The 7 Best Breast Pump Bags For Moms On The Move

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No matter how you choose to feed your baby, you’re going to need some support. The best breast pump bags not only carry your pump and store milk safely — they also make a difficult thing just a little bit easier. And for breastfeeding moms who still face barriers, anything that supports the journey is crucial.

It’s vital that pumping on the go be made easy. Pumps generally come with several attachments and accessories so it’s certainly helpful to have a singular place to keep them all. In addition to carrying all the pumping necessities, the best breast pump bags can also double as a purse or a diaper bag. The key is to make the bag work specifically for you and your unique lifestyle.

Do you really need a breast pump bag?

If you’re planning on pumping away from home often, a breast pump bag is essential. You can use just about any large bag to haul your pump, but breast pump bags are specifically made to carry a pump and all its attachments. Extra padding keeps things safe and secure, while insulated compartments can safely store fresh milk without having to find a refrigerator. They are easy to clean and keep things organized so everything is accessible and easy to find when you need it.

Plus, many moms report finding new uses for their bags once their pumping days are over — from repurposing it as a diaper bag or designated it a new work bag (the insulated compartments are perfect for a packed lunch!).

What should I look for when shopping for the best breast pump bags?

When choosing the right breast pump bag, pay attention to size, function, and style. The right combination of the three? That’s the sweet spot.


It’s crucial that the bag first and foremost fits your pump. Some bags can house a pump without the need to even take it out. Additionally, how are you planning to use the bag? Are you returning to work and need a daily workhorse bag that’s large enough to store your laptop? Are you planning occasional trips away? Perhaps you prefer a breast pump backpack rather than a tote. These are all factors to take into consideration when making your decision. Your lifestyle will impact the size you need — and how much milk you plan to pump in one go. To make your search easier, we’ve included dimensions, pump details, and bottle capacity below.


In addition to a compartment to house the pump, your breast pump bag should feature easy access to attachments and accessories. Look for padding which provides protection as well as a comfortable carry. The bag should be wipeable to avoid milk stains. And, perhaps more importantly, the bag should provide insulated compartments to keep milk. Depending on how long you plan to store the milk, you might need a bag that leaves space for ice packs, as well.


The right breast pump bag for you will be the perfect combination of style and function. Quick reminder that moms don’t have to sacrifice style. A milk-stained tote bag gets the job done, but there are some cute bags out there that not only carry the goods, but they also amp up your wardrobe. From backpacks to crossbody totes with padded straps, there are stylish options to keep everything contained and organized.

Below, the seven best breast pump bags to take your production on the go.

1. The Overall Best Breast Pump Bag

The MOMIGO breast pump bag features a double-layer design for easy carry. The bottom pocket houses an insulated cooler (just add ice packs) and can keep up to six milk bottles cold for 15 hours. Meanwhile, the top opens to a spacious compartment that fits most breast pump brands. The padding on the straps makes it a comfortable backpack and keeps your hands free for coffee and keys. Moms report effectively carrying a Spectra S1 and S2, Freemie, Momcozy, and Medela, to name a few compatible pump models. Bonus: You can get more longevity out of this bag by transitioning into a lunch cooler/carry-all once baby has grown.

Helpful Review: “I am so happy I picked this bag for my return to work from maternity leave. It looks just like the pictures and is beautifully constructed. The bag stores so much more than you’d think it would. I am able to store my portable breast pumps, extra pump parts, milk storage bags, bottles, as well as so many extras I need throughout the day. This bag has eliminated the need for me to bring a purse to work. I love it!”

Dimensions: ‎10.2 x 7.5 x 13.3 inches (L x W x H) | Available Colors: Black, Army Green, Blue, Brown + Gray, Green, Gray, Gray + Black, Pink

2. The Best Small Breast Pump Bag

Let’s face it — it’s hard to be a minimalist when you’re pumping. But if you’re pump is manual or a small-size electric pump, this much-raved-about small breast pump bag will do the job. Amazingly, there’s also room to store up to three bottles of breast milk or six 7-ounce full breast milk bags. Lace this one across your forearm like a mini tote or wear it as a backpack. Tip: You can find a complete list of the pumps that will fit in this bag on the product page, but it includes a number of Medela, Ardo, and Lansinoh models in addition to manual pumps. Note: This one is not compatible with Spectra models.

Helpful Review: “This was everything I was looking for [in] a small pump bag! I love that it can be carried as a back pack too. The material is strong and durable. The zippers are easy to open, and it fits my willow pump and accessories perfectly. [...] This is definitely not big enough for a larger pump, but it’s absolutely perfect for my hands free pump!”

Dimensions: 9.44 x 6.7 x 9.84 inches (L x W x H) | Available Colors: Gray, Black, Blue Flower, Mix Flower, Sky Blue

3. The Best Breast Pump Tote (With Room For A Laptop!)

Prefer a shoulder bag? This stylish breast pump tote features a removable padded shoulder strap and a wide base that will house a 15-inch laptop, in addition to your pump and accessories. In lieu of a cooler, you’ll find three insulated pockets for bottle storage. There’s a large side opening designed to hold models by Spectra, Medela, Evenflo, and more. Plus, traveling moms will love the back strap that easily fits over luggage for quick airport jaunts. Another favorite feature? “There is a mommy pouch on the front!” reveals one reviewer. “Holds my keys, Advil, wallet, and sunglasses with ease. Plenty of room.”

