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15 Kids' Summer PJ Sets Under $30 That Are Perfect For Your Sweaty Sleeper

Easy, breezy, and oh-so-cute.

Colorful PJ Sets for kids

Listen, you love summer. We love summer. Our kids definitely love summer. That doesn’t mean any of us has to like the fact that it’s hot enough outside to spontaneously combust. As a mom, you do what you can throughout the day to keep your kid cool when you’re outside — take them to the pool, let them run around half-naked, and zero in on any tiny slice of shade. Inside, you set the A/C to icy and blast that sucker. But if you’ve got a sweaty sleeper at home, you’re also going to need some easy, breezy summer PJs to get you through these warmer months.

Because parents know the deal: It’s challenging enough to get your kid to go (and stay) asleep under perfect conditions. When you have a child who routinely wakes up all hot and sticky, it makes for lots of restless nights. While you love your kiddo, you’re in no hurry to revisit the sleep regression exhaustion you finally found your way to the other side of. You’re busy. You’re doing all the things, hot AF and running on fumes. You deserve to get some peaceful slumber. And, because you’re a mom, you genuinely want your child to get good-quality sleep, too.

Parents rave about the following summer PJ sets as excellent options for hot and sweaty little sleepers. Give them a try for your tiny human heater.

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Cotton 2-Set Print PJs

Reviewers specifically state that their hot-sleeping kids love this set, so that’s a huge plus. Soft organic cotton and a tagless label on the collar contribute to the overall comfort. Then there’s the benefit of getting to choose from 20 playful prints, like this shark set, or firetrucks and trains. And since this comes as a pajama two-pack, you’ll always have a backup when one pair is in the wash.

Helpful Review: “My son gets overheated wearing pants PJ sets to bed (we live in a warm climate and try not to run the AC excessively so it is often 70-72 F in the house at night), and these two PJ sets are his favorite and he all but refuses to wear anything to lose now that summer is here.”

Available Sizes: 12 Months - 5T, 6 Years - 14 Years


Sleeveless Striped PJs

Not that your kid cares, but the ‘90s vibe of this sleeveless summer PJs set is totally on-trend. Daisy detailing? Check. Thin black-and-white stripes? Oh yeah. The petal graphics even have glittery silver sparkles. Most importantly, the cotton blend makes them super-soft and breathable for sweaty sleepers.

Helpful Review: “I wanted something light, soft, and cute. My daughter sleeps hot. So these pajamas are perfect! I will order more.”

Available Sizes: 6 - 18


Glow-In-The-Dark Cotton PJs

Got a budding paleontologist at home? Or maybe a kid who dreams of competing in motocross? This organic cotton shirt-and-shorts set comes in 15 fun prints featuring things like dinosaurs, dirt bikes, and surfers. Bonus: The special printing glows in the dark, which any kid would freak out over. Reviewers say they fit snug, so size up.

Helpful Review: “My son loved it! I had to wash it once I took them out of the packaging because it did have a packaging smell, but it wasn’t a bad scent. My son literally wears these all the time and as soon as they are washed he puts them on. He’s part of online learning and spends his day in them unless we have to leave home. Also keep in mind my son runs hot most of the year and he says these keep him feeling cool and fresh. Will purchase again.”

Available Sizes: 12 months - 3T, 6 years - 18 years


Silky Satin PJs

You know how amazing it feels when you fall asleep in satin PJs? Let your kid experience that lightweight luxurious feeling. This cute and comfy set features soft and silky fabric, a turn-down collar, elastic waistband shorts, and even a front pocket for added style (and convenience — we all know kids love to squirrel things away).

Helpful Review: “These are the cutest pajamas. Have washed them dozens of times now as my daughter is in love with the fabric and it's still holding together now. Especially great for the summer months. Having to order more colors now!”

Available Sizes: 3T - 5T, 5/6 Years - 13/14 Years


Organic Cotton Short-Sleeve Set

Thanks to high-quality and naturally grown certified organic cotton fibers, this short-sleeve pajama set is the ideal combo of soft and breathable. A wide elastic waistband and tagless label are made for comfort and lend well to kids with sensory issues.

Helpful Review: “My three-year-old is sensory and very texture sensitive; needless to say pajama bothers during the night are a problem and she has sensitive skin. I have tried Burt’s Bees, Veanait, Silkberry, Bluenindo, and Larks Adventurewear sleepwear! These are the winner, the quality and comfort, and softness. Ordered three more pairs as she simply insists on these, prepared to alternate here and there with Lark Adventurewear (which were the best until these came ). But won’t go near any of the others. It’s been so difficult for me to find sleepwear for her! Blankets are also a no-go — these are soft, thick enough, and just superb! I’m so so so relieved and happy that I tried these and that there are absolutely no bothers for her!”

Available Sizes: 2/3T - 4/5T, 5 Years - 8 Years


Short Shirring Cool Summer PJs Sleepwear

If you’re the type who likes to buy PJs in every color and pattern once you find something you like, you’ll love this set. It comes in 27 different options, ranging from sweet florals to every solid color in the rainbow (and then some). They’re made of viscose, which is a type of rayon fiber derived from natural sources, such as wood. According to the manufacturer — and many of the reviewers — that makes them highly water/sweat absorbent and breathable.

Helpful Review: “These PJs are amazing; got it for my 4-year-old and she loves it. One, the texture is amazingly good; two, I was in shock when I saw the price. And my four-year-old sweats at night, so when she was asleep I checked the places where she usually sweats, and no sweat!!”

