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This Mom Crafted An Adorable Taylor Swift Doll For Her Daughter’s Christmas Gift

She’s in her crafty era!

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A crafty mom showed her step-by-step process of making her daughter’s Taylor Swift doll that she pla...
Jillian Rundell / TikTok

Since Taylor Swift released her album Midnights last year and launched her worldwide Eras Tour this past spring, it seems like Swift has been an unstoppable force of nature. Her popularity has only seemed to grow as the pop star sensation welcomed two new generations of fans — Gen Z and Gen Alpha — into her magical and whimsical world.

Kids of all ages are getting in on the Swiftie magic. So, what do you get your doll-loving Swiftie kid for Christmas? A Taylor Swift doll, of course.

However, there aren’t any Taylor Swift dolls on the market that go for under $100 on eBay, and she doesn’t (shockingly) have her own line of dolls. So, one mom had the brilliant and ambitious idea to make her own Taylor Swift doll living her best life in her Lover era, and the results were absolutely perfect.

Jillian Rundell showed her step-by-step process of making her daughter’s Taylor Swift doll on her TikTok account — which now has tens of thousands of views from Swiftie moms in awe of her crafting ability.

“In my crafty era…Making a DIY Taylor Swift doll for my Little Swiftie! I’m still planning to decorate the box, but I used the Ariel ILY Disney doll from Target and a plastic guitar from Dollar Tree!,” she wrote in the caption on the video.

First, Rundell secured a Disney ily 4EVER Inspired by Ariel 18" Doll, which already has Swift’s long blonde hair and a sparkly dress reminiscent of something Swift would don during her Lover or Fearless set on the Eras tour.

She added cat eye makeup (“sharp enough to kill a man”, obviously), red lipstick, and Eras colors nail polish along with a Dollar Tree guitar painted Lover pink. To get the full look, Rundell cut the doll’s hair to make bangs. She also added some friendship bracelets and a sparkly “13” on the doll’s left hand.

After the video gained some clout, TikTok users were quick to applaud the ingenious innovation on the doll.

“You’re amazing!! Your babe is going to freak out, don’t ever forget that moment 💛,” another said.

Another said, “The attention to detail is just ✨chef’s kiss ✨”

Others asked follow-up questions so they could make their own Taylor Swift doll to make their kid’s Christmas one to remember.

“What kind of paint did you use? Also how do you cute bangs like that?!” one user asked.

“Acrylic paint, and I kind of winged it on the bangs and then took my hair dryer to them. I have another video posted that explains everything 🤗,” the OP replied.

In a follow-up, Rundell explained her process.

“Start with this doll from Target and guitar from Dollar Tree. I painted the guitar with acrylic paint and then removed the t-shirt and glasses from the doll. I used acrylic paint for all of the makeup, nail polish, and other painted details on the doll. And then I sealed it all with Modge Podge,” she said in a voiceover on the DIY video.

To get the bangs to fall flawlessly, she used a blowdryer to get them to lay flat on the doll’s forehead.

“I'm still working on decorating the box and making sparkly boots for her, and I will share those soon,” she teased.

Turns out, another mom was the inspiration behind Rundall’s doll makeover. TikTok account @madeofmagiclaura also used the Disney ily 4EVER doll to make her own Taylor Swift doll. She saw the doll in stores and posted the idea to her TikTok.

“In case you have a little Swiftie, hear me out. Can we pretend this this a Taylor doll?” she said in a voiceover. This creator even repurposed the doll’s box to include Eras Tour paper to give it that true Swiftie feel.

Obviously, I had to do this project myself for my little Swiftie, so I sent my husband on a mission to secure the Disney ily 4EVER doll, which he did along with a friendship bracelet making kit!

Once the doll was home, we carefully unpackged her and got to work. Instead of paint and Mod Podge, I opted for an easier route of just using colored Sharpie permanent markers. With a steady hand, I colored in her lips and gave her cat-eye makeup.

Katie Garrity

Next up, I carefully trimmed her bangs with some actual haircutting scissors that my husband uses for his beard. Like the OP noted, the bangs immediately stood straight up, but once I ran the hairdryer on the bangs while combing through, they laid perfectly flat.

My four-year-old and I made some friendship bracelets for her, and the rest was history. She is now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Taylor Swift doll.

How Taylor Swift’s team hasn’t already made their own doll like this is beyond me, but in the meantime, I am definitely doing this for my four-year-old Swiftie to make it a Christmas to remember. ‘Tis the damn season!

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