Meghan Markle Shares Archie's Adorable Reaction To Her New Children's Book

by Kristina Johnson

Archie spotted some familiar faces in mama Meghan Markle’s book

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie is his author mama’s biggest fan. The Duchess dropped a new children’s picture book over the summer called The Bench, and she revealed on Ellen that the toddler loves seeing his family captured in its pages.

The book was born out of a poem Markle wrote her royal hubby in celebration of his sweet bond with their son, per People. “I wrote this originally just as a poem for my husband on Father’s Day and it was about my observation of him and him being a dad, which is the most beautiful thing to watch,” she explained to Ellen.

Illustrations of both Harry and Prince Archie are featured throughout the book — and so are their furry family members, something Archie got a huge kick out of. “On that first page you open and you see our dogs and he goes, ‘That’s Pula! That’s Guy!’ ” Meghan said.

The proud mama didn’t originally envision ever publishing the story, but the reaction of people she showed it to changed her mind. “Once it was shared with a couple of friends and people that we are close with they said, ‘No, this resonates for me too because it feels really inclusive and there’s representation.’ It’s just a sweet love story between a family and so I said, ‘Okay, let’s turn it into a children’s book.'”

The book is already a New York Times bestseller — but there’s more too it than just its royal connections. “I made sure that all of those pieces of it, especially the softer side of masculinity, the softer side of fatherhood, were all in there and made sure everyone could see themselves in these pages because I remember as a little girl, you didn’t always see someone that looked like you and I thought that was really important to have everyone story feel like it was unfolding on those pages for them,” Markle said.

The book is dedicated to Harry and Archie, otherwise known as “the man and the boy who make my heart go pump-pump,” as Markle inscribed it. But baby Lili also makes her presence known, too. People reports that the last illustration in the book shows figures representing Harry and Archie feeding chickens (just like that Oprah interview!) and a very Meghan-esque figure in a sunhat holding a baby girl.

The book is just one of several family-oriented creative endeavors Meghan’s working on following she and Harry’s departure from full-time royal duties. Next up, fans are anticipating the release of a children’s show she’s producing called Pearl for Netflix.