80+ Norwegian Last Names That'll Have You Booking A Trip To Oslo

by Laura Grainger
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Last names are a simple way for us to learn about the family tree we stem from. Like Swedish and Finnish surnames, Norwegian last names fall under the umbrella of Scandinavian last names. Deriving from a previous naming system consisting of a person’s first name, patronymic name and address, Norway’s modern names still give an idea of where an ancestor came from or lived by.

In addition to its names, Norway has a culture that makes you want to explore more than its language. It’s a beautiful country that has both reindeer and a volcano. Did you know that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo? It’s not just a pretty place. It was Norway that actually introduced salmon sushi to Japan and invented skiing. It also gave everyone the gift of cheese slicers.

We’ve composed a list of some popular Norwegian last names as beautiful as the country itself. We’ve also provided their nature-based and occupational meanings. If you’ve heard you have Scandinavian roots, keep your eye out to see if you can spot your last name on this list!

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  1. Skagen

Meaning: Headland.

  1. Aaberg

Meaning: The hill by the river.

  1. Rike

Meaning: Rule or power.

  1. Calland

Meaning: Calf.

  1. Hove

Meaning: Temple or place or worship.

  1. Tanberg

Meaning: Thornbush mountain.

  1. Watland

Meaning: water land.

  1. Gill

Meaning: Ravine.

  1. Ihle

Meaning: Well or spring.

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  1. Ottum

Meaning: Frighten, referring to a dangerous river.

  1. Dale

Meaning: Valley.

  1. Kjos

Meaning: Inlet or narrow bay.

  1. Bang

Meaning: Terrace or flat hill-top.

  1. Jahr

Meaning: Rim or edge.

  1. Velten

Meaning: Log pile.

  1. Aakre

Meaning: Plowed field.

  1. Falla

Meaning: Fall, likely referring to a tree feller.

  1. Morken

Meaning: Wood.

  1. Ege

Meaning: Oak tree or grove.

  1. Aaby

Meaning: River or farm.

  1. Aamodt

Meaning: River or meeting.

  1. Arud

Meaning: Stream, clearing, or river.

  1. Aune

Meaning: Wasteland.

  1. Becken

Meaning: Stream.

  1. Dahl

Meaning: Valley.

  1. Dammen

Meaning: Dam or pond.

  1. Dybdahl

Meaning: Deep valley.

  1. Elden

Meaning: Fire or flame.

  1. Elstad

Meaning: Farmstead.

  1. Enberg

Meaning: Hill or mountain.

  1. Fadness

Meaning: To ferry or headland.

  1. Fehn

Meaning: Meadow.

  1. Fiske

Meaning: Someone from a family of fisherman.

  1. Flaa

Meaning: Plain or terrace. Someone who lives on a farm.

  1. Gaarder

Meaning: Farm.

  1. Granberg

Meaning: Hill, mountain, or spruce.

  1. Greseth

Meaning: Farmstead.

  1. Grimsrud

Meaning: Man with a helmet or mask, rud or field.

  1. Grinde

Meaning: Gate.

  1. Gronlund

Meaning: Green or grove.

  1. Groven

Meaning: Hollow or pit.

  1. Gulseth

Meaning: Farmstead.

  1. Hagen

Meaning: Pasture or an enclosure.

  1. Hall

Meaning: Someone who lived or worked in a hall or a manor or a house of a medieval noble.

  1. Haugen

Meaning: Hill.

  1. Hoye

Meaning: Mound or hill.

  1. Island

Meaning: Ice or land.

  1. Jordahl

Meaning: The shining river or valley.

  1. Kalberg

Meaning: Cold, berg, or mountain.

  1. Kampen

Meaning: Boulder, round or someone from the city of Kampen in Norway.

  1. Kile

Meaning: Wedge, narrow bay, or inlet.

  1. Kise

Meaning: Gravel.

  1. Klepp

Meaning: Cliff or bluff.

  1. Kleve

Meaning: Cliff.

  1. Kolden

Meaning: Rounded mountain top.

  1. Korsmo

Meaning: Crossroads or sandy meadow.

  1. Kvam

Meaning: Small valley.

  1. Landvik

Meaning: Land inlet.

  1. Losnedahl

Meaning: Valley.

  1. Lund

Meaning: Grove.

  1. Manger

Meaning: Seagull or fiord or an inlet.

  1. Malmin

Meaning: Sand, gravel, farmstead, or homestead.

  1. Morken

Meaning: Wood.

  1. Naas

Meaning: Nose

  1. Narum

Meaning: Narrow passage or home.

  1. Nerby

Meaning: The lowest farm.

  1. Ness

Meaning: Headland.

  1. Odden

Meaning: Headland.

  1. Okland

Meaning: Increased land, or someone from Okland or Aukland.

  1. Omdahl

Meaning: Elm valley.

  1. Ottum

Meaning: To frighten.

  1. Oyen

Meaning: Island.

  1. Ranum

Meaning: Nose or home.

  1. Rike

Meaning: Rule or power.

  1. Rinde

Meaning: Ridge or bank.

  1. Rosdahl

Meaning: Clearing or valley.

  1. Selland

Meaning: Willow, land, farm, or land.

  1. Skagen

Meaning: Headland.

  1. Skjeggestad

Meaning: Beard, place, or town.

  1. Solberg

Meaning: Sun or mountain.

  1. Stenberg

Meaning: Stone, berg, or mountain.

  1. Stien

Meaning: Trail or path.

  1. Storstrand

Meaning: Big or beach.

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