Portable Sauna Tents Exist, Fancy Gym Membership Not Required

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by Megan McCarty
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portable sauna tents

A portable sauna tent sounds silly at first. Or maybe even unnecessary. Then you think about it. Wait, I don’t need a gym membership or a trip to the fancy spa to hit the sauna? (You definitely don’t need a gym membership when you buy these knockoff Peloton accessories.) Wait, I don’t have to awkwardly walk outside in a towel? Wait, I can assemble it in a minute and be sweating out stress within 10 minutes? Wait, I can fold it up and keep it out of sight? Yes, yes, and yes. Compared to the traditional wooden sauna – which we love too, don’t get us wrong! – portable sauna tents are way more convenient, way easier to use, take up way less space, and are way less expensive.

Plus, the benefits of sauna-ing are nearly endless: relieve stiffness and joint pain, increase blood circulation, reduce stress, improve your skin tone and increase overall energy. Perhaps most importantly though, it just feels good to warm your bones and sweat it out. Put all of those essential oils you have laying around to work so you can zen out. (Speaking of which, you’re going to need one of these diffusers.)

Convinced yet? Scroll on.

Best Portable Sauna Tents

This portable sauna from Durasage comes in five colors and includes an 800-watt steam generator that can be set up for 60 minutes. With its two zippered openings, you can stick your hands out to read a book or check your phone while you steam. Customers say it’s a great alternative if you’ve canceled your gym membership but miss the sauna-aspect of going.

One Reviewer Said: “Every piece is labeled to easily follow included diagram! Material is sturdy and holds in steam. Chair is what it is… I’ve used it three times and each time I feel so relaxed once the steam starts! Common sense, don’t let the steam hit your skin directly!”

You’ll be sweating your way to relaxation in nearly no time with this OppsDecor portable sauna. Eleven minutes to be exact: one minute to set up, around 10 minutes to heat up, and then – voila! It’s completely portable, there are six timer options, and it reaches a maximum temperature of 144° F.

One Reviewer Said: “Love everything about this sauna! Easy to use and set up. Does not take up much space and [is] very lightweight. The temperature settings are adjustable for high or low heat which works extremely well. I get a really good sweat in about 10 minutes and I am drenched in sweat. Worth the investment!”

You could go to the spa and spend a million dollars, oooor you could set up this mobile sit-in sauna and imagine that you’re at the spa. This infrared body steamer sauna comes with a comfortable, foldable chair so you can really sit back and relax, and can reach a max temp of 122°F/50°C. The hand zippers let you sneak a peek at your phone once in a while, and once you’re done steaming, simply fold it away until your next “spa day.”

One Reviewer Said: “This has got to be one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon. The heating element of this device is incredible. This sauna works just as well as `the sauna I used at my gym. I wish it was a slight bit taller so that stretches could be done in it but it definitely served its purpose of providing relaxation and detoxing. The set up for this item was extremely easy to set up and take down.”

Follow along with the six easy set-up steps, and you’ll be lounging in your own personal paradise just one minute later. This portable sauna includes everything you’ll need: the fabric cabin itself, a neck collar, a dowel frame, three heating panels, a remote control, a portable chair, a foam floor mat, and a heated foot pad. We’re relaxed just reading about it. Comes with a one-year warranty.

One Reviewer Said: “I am completely satisfied with the sauna. It was easy to set up and takes up very little space, so I have been leaving it open rather than folding it back up. I researched carefully prior to purchasing this one, as prices vary widely. I wasn't sure how much I would like having a sauna and how much I would use it, which is why I bought this less expensive one. Have had it for 7 days and so far have used it every evening. I am making it a routine to use it just before bed and have noticed I am sleeping better.”

With an infrared sauna, you’ll benefit from all the upsides of a sweat session without any of the traditional annoyances of a traditional sauna: no moisture, no cleaning up, no waiting around forever for it to heat up. This Crew & Axel design includes everything you need for an ultra-relaxing experience, including a three-level heated footpad, foldable chair, integrated remote control, and a one-year warranty. Consider us sold!

One Reviewer Said: “Heats up nice and fast. The infrared heat really penetrates my sore muscles. I’m a big girl and the provided chair isn’t the comfiest but not a big deal. I come out of that thing feeling sooo relaxed. I always go in right before bed. So easy and fast to set up. The foot bad gets real hot even on the lowest setting.”

What doesn’t this portable sauna tent have? Nothing. We can’t think of anything, because it’s equipped with zippered hand holes, six timer options, nine temperature levels and endless amounts of relaxation. You can even buy it in multiple colors to match the rest of your decor. For the price, it’s a good purchase for people who are new to sauna life.

One Reviewer Said: “I was skeptical at first when I unpacked and assembled everything. I wasn't sure it would meet my expectations but oh boy, was I proven wrong! I absolutely enjoy stepping into my personal sauna when I come home from a long day's work or from the gym. It takes about 8-10 minutes to be ready and then I can enjoy up to 30 minutes of purifying and relaxing steam. I set my laptop in front and enjoy a few [television] episodes each session.”

This sauna tent is portable, it’s powerful and it’s got a bit more elbow room than some of the other popular tents. The dual pockets allow you to keep your necessities – ahem, your phone –nearby, while the two zippered openings allow you to read said phone. It’s also easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and easy to throw in a closet or under your bed until your next sauna session.

One Reviewer Said: “This thing is great. The only reason I had a gym membership was for the sauna, now that I have this I'm good. I work out then get in the sauna and it feels amazing. I like that my head is out because I can stay in longer. Gets really hot.”

Get ready to zen out with this easy-as-can-be sauna tent that’s light, convenient and will have you sweating out your stress in no time – all at an affordable price. Overheated while sauna-ing? Or have to keep an eye on your little rascals? The transparent window gives you a peek out and can be opened to release some steam.

One Reviewer Said: “This product is what I expected, not fancy but very functional. Seems well made and was very easy to set up. Have only used 4 times but holding up very well. Gets very hot and steamy and you will sweat.”

This Usuallye sauna design is anti-everything, in the best way: the newest 2L capacity steam pot is anti-dry, anti-leakage and has automatic power cut protection. Use the remote control to toggle between the timer and nine temperature levels. And because some of us never stop multitasking (no finger pointing!), use the two zipper openings to free your hands so you can read or scroll endlessly on your phone.

One Reviewer Said: “This sauna is perfect! Love how it was so easy to assemble! This sauna gets very hot on 8 and 9, so be careful. I no longer go to [the] gym just to use their sauna. This is perfect at home for me because I am a single mother. I don't always have a babysitter to go to the gym. I get in right after my workout and sweat like crazy. I give 10 stars. Sauna heats up about 10 mins. The tent already comes set up!”

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