Portable Sauna Tents Exist, Fancy Gym Membership Not Required

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portable sauna tents

A portable sauna tent sounds silly at first. Or maybe even unnecessary. Then you think about it. Wait, I don’t need a gym membership or a trip to the fancy spa to hit the sauna? (You definitely don’t need a gym membership when you buy these knockoff Peloton accessories.) Wait, I don’t have to awkwardly walk outside in a towel? Wait, I can assemble it in a minute and be sweating out stress within 10 minutes? Wait, I can fold it up and keep it out of sight? Yes, yes, and yes. Compared to the traditional wooden sauna – which we love too, don’t get us wrong! – portable sauna tents are way more convenient, way easier to use, take up way less space, and are way less expensive.

Plus, the benefits of sauna-ing are nearly endless: relieve stiffness and joint pain, increase blood circulation, reduce stress, improve your skin tone and increase overall energy. Perhaps most importantly though, it just feels good to warm your bones and sweat it out. Put all of those essential oils you have laying around to work so you can zen out. (Speaking of which, you’re going to need one of these diffusers.)

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Best Portable Sauna Tents


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