10 Best Remote Control Tanks— The Battle (Of Army Tank Toys) Is About To Begin

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Remote Control Army Toys

Remote control army tanks are today’s higher-tech version of classic army toys. For many years, kids wanting to play “army” were relegated to plastic little green army men or — finally — little green army women. Now, though, there are more options for cool toys like this… and your bare feet will be thankful. Step on enough of the plastic army men in the middle of the night, and you’ll gladly ban them. (The little green army guys aren’t quite as painful as stepping on LEGOs, but they make a run at it.) The next parent who comes up with a foolproof way to make kids put away their f***ing toys every time and shares it with the world should receive a lifetime award for greatest human of all time.

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The plastic army men and women were fun…but they’ve got nothing on remote control tank toys. These bad boys move, they spin, they turn, they light up. They even shoot! (Oh, it’s just infrared light, don’t worry.) And some of them come in packs of two because we know there’ll be a battle over these RC tanks. The opposing tanks can shoot each other, and by the 4th hit (of light), the loser will shut down creating a win! If that’s too much competition, there’s even a tank that battles a fort, so no one gets hurt (or feels sad).

This is a major step up from the little green guys we had as kids, but so is everything else. Check out our favorite remote control army tank toys and get ready to win gift-giving.

Best Remote Control Tanks

RC Tanks That Shoot

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