15+ Educational Mad Libs For Kids And Their Nostalgic Mamas

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MadLibs For Kids
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When was the last time you played MadLibs? Believe it or not, the fun little books of silly stories are still made today and still pretty popular. During my days working at a local bookstore, we had a whole section full of Kids’ MadLibs that was super popular (and often trashed). They don’t just come in book form anymore, though. If you’re looking for ways to entertain (and educate) your kiddos when you can’t send them outside and that are maybe just a little different than usual, we found a massive collection of online games of MadLibs.

Some are printable, making them perfect for when you’re limiting screen time. Others are online, making them easy to do anywhere and can be done over and over, again.

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Parts of Speech Refresher

Even people who are capable are writing perfectly understandable sentences sometimes struggle to identify adjectives and adverbs. No judgment here. A refresher is in order, though, huh?

Noun – Person, place, thing, or idea Pronoun – A word used in place of a noun. Like: Him, her, they, it Verb – Expresses an action. Like: Run, jump, drew, smile Adverb – Modifies or describes a verb, adjective, or even another adverb. Think: intelligently, carefully, slowly Adjective – Modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. Think: blue, fuzzy, loud Preposition – Placed before a noun or pronoun to form a phrase modifying another word in the sentence. You probably had to memorize these in freshman English. Examples: beside, on, under, between Conjunction – Joins words or phrases. Example: And, also, because, however Interjection – A word used to express emotion. It’s usually followed by an exclamation point. Like: Woah! Yikes! Uh-oh!

Still confused? This printable worksheet might help.

Printable MadLibs

Printable MadLib options are perfect for a number of reasons. A printed MadLib means it must be done by hand. It’s great handwriting practice for kids who might have extra big or extra sloppy handwriting. The tiny lines you use to fill in answers will help them work on that. It’s also worth noting that printing them out means you can have them at a moment’s notice, without searching for them. An even bigger bonus to printing out MadLibs: They’re not staring at screens.

1. Woo Jr.

Woo Jr. offers literally a massive collection of MadLibs games organized by genre.

2. Teachers Pay Teachers

Wanna help our teachers make a little extra dough? Teachers Pay Teachers can be used by parents, too, and is a great place to find all kinds of learning resources (including MadLibs) created by teachers. Often times they’re free, but some options can be purchased.

3. Teachnology

This is another great resource that caters to teachers but isn’t exclusive to school staff. Teachology offers up a decent chunk of MadLibs for kids.

4. Brightly

Brightly put together a whole packet of printable MadLibs. You’d be remiss not to download and print them out for quiet time.

5. MadLibs

The official MadLibs are doing their part to keep up with the times, too. They’ve published a great collection of their stories on their website.

Online MadLibs

Of course, online options have their perks, too. First, you’re not wasting paper. Plus, it becomes a lot easier to try again when they don’t like their first outcome. Online options and their educational app counterparts offer you a little bit more of a hands-off activity, too. And, let’s face it: Sometimes that’s desperately needed.

6. Glow Word Books

Glow Word Books offers a ton of MadLibs online. You can fill out the prompts over and over, again, too.

7. More Glow Word Books

True story: We actually found a second spot on the Glow Word Books site where you can play digital MadLibs.

8. Red Kid

For another long list of online MadLibs, Red Kid is the place to try. There’s enough there to last weeks, even if your kids do one a day.

9. MadLibs App

We’d be remiss if we didn’t send you to the original creators of MadLibs. They actually have an app that you can use… assuming you haven’t confiscated the screens this week.

10. Edu Place

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, educators know what’s up! They know MadLibs are a great way to teach your kids. Almost all spaces dedicated to learning seem to offer MadLibs. Edu Place is no exception.

11. Squigly’s Playhouse

Whoever Squigly is, he really loved MadLibs. Squigly’s Playhouse has quite a few to play.

12. MegaFunGames

MegaFunGames gets the grammar juices flowing by going over definitions of noun, adverb, adjective, etc. before the kids fill in the blanks to create their own story.

