Champagne Problems

This Woman Gifted A Bottle Of Champagne For A One Year Old's Birthday And Divided The Internet

“I only thought it was fair to give the parents a present to celebrate the first year they've survived as parents,” she explained.

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It’s pretty standard for parents to go all out for a child’s first birthday party. Marking a huge milestone, mom and dad pull out all the stops to make sure that their child’s first trip around the sun is a birthday bash no one will ever forget, or rather, that the one-year-old will never remember.

When Phoebe Parsons was invited to her friends’ kid’s first birthday party, instead of spending money on a gift for the baby, she decided to give the baby’s parents a nice bottle of champagne. She posted a TikTok, explaining her reasoning and to ask her followers whether they think it's “fair” to do things a little different than tradition.

In the video, Phoebe said, “I would really love to know other peoples' thoughts on this. I’m on my way to a first birthday party, and I actually got the parents a bottle of champagne instead of the child.”

She went on to make sure viewers of her TikTok knew that she had already gotten the baby multiple presents. “So in the child's lifetime so far (he's 12 months old), I've gotten him a baby shower present and a being born present. I only thought it was fair to give the parents a present to celebrate the first year they've survived as parents,” she continued.

She also made the point that the one-year-old was not going to remember this birthday or the gifts received explaining further that the child’s party had 50 other people in attendance that were going to shower the babe with presents. One less wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

“So, do you think it’s fair for the first birthday party to buy the parents a present in place of the child?”

The comment section had mixed reactions though most sided with Parsons. One user responded, “I was gifted a bottle of scotch for my only boys’ 1st birthday 😂 apparently I was going to need it for the days to come 🤣 great idea!”

Another wrote, “Hell yes, it was probably one of the most challenging years of their life, they deserve a treat! 🥰”

While most commenters agreed that a nice gift for the parents was a thoughtful gesture, some did reply that it could be a nice gift in addition to a present for the child. “Yes, BUT! Only in addition to a gift for the child. Or a bottle when the baby is born is more appropriate,” a user wrote.

Another noted, “If I wasn’t invited or couldn’t go to the baby shower then yes a present for the first. If I attended both just one baby present.”

Whether buying a present for the little one or not, it seems like all can agree that a little nod to mom and dad for surviving their first year of parenting and all the mess that comes along with it is more than appropriate.