The Best Toddler Scissors — Because Every Art Bin Needs One

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There comes a time in every child’s life when they must learn how to cut through a piece of construction paper. But if you’re asking me to willfully put a pair of scissors into the hands of the same toddler who gives the whirling Tasmanian Devil a run for his money? Hard no. Thankfully, the best toddler scissors take safety into account. With blunt blades, easy-to-grip handles, and simple storage features, these scissors are created to slice through paper — not fingers. Make some room alongside those toddler markers and toddler crayons, because a pair of scissors is a must in every kid’s art bin.

Can A 2-Year-Old Use Scissors?

Generally speaking, a child can begin practicing the skill of scissoring as soon as they show interest — even if they’re not quite ready to actually cut through paper. It’s important that a parent or caregiver supervise and help them learn the proper grip (thumb on top). Holding scissors is a fine motor skill that aligns with 2-year-old development, so it’s perfectly fine to start learning now. That said, they might be closer to 3 or older before they start making clear cuts.

You might find that your toddler’s hand muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the scissors properly, but that’s where practice makes perfect. Start by cutting through playdough or plastic straws a few times a week. Little by little, they’ll get stronger and steadier.

At What Age Should A Kid Be Able To Use A Scissors?

While children can begin learning how to hold and cut with scissors as early as 2, they won’t fully develop scissor skills until age 6. As they grow and develop better hand-eye coordination, they’ll also grow in proficiency in cutting across straight lines, curves, and eventually shapes.

What Are Child-Safe Scissors?

Child-safe scissors are created specifically for children and feature blunt tips to prevent poking. The blades are shorter to ensure ease of cutting and safe use.

Ahead, we’ve cut it down to the five best toddler scissors for your little one’s hands — plus one pair of scissors for you in case you need to do some bang trimming on that toddler of yours at home.

1. The Overall Best Scissors For Toddlers

This pair of blunt-tipped Fiskars is like the training bike of scissors. A little lever opens the blades after each snip, helping toddlers master the art of cutting. When they’re ready to take off the training wheels, simply flip over the lever for traditional cutting. Plus, the large, different-colored handle loops help kids easily remember where to place their thumb. Fiskars recommends these for toddlers ages 3 and up.

Helpful Review: “Perfect for Pre-K and other elementary classes. They help the user open the scissors which is a difficult motor skill for littles. They can easily close them. The little yellow tension piece aids them in opening them more easily to help develop that motor skill. Very nice for training and practice.”

2. The Best Blunt-Cut Scissors Set

Because you know you’ll misplace them, or your toddler will demand a certain color on a particular day, here’s a value pack of scissors for your sanity. But beyond that — these scissors are great because they offer a comfortable grip for little hands and matching safety sheaths for safe storage. The short, sharp blades cut smoothly through paper and poster board. With an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon after more than 5,000 reviews, this set certainly is parent-approved. They’re recommended for kids ages 4 and up.

Helpful Review: “Perfect for little hands. Bought for my 4 and a half year old daughter. Awesome that it comes in a colorful pack of 3. She kept the pink pair (of course). My 6 yearold son chose the red pair. And she generously gave me the blue one (keeping for whenever they misplace theirs). Oh! And not only are the convenient covers great, but BONUS: They come with sheets of little stickers that they can decorate their personal scissors with!!”

3. The Best Plastic-Blade Scissors Set

The jury is out on plastic scissors because they don’t always cut well, but for these safety scissors, that’s almost the entire point. The plastic blades are angled to cut paper — and only paper. No fingers, no hair, no T-shirts or table clothes. These worry-free toddler scissors have thousands of five-star ratings from parents who found them easy to use — and great for kids still figuring out their dominant hand. Plus, you get 60 sheets of paper to have your tot start practicing on right away.

Helpful Review: “Finding safety scissors that would work for my left handed daughter was not easy. These were exactly what I was looking for! [...] Additionally, she immediately tried to recreate the scene from Tangled where Eugene cuts Rapunzel's hair. I'm happy to say the attempt was unsuccessful. They 100% saved my daughter's curls.”

4. The Best Loop Scissors Set

Mastering the grasp can be difficult but these loop scissors are excellent training tools. This three-pack offers a no-pinch cut from scissors that are practically self-operating. Great for left or right-handed kids and the rounded blade prevents pokes. These scissors are easy to squeeze and particularly helpful for children with special needs.

Helpful Review: “These are the only scissors my son will even hold. He is 3 and the design helps him to be able to cut properly. This type of scissors was recommended by our occupational therapist as a first choice for kids who don't have hand strength or fine motor skills.”

5. The Best Left-Hand Scissors Set

If you know that your child is left-handed, this two-pack of toddler-size scissors is an excellent choice. These scissors were made for lefties or ambidextrous kids so they’re easy to shift if necessary. The grip is comfortable and the blades sharp — everything you could want in a toddler scissor.

Helpful Review: “Cut easily and smoothly. Truly can be used by lefties. Great for beginning cutters, no frustration with junky scissors that are difficult to use and don't cut cleanly. These are SHARP enough and cut well so use supervision with younger ones.”

Also Nice: The Best Scissors For Cutting Toddler Hair

Sure, you don’t want your toddler to cut their own hair. But sometimes you have to get in there and snip a few strays. If that’s the case, these are the scissors you’re looking for. Just like the toddler scissors, this pair features a rounded tip to prevent any pokes so you can safely trim away — don’t ask us how to do it.

Helpful Review: “These are comfortable in the hand. My 4yo is scared for me to cut his hair because he’s afraid to get cut (why??) so I searched specifically for a round tip to keep from accidentally poking during his cuts. These work wonderfully. Super sharp, safe, come in a molded box and have a vinyl sleeve and suede to wipe them off.”