The 6 Best Masks For Kids With Glasses, According To A Pediatrician

Because there’s nothing worse than foggy lenses.

by Lauren Beach
Child boy in face mask is going to school. Protection for kids.
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Whether your little one is masking to avoid Covid-19, RSV, the flu — or all three — foggy glasses can distract them from school and play. The best masks for kids with glasses fit well to direct their breath away from their lenses, preventing condensation from forming, letting them focus on the things that matter (like science lessons and building Lego sets.) Scary Mommy reached out to board-certified pediatrician Jean S. Moorjani to find out how to choose the best masks for kids with specs.

The Expert

Jean S. Moorjani, MD, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Dr. Moorjani earned her medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in Richmond, Virginia. She’s an expert on all things pediatric medicine and is a mother of two.

What To Consider When Shopping For Masks For Kids With Glasses

Before getting into the features to look for, know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a well-fitting KN95 or surgical mask for the most protection against COVID-19 (short of medical-grade respirators). For that reason, you’ll find those mask types here.

Now it’s time to talk anti-fog features:

  • Wire bands: Glasses fog up because a child’s warm breath is forced upwards where it leaks around the nose and condenses on the cooler lenses. To combat this, Dr. Moorjani recommends masks that can be adjusted to fit well at the nose. She says, “Masks that have a flexible wire band will help create a snug fit across the bridge that can help reduce the chance that your child's glasses will fog up.”
  • Adjustable ear loops: Adjustable ear loops can also help by changing the angle of the mask and how it fits on a child’s face. A few of our picks below don’t have adjustable ear loops, but keep in mind you can tie the ear loops of any mask to achieve the same effect.
  • Absorbent layers: Absorbing the humidity inside a mask is another way to help prevent steamy glasses. Some models have an absorbent inner layer and a few of our picks have a small piece of foam at the bridge of the nose to help absorb any moisture.

How Should Kids Wear Glasses & A Mask Together?

How you layer a mask and glasses can have a major impact on whether or not they get steamed up. According to Dr. Moorjani, “Your child's glasses should go over the mask and push the mask down towards [their] face, since this will help with creating a seal to hopefully prevent fogging.” The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus also suggests “glasses should be worn slightly forward” to achieve this fit properly.

Other Fog-Reducing Hacks

We asked Dr. Moorjani if she had any other suggestions for fog-plagued mask-wearing kiddos and she said beyond choosing a well-fitted mask, “anti-fog lens wipes [...] can help reduce fogging.” For that reason, we’ve included our favorite wipes below. We suggest pairing it with one of the masks below to even further reduce the risk of fogging.

Whether you prefer KN95s or surgical masks, there’s a pick for your LO ahead. Go ahead and stuff a few in their backpack and your mom bag — and enjoy a reprieve from wiping down those lenses.


The Fan-Favorite: Adjustable All-Black Masks For Kids

This kids’ version of a popular adult-sized mask, Funight KN95 masks has an adjustable nose clip and adjustable ear loops that can be cinched for a close fit against a child’s face to prevent leakage up around the glasses. One reviewer noted these would be good for “long hours of use.” Parents report that these fit their kids all the way up to 13 years old.

Helpful Review: “I was hesitant about buying these since my kids don’t leave their face masks on. But after contracting Covid I had to buy these for the extra five days of strict mask use. And let me tell you my kids loved it. They actually leave it on and they are a perfect fit for them I have a three-year-old and a five-year-old and the masks adjust perfectly. I ended up buying more for school this coming August.”

Adjustable Straps: Yes | Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 to 10 years


Some Popular KN95 Masks Available In Fun Colors & Prints

Boasting more than 2,000 ratings on Amazon, the popular RANTO KN95 masks have several features to help prevent fogged-up lenses. They have an adjustable nose wire and they also have foam pads under the wire for a closer fit to prevent fogging. The inner layer of these five-layer masks is absorbent, which the manufacturer says can help prevent humidity within the mask, lowering the risk of steamed-up glasses as well. This pack of brightly colored masks should be appealing to children of all ages and they also come in a variety of fun prints including fruit, cake, and airplane themes, as well as solid black.

Helpful Review: “My toddler says these are the most comfortable masks she has tried and she likes the bright colors. They aren’t flimsy and hold up well to a kid grabbing at the straps all day. My daughter is almost three and the mask fits her face. It would probably fit older kids as well.”

