Here Are Some Safe (But Still Totally Rad) Hoverboards For Your Kids

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by Megan Hungerford
hoverboards for kids
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We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the best hoverboards for kids don’t really fly. Those Back to the Future flying hoverboards are still a thing of, well, the future. But, the kids hoverboards we are talking about are absolutely real and incredibly fun. Today’s hoverboards are fully tricked out, hands-free electric scooters taking riders to school, work, or just for a cruise with the fam. Regardless of where you or your kiddos are heading (even if it’s just a spin through the kitchen), the best hoverboards for kids and beginners will get you there safely and smiling.

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Modern hoverboards have come a long way since they emerged on the scene. Because these aren’t just battery-operated skateboards anymore. The best hoverboards are fully integrated, UL 2272 safety-certified personal transport machines that happen to be out of this world fun! Some of the best hoverboards for beginners are also the safest with self-balancing stabilizers for easier mounting and a smooth ride. Thanks to non-slip foot pedals, these kids hoverboards are a breeze to balance and maneuver.

Switch on the lights, pump up the built-in bluetooth speaker, and have a family hoverboard dance party. Better yet, install one of the manufacturer's hoverboard apps to track distance and customize skill levels. Or engage in a bit of healthy family competition with in-app hoverboard challenges. No matter if you are spinning 360s or just cruising with the wind in your hair, the best hoverboards for kids will keep the inner child in everyone smiling. (And keep us parents feeling young, too.)

Best Hoverboard for Kids

Sporting two 200-watt electric motors, this hoverboard is capable of going up to 7 miles per hour. With a built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system to help keep you in control, this is a great board for both beginners and intermediates. It also has a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker and a safety feature built-in that’ll prevent you from riding unsafely — which, as you can imagine, is a huge selling point for parents. One happy customer on Amazon referred to it as a “discotheque on wheels,” claiming that “this thing is incredible. The online photographs do not do this thing justice as it is absolutely incredibly beautiful in person, and the lights, WOW, again, beyond expectation. Add in Bluetooth sound and our granddaughter has everything she needs to jam out while rolling around the neighborhood.” You can buy one for yourself in one of four colors.

Kids of all ages will love the effortless ride-ability and futuristic design of the LIEAGLE hoverboard. Every member of the family will have fun tracking speed and distance while competing against friends to see who can stay on the longest. This hoverboard travels up to nine miles per hour, with the help of two 300-watt motors. According to one Amazon reviewer, you can’t ask for more when it comes to these hoverboards. “[These] hoverboards are very easy to use, my kids love the lights and the Bluetooth is easy to connect,” they wrote. “The price is amazing, I was able to get one for each [of] my kids and they are a very good quality.”

Fully loaded for next-generation fun, the Beston Sports hoverboard features top-notch safety standards, including US UL safety standards. And speaking of safety, the easy balance start-up technology allows any rider, regardless of age or skill level to safely step on and off the non-slip hoverboard. High tread 6.5” rubber tires offer superior performance and a smooth ride on most surfaces. Last but not least, this model comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The hoverboard can support up to 180 pounds.-

Created with children in mind, the SISIGAD Hoverboard is one of the safest models you can find. Not only have they passed a strict electrical test, but they fully meet UL2272 safety regulations. With high-quality rubber tires, you’ll also find yourself feeling safe and secure while riding. Available in 14 colors, your kids will have a fun time selecting which one they want. Parents are also fond of this hoverboard, noting its long battery life and carrying bag that makes traveling with it even easier.

Best Hoverboard for Beginners

Road warrior status isn’t just for advanced hoverboard enthusiasts. The beginner-friendly Gyroor Warrior hoverboard makes conquering all your hoverboard dreams (or that of your kiddos) a reality. “Such a great hoverboard!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “Very easy to ride even for a first-time rider and my kids just got on and within minutes they were zipping around the house. Great quality, cool lights give it that futuristic look and it seems to hold a charge for a long time. The tires are massive which gives the board a really good height, comfortable ride, and even riding outside on lawn is no problem.”

Looking for a durable hoverboard? Then, you might want to look into this model by XPRIT. Available in nine colors, this board has 8.5″ all-terrain tires and can travel up to six miles per hour. Even adult beginners swear by it. “While it functions as well as others on the driveway, It truly is an off-road model,” one Amazon customer noted. “The thing is unstoppable until you hit inclines greater than 45°. The Bluetooth speaker is a great bonus and used far more than I expected.”

Specially designed for beginners, the innovative self-balancing hoverboard features easy drive functionality with a powerful battery. “This is a perfect starter board” reviews one parent on Amazon. “My daughter had a more expensive one she couldn’t balance on so we gave it to an older family member. After using this one for maybe 5 minutes she was off and rolling. Now she can balance on the one we gave away. The Jolege hoverboard performs just like any other, but it has something in the sensor that doesn’t make it so sensitive to every movement so a younger child can use it and have fun!” Indoors or outdoors, the superior stability and rubber treaded tires easily traverses most surfaces including gravel, ceramic flooring, and inclines. Find the perfect board for your unique kiddo with tons of bright colors and fun patterns to choose from.

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