Printable MadLibs For Teens & Adults

Looking for MadLib options that are a little less mundane or juvenile? Need something tailored more towards tweens, teens and grown-ups? These sites offer excellent options.

13. Mad Takes

Mad Takes offers “Ad-Lib” games in the MadLib style. With subjects like, “Runaway Bride Proposal” it’s clear to see why these games are meant for slightly older audiences.

14. Diva Girl Party

Diva Girl has a pretty decent collection of printable MadLibs catering to adult players. Think: Baby showers and bachelorette parties. She even has one about menopause!

15. Love To Know

Got a teen in love or a high school senior ready to do their college tour? Admittedly, you’re going to have a hard time nailing down your older kids to play these. If you can, though, Love To Know offers a few MadLib options that they can relate to.

Buy The Real Thing

OG MadLib’ers will tell you that the most fun way to play MadLibs is with one of their “old school” top-bound books and a trusty pen or pencil. There’s just something so nice about handing over a tangible surprise. And it’s secretly educational games, too! If you’re heading out on a road trip or long flight, a bunky binder or printables isn’t feasible. And what about if you don’t have access to the internet? (Send help!) Before you duck out on your next adventure, hit your local bookstore or check out Amazon’s enormous collection of MadLibs books. They’re really the perfect size for that front pocket of a backpack. Plus, they come in a ton of cool themes, including Star Wars.

More Kid-Friendly Nostalgic Activities

Maybe you blew through your reinvigorated collection of MadLibs. Or maybe your kiddos want to try something new — well, new to them. The following nostalgic games certainly won’t be new to you, Mama. Give these classics a try the next time your little ones want to spend more old-fashioned quality time together.

1. Simon Says

It’s amazing kids like this game so much considering you’re basically just telling them what to do the entire time. But, in all seriousness, it’s a dynamic way to pass the time. If Simons says to do it, they have to do it! Bonus: It’s a great way to sharpen listening skills.

2. I Spy

I spy with my little eye… a fantastic boredom buster. The premise of this game couldn’t be simpler, so it’s friendly for kids of all ages. Plus, having to pay such keen attention to their surroundings will enhance your little nugget’s observational awareness.

3. “A, My Name Is…”

Remember this one? The first player starts with the first letter of the alphabet and says, “A, my name is….” They then have to come up with a name for themselves, their partner, their hometown, and their career all starting with A. So, for example, “A, my name is Aileen, my partner’s name is Allen, we live in Albuquerque, and we sell apples.” The next player fills in the blanks with the letter B, and so on through the entire alphabet.

4. H-O-R-S-E

If you’ve got a basketball hoop in your yard, you’ve got what you need for a round of this classic baller pastime. The first player picks a spot on the “court” and tries to make a shot from there. If they get the ball in the basket, the next player has to try from the same spot. If they miss, they get an “H.” Play continues, adding “O-R-S-E” as players miss shots. The first person to wind up spelling “HORSE” is out.

5. Marbles

Ah, prepare to bring back some memories of your childhood! What makes this such a versatile nostalgic activity is that there are so many versions of play: classic, bounce game, mazes, etc.

6. Hide And Seek

There is nothing quite like a good game of Hide and Seek. It’s how you discover the best places in the house and put your ninja skills to the test. It’ll also help your kiddo get some physical exercise and is a great mental challenge.

7. Fly A Kite

Flying a kite is the perfect way to spend a windy afternoon and fun doesn’t stop in the fields. You and your kiddo can create your kite together. You can make them as elaborate or as many as you like. It’s a chance to get crafty, artistic, and master the wind. It’s a relaxing activity that teaches patience and self control.

Mad Libs For Bilingual Kids

Mad libs are a fun and familiar activity for parents or teachers looking to add an interactive activity to their language lessons. Luckily, the internet always delivers — there are myriad options for kids in the early stages of language development. Check out some of them below.

1. Teachers Pay Teachers

Websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers offer downloadable and printable pages of mad libs in Spanish.

2. Mi Clase Es Su Clase

Created by a Spanish teacher for her students, these free printable mad libs in Spanish are for practicing vocabulary, verb conjugation, and past and present tense.

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