Available Sizes: 6 Months - 5T, 6/7 Years - 12 Years


The Sweetest Watermelon Sleep Dress

You can’t get much cuter than this watermelon sleep dress! Unless, that is, you keep scrolling through this flutter-sleeve night gown’s options, which include 23 other equally adorable designs. Aside from the charming prints, the gown features a loose fit and breathable fabric to keep your kiddo cool.

Helpful Review: “My daughter loves this nightgown; it's super stretchy material and uber soft. Been through the wash a ton and it's not breaking down even a little. Highly recommend! I ordered a size up as she is growing like a weed right now, and honestly, it's so stretchy that was probably not necessary. I would literally wear this in my size it's so comfy.”

Available Sizes: 5/6 Years - 11/12 Years


Cotton Summer Puppy PJs

I mean, c’mon... look at that punchy yellow color and friendly puppy face! This easy-to-care-for cotton set would probably make its way into your closet if it came in adult sizes. The breathable fabric means your sleeper won’t overheat, and the 3D dye-sublimation technology used to print the pattern ensures that the precious pup won’t crack or peel.

Helpful Review: “My 6-year-old loves them. He’s tall and slender and the 7 fit fine. It’s hard to find soft pajamas that aren’t snug fit. These are comfortable without being snug or overly loose, fit like a regular t-shirt and shorts. I like that the design is printed on, not uncomfortable vinyl. Just wish they came in bigger sizes as he’ll size out of them after this.”

Available Sizes: 2T - 5T, 6 Years - 7 Years


Unicorn Sleeveless Sleep Shirt & Shorts

If your kid hates the type of PJs that cling to their legs, consider this set — the stretchy shorts feature a breezy, wide-leg-opening design that won’t make your little one feel claustrophobic. Made of 100% cotton, the sleeveless combo comes in 17 cute prints.

Helpful Review: “We bought this PJ set for our niece. She just so happens to love (and I mean LOVE!!!) unicorns! Anyway, we got them as a birthday present, and they were perfect. She insisted on leaving immediately to go put them on. They fit just as they were supposed to. I highly recommend these to anyone. She mentioned that we really loved how soft they were and that they didn't itch at all.”

Available Sizes: 4T - 5T, 6 - 18


Calvin Klein 2-Piece Sleepwear

For the sporty kid or the aesthete (or both), this two-piece Calvin Klein PJ set will come in clutch. It comes in four stylish color/print combos, two sleeveless and two with short sleeves. Although it’s 100% polyester — which some people feel is hot since it isn’t as breathable — reviewers say the set’s lightweight construction makes it ideal for summer and hot sleepers.

Helpful Review: “I am in love with this set. My son loves the lightweight comfort now that it’s hot out. Perfect summertime outfit.”

Available Sizes: 6/6X - 14/16


Sporty CK PJs

Honestly, CK could make a killing if they offered these in “Mommy and me” sets. The trendy tie-top design and stretchy shorts mean your fashion-forward child (sweaty sleeper that they are) doesn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Helpful Review: “Everything fits well and is good quality. Soft and comfortable. Kids love them.”

Available Sizes: 6 Years - 12 Years, 7/8 - 14/16


Moon And Back Organic Cotton 2-Piece Short Set

If you happen to be a fan of Hanna Andersson's clothes, you know they cost a pretty penny. Well, happy to report that reviewers say this HA collection for Amazon boasts the same quality but at a more affordable price point. Not to mention, you still get the wildly cute HA aesthetic, like this oh-so-sweet “flowers and critters” print. Smooth flatlock seams and 100% cotton construction keep ‘em comfy, too.

Helpful Review: “Runs a little large but thick and soft. I’ve bought HA PJs before but like this more affordable offshoot of their regular line. They don’t shrink much in the wash and the ‘summer’ PJ sets are a longer type of shorts so be aware of that when buying, but my three kids love them. Wish they had more fun prints!”

Available Sizes: 2T - 3T, 3 - 14/16


Dual Muslin Summer PJs

To state the obvious, this pajama set is really stinkin’ cute. Made from breathable 100% cotton dual muslin, it comes in four different colors/patterns, including these precious strawberries. Special crumpling technology gives the set a soft texture, and the material allows for better heat dissipation and moisture absorption.

Helpful Review: “My one-year-old granddaughter loved it when she saw it [and] could not wait to put it on. She sweats easy, PJs kept her cool through the night.”

Available Sizes: 18 months - 5T, 6 - 9 years


Bamboo “Cool Fabric” Tie-Dye PJ Short Set

Dear Vaenait, please start making these for adults. Please, and thank you. But seriously, how cute are these? Available in 15 different tie-dye colors and prints, this shirt-and-shorts set is made from breathable bamboo fibers. Reviewers can’t help but gush over the super-soft fabric and how much kiddos want to wear them.

Helpful Review: “These exceeded my expectations. These are my son’s favorite PJs. Not only do they look super cute, but they are super comfy. Perfectly lightweight for the summer! Will definitely be ordering a variety of these.”

Available Sizes: 12 Months - 5T, 6 Years - 8 Years


Another Adorable Cotton Tie-Dye T-Shirt & Shorts Combo

What can we say? Cotton shirt-and-shorts combos are the ish when you’re trying to find something cool and breathable for your sweaty little kid to sleep in. This set offers eight fully short-sleeve options, along with six sets that have short sleeve tops and long-sleeve pants (in case you want to go ahead and stock up for the fall/winter).

Helpful Review: “My daughter loves these pajamas. Says they are comfortable and great for warm weather sleeping.”

Available Sizes: 4T - 5T, 6 - 18