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Podcaster Vents About Those "F**king Moms" Who Make Their Kids Fit Their Aesthetic

"It makes me literally f**king sick to my stomach."

Podcaster Brooke Schofield minced no words when she began to vent about her disgust over sad, beige ...
@cancelledpod / TikTok

Podcaster Brooke Schofield minced no words when she began to vent about her disgust over sad, beige moms. Her vent session on the pod, which was then cut down to a TikTok video, soon went viral with thousands of users sharing their thoughts on the “sad beige mom” phenomenon.

For those unfamiliar, a sad beige mom typically dresses her child in muted, neutrals (no bright colors!) to match the home aesthetic the mom is going for. They refuse to buy gaudy plastic toys and opt for wooden toys imported from Scandinavia made from the finest oak. If you think these moms are letting their kids wear blue-themed pajamas or a Peppa Pig t-shirt, you’re out of your f**cking mind.

These are the moms who spray paint brightly-colored plastic toys grey, white, and beige so that the toys can fit whatever vibe the mom is going for in their living room. It’s actually a pretty sad sight to see. A playroom full of white, light pink, and muted purple is no playroom at all!

Schofield feels strongly about these kinds of moms, calling them out for their selfishness.

“I hate all the stupid f**king idiot moms who make their kids adhere to their aesthetic. Okay, and what I mean by that is wrapping their kid's gifts in all moody, neutral wrapping paper, making sure that they don't have any colored toys in the house because it disrupts the vibe of the living room,” Schofield explained.

“It makes me literally f**king sick to my stomach.”

Schofield continues, talking to her Cancelled podcast cohost, Tana Mongeau, about how these kinds of moms are detrimental to a kid’s happiness. The idea of forbidding a child to wear a cartoon character shirt is unfathomable to her. Schofield continues on her rant, commenting on how bright colors are for kids.

She’s not wrong! Introducing kids to color is imperative to their development. Identifying colors in everyday life is an easy way to begin to nurture that skill in a young child. How is a kid supposed to learn their colors when all they’re surrounded by is beige?

“When I see a kid who's not allowed to wear like, My Little Pony on their shirt, what are you doing? It makes me so f**king upset. Like, imagine like, think about how exciting color was to you as a kid. Like, how fun it was to walk into a classroom and like everything's so bright and colorful and stuff. Could you imagine like, how you would feel as a child walking around and everything ...”

“And you just have like a nude velvet ball,” Mongeau chimed in.

Schofield continued, “Yeah, yeah, that is horrible, terrible. And all because your mom wants to fucking post you on her Instagram story?”

Mongeau replied, “I thought you were gonna talk about almond moms...”

“I also f**king hate almond moms,” Schofield joked.

Several users commented on the Cancelled TikTok clip, agreeing with the internet personalities’ take on sad, beige moms.

“my friend literally painted her plastic outdoor play house sad beige colors to match. Jokes on her daughter fell in love with Jesse from Toy Story,” one user said.

another said, “AGREE like they’re only kids once 😭 let them have joy and color”

One mom wrote, “I let my kids dress themselves and pick their clothes. They look crazy 99% of the time but that’s their journey lol”

“we JUST let our 4yr old pick his new bedroom color.. it’s freaking LIME GREEN but the look on his face when we started painting filled my heart😭💚,” another said.

One mom admitted that she is a recovering sad, beige mom.

“I tried to make my little girl a sad beige baby and she now wears princess/rainbow everything. I realized very quickly how selfish it was to dull her sparkle and want her to live with confidence,” she wrote.

Sadly, the sad, beige mom trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. That being said, if a mom chooses to go full steam ahead with neutrals and nudes for an aesthetic, it’s important for them to know that they will be dragged for keeping a dull aesthetic instead of letting kids express themselves and wear whatever color and character they please.