Helpful Review: “Love how cute and nice this bag looks! It has plenty of pockets to keep things organized. I use an Elvie Stride pump and put the parts in the separate side pocket, which is plenty big for this pump. The bag as a whole is large enough to hold all my things - pump, wallet/phone/keys/glasses, lunch, laptop, spare top (just in case!), etc. I love that I can take everything to work in ONE bag! [...]”

Dimensions: 15.7 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches (L x W x H) | Available Colors: Brown, Black, Gray

4. The Best Fully-Insulated Breast Pump Bag

This bag is feminine and functional and we love everything about it. The bottom layer stores ice packs and milk (and lunch) while the top carries your pump and all the accessories. Plus, the entire thing (inside and out) is insulated and waterproof. Moms report plenty of room to carry large pumps. And you’ll find numerous mentions of “perfect” among the Amazon reviews alongside one glowing claim that this bag has “made my pumping journey so much easier.”

Helpful Review: “I am a new mom and returned to work for a month and this bag is a lifesaver! I put pumping supplies in the bottom and my lunch on top. Everything stays very cool from 6am when I pack it until I’m home at 6pm with one standard sized ice pack in each compartment. I use the Elvie pump and it fits perfectly with an ice pack and two bottles in the bottom. I love this bag!!”

Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.6 x 15 inches (L x W x H) | Available Colors: Ink Painting, Black Flowers, Pink Flowers

5. The Most Stylish Breast Pump Bag

Did your heart skip a beat? Sarah Wells famously designs bags for “every journey,” and this one is a beautiful way to support yours. A pumping mama herself, Wells knew moms need more than just a tote. That’s why this one is full of innovative, efficient compartments made to hold most pumps on the market, no matter how large. And you’re certainly not sacrificing style. The various prints and solids make for a bag that’s fun to carry and easy to clean. You can also grab a chic cooler bag to match.

Helpful Review: “Finally a stylish pumping bag, that is so well thought out for function. Great pockets to manage pumping supplies as well as work items like a laptop and notebooks, smaller pockets to mange things like a small wallet, cell phone and ear phones for those times you need to multitask and be on a conference call and pump at the same time. I love the fabric and the colors, I got so many complements on my 'new bag', no one knew it was full of pumping supplies and breast milk!! This was my main accessory daily to and from work, as well as a long distance road trip in teh summer where I pumped in the passenger seat of our SUV. [...]”

Dimensions: 15 x 6.9 x 11.6 inches (L x W x H) | Available Colors: Olive Floral, Damask, Deco, Gray, Le Floral

6. The Best Breast Pump Bag With Extra-Wide Compartments

Moms know that the hardest part about hauling all the things is actually being able to find them. With this bag, you won’t discover any long-lost hair ties tucked away in dark corners months later. That’s because the top and bottom compartments open fully—giving you a clear view when those cough drops are apt to go rogue. The front pocket opens to fit most standard breast pumps side by side with a cooler back. And the top opens fully to house a laptop, along with everything else. Carry as a tote or a backpack — you’re the boss!

Helpful Review: “It looks great, better than the picture. Two people mentioned how cool this backpack looks. I like that the pump fits perfectly and is not visible when i open the bag, also i can pump without taking it out. I can organize inside the bag really well. Overall i can fit my lunch 2 or 3 containers, laptop, mouse, phone, wallet, pump, pump parts, snacks. Without lunch containers i can fit 6 bottle cooler and have some space for snacks still. The bag gets really heavy with all that inside, but it is very durable and great quality. [...]Definitely recommend this bag/backpack.”

Dimensions: 14 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches (L x W x H) | Available Colors: Black, Gray

7. The Best Breast Pump Bag For Pocket-Lovers

The Bananafish breast pump bag is compatible with most major breast pump brands such as Medela, Spectra, Evenflo, Avent, and Lansinoh. Accessories won’t get lost in the abyss thanks to the 12 pockets, including a wide lay-flat flap pocket in the front. There’s even a secure space to house a photo of your baby for milk stimulation (you know, in case your phone is out of reach). “I wanted a bag I could use for work that didn’t look like a breast pump bag and didn’t cost a fortune,” shares one mom, “I also wanted it for outings with my kids and vacation. Seemed like a lot to ask but this is PERFECT.”

Helpful Review: “I LOVE this pumping bag! The side pump pocket perfectly fits my Medela Pump in StyleAdvanced, and it's so nice to be able to zip down the pocket and use my pump without even taking it out of the bag. I recommend this bag to everyone! When I first got this bag while pregnant, I thought it was too big for just my pumping things, but I was wrong. By the time I put in my pump, pumping bra, nipple butter, hand sanitizer, pumping cover, pump part sanitizing spray, pump part steaming bags, and a couple of sets of pump parts, it's the perfect size, and I like the number of pockets. I highly recommend this bag!”

Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 7 x 12.5 inches (L x W x H) |Available Colors: Heather Gray