Adjustable Straps: Yes | Manufacturer Recommended Age: 2 to 10 years


A 50-Pack Of Kids’ KN95s That Easily Adjust For A Perfect Fit

What makes these KN95 kids’ masks special is the combination of the metal nose wire and a foam piece over the nose bridge that helps it mold to fit especially well. Multiple parents raved about how well these wrapped around their children’s faces and that the inclusion of the foam pads makes them more comfortable for kids as well. The highly rated KN95 masks feature five-layer protection, have adjustable ear loops, and reinforced seams so they can stand up to (overenthusiastic) kids removing them quickly at lunch and snack time. The more subtle colors in this pack will appeal to older children who don’t want anything “babyish” as well.

Helpful Review: “Was hunting hard for kid’s masks that fit well. These didn’t have many reviews at the time of purchase, but I’m very happy these turned out solid. These fit my nine year old’s face very well, shaped well for comfortable coverage, got adjustable straps, a metal nose clip, and a soft pad on the inside around the nose, for a top level fit. Also the varied colors are nice.”

Adjustable Straps: Yes | Manufacturer Recommended Age: None, but reviewers say they fit their children from 3 to 13 years old


These Affordable Surgical Masks For Kids With Over 15,000 5-Star Ratings

These popular surgical masks have more than 15,000 five-star ratings. A moldable nose wire and soft straps that can be tied to further personalize the fit make these a solid pick for kids with specs. They come in packs with the pastel colors shown or in solid black. There’s tons of options for how many you buy at once, from as few as ten masks to as many as 2,000 for really stocking up. Reviewers say the secure straps don’t snap off like other brands and that these lightweight masks are “very breathable and comfortable.”

Helpful Review: “My kids - ages 14, 11, 8, and 7 - love these face masks. They fit all four of them great, and they love the pop of color without the “babyish” designs on other kids disposable face masks. We haven’t had any issues with them falling apart, or not being able to get the wire to bend over their nose. And I love that we’re able to throw them right out after they’ve been out, and that they’re easier to breathe in than reusable masks.”

Adjustable Straps: No | Manufacturer Recommended Age: 4 to 12 years


A Rainbow Pack Of Comfy Kids’ Masks To Match Their OOTD

This multipack of KN95 masks comes in ten different colors so kids can match their mask to the OOTD. There are five layers of protection built into these colorful masks and they fit a wide range of ages — reviewers say they fit kindergarteners all the way through children that are 14 years old. A metal nose wire helps children with glasses get a good seal to prevent leakage near the top of the mask. The masks stand away from the nose and mouth, something that multiple reviewers said makes these especially comfortable.

Helpful Review: “They are comfortable, easy to adjust and talk into. Straps don’t break easily. Had the 5 layers as advertised and these are good quality. Metal over nose makes it easy to create a good [seal.] My daughter loves the colors which are bright. Fits well on my nine year old daughter who is average height and weight.”

Adjustable Straps: No | Manufacturer Recommended Age: 4 years and up


A Pack Of Individually Wrapped Surgical Masks In The Cutest Prints

WECARE surgical masks come in nine different multipacks ranging from animal prints to butterfly- and sports-themed prints — but our favorite is the unique Lego-themed mask. These are parent-beloved — 84% of reviewers gave them a five-star rating An adjustable nose wire helps prevent leakage upwards toward lenses and the masks have three latex-free layers of protection including a soft layer against the skin and a leakproof outer layer. These are especially nice to stow in a purse or backpack because each mask is individually wrapped to stay clean.

Helpful Review: “I purchased these for my 5 yr old for school and they've worked amazingly well! Haven't had a strap break off, my son says they are comfortable and that the metal nose bar really helps to keep it on. We live in a heavy warm place and the aren't too hot to wear throughout the day. Love the variety of colors as well. I would these recommend to anyone with kiddos who need a clean, good quality mask daily.”

Adjustable Straps: No | Manufacturer Recommended Age: 2 years and up


Also Nice: An Anti-Fog Cloth That Really Works

Even with a well-fitted mask, glasses can still fog — especially with temperature swings coming in from outdoors on cold days. This reusable lens-wiping cloth can be used up to 300 times to prevent fogging for about 48 hours by dry wiping glasses. Bonus: It cleans them too. The wipes contains no toxic chemicals and comes with a zippered bag to stash it in between uses.

Helpful Review: “It works really well! My daughter is 7 [...] and she uses glasses. Her glasses were always fogging up with her mask all summer. I knew she was going to start school and didn't want her to be struggling with foggy glasses at school so I bought this. We're on the third week of school now and she has never had her glasses fog up with her mask. We use it only once a day, every single morning before school. [...] Update: [...] About 3 months since my purchase date [...]. This cloth is STILL going strong! I haven't bought another because this one still works great and still gets the job done. [...]”


Jean S. Moorjani, MD, FAAP, board-certified pediatrician at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children