Mariah Carey Is Not A Fan Of Bizarre Ornament That Looks Nothing Like Her

by Madison Vanderberg
Craig Moth/Twitter

A Mariah Carey ornament is startling the internet

Name a celebrity more synonymous with Christmas than Mariah Carey, I’ll wait! Because Carey is the patron saint of the holiday season, a bunch of people own Mariah Carey Christmas ornaments. Sounds cute, right? Wrong. There is a Christmas ornament for sale this year that looks like Ms. Carey and dear reader, when I tell you I screamed at the sight of it, believe me. A totally deranged Mariah Carey Christmas ornament is going viral and even Carey herself had to say “No thanks” to the weird little replica that actually looks nothing like her.

After CNN’s Senior Campaign editor Kyle Blaine shared a photo on Twitter of his new Mariah Carey ornament, Mariah herself retweeted the image and simply said, “not approved,” and well, LOL.

Everything about this little tree ornament is so bizarre. From the eyebrow in the middle of her forehead to the flat line that we’re supposed to believe are lips…I mean, it’s a ride, but more importantly — it looks nothing like Mariah Carey!

Another Twitter user Craig Moth ordered two of the ornaments and jokingly wrote “First I got Mingeriah, so I sent a an email… and got sent Derpriah. Derpriah has mumps. I gave up.”


If this ornament could talk, it would say “Derp derp derp, herp durrr, Christmas.”

The ornament is supposed to be a recreation of the cover of Carey’s Merry Christmas album, but no, just no.

Columbia Records

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with the bizarre likeness and shockingly, a lot of people already own this bizarre little gem.

“How was Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas treated with such disrespect?!” Moth wrote. “The left eye that’s travelling south…The uni part of a unibrow…The Incredible Hulk neck.”

One person called there’s “bootleg.”

“Busted looking” wrote another.

One fan even tried to redo their ornament’s makeup and it was…somewhat of an improvement.

Even though Carey doesn’t approve of this unlicensed and totally wacky ornament, she remains unbothered as she celebrates Christmas at her extremely festive home.

Then again, Carey is the queen of camp, so really, an off-brand Mariah Carey Christmas ornament that looks nothing like her is actually right on the money.

If this little critter doesn’t bother you, it can be yours for $14.99 on AlwaysFits.com (though it’s currently sold out) and on Amazon for $29.99 (hurry, only six left), so fingers crossed you, too, can freak out the Mariah Carey fans in your life in time for Christmas 2021.