just how dramatic the transformation has been. Built in 1759, Smith's home started off with a ton of character and, uh, quirks — from wonky wiring to giant door gaps.

While the original was gorgeous, she wanted something more. That desire led her to create the Outlander-inspired home that once only lived in her head or on her screen.

It all started with the dining room or Blue Room. Chelsea put no fewer than 28 shades of blue on her wall in an attempt to find just the right one, ultimately mixing several for her own custom color. From there, she painted the floor (which, if you've spent any time in a Meta decorating group, you already know created a ton of stir). Smith then pulled together everything she could — fancy gold frames, a custom tapestry — to recreate her very first Outlander-inspired room.

~It does not disappoint.~

Smith and her husband Kevin literally pulled everything out of the kitchen, all the way back to the second-story floorboards in the ceiling to expose the gorgeous original ceiling beams. The couple even built housing to hide their modern appliance and installed stone on the walls to make it look more castle-like.

Their moody blue living room is also the stuff of Scottish dreams. It comes complete with that gorgeous blue again and pastoral images on the walls. Smith even went so far as to build a custom gold frame to help their television better fit the space. A giant cozy sectional is still tucked into the corner, but with Smith's eye for details and the couple's drive for perfection, it doesn't look at all out of place.

From projects big and small, even projects that seemed small but turned out to be giant struggles, Smith and her husband have taken followers along for the ride on what might just be the coolest renovation TikTok has ever seen. If you’re into sad beige or afraid of bold decorative gestures, Houselander is not for you.

If, however, you like deep colors, vintage inspiration, and someone who isn’t afraid to put 28 shades of blue on her walls? Well, Sassenach, TikTok has the home reno show you definitely need to watch. Go ahead. Binge every post. No one will judge.

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