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A Male Cat Adorably Supported His Partner During Labor & Now Women Are Side-Eyeing Their Husbands

A viral TikTok video shows a new dad taking amazing care of his baby mama and their new kittens.

Women are applauding a male cat who is taking amazing care of his feline partner.
Marcel ter Bekke/Getty

Dads and partners are a little infamous for screwing up during labor and delivery. I mean really, how hard it is to 1) stay awake 2) not announce to the entire room that I pooped and 3) not eat spaghetti right next to my head?

To be fair, historically, cat dads have not done much better than human dads. Worse, really. A full 99% of cat moms give birth alone in a box (or something), while the father of their kittens roams the neighborhood, killing for pleasure, with not a care in the world.

But Santos the cat dad is different. Over the past month, millions of women around the world have fallen in love with this sensitive black tomcat who seems to instinctually know just what his baby mama needs from him, both during labor and in those tough first weeks of parenthood.

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We all fell for Santos’ equality-minded wholesome masculinity three weeks ago when his partner Poppy went into labor, with her baby daddy right at her side. In the now-viral video that has tallied over 4 million views, we watched as Santos gently entered Poppy’s birthing box and gave her just the right kind and amount of love as she labored.

At one point, he seems to give Poppy a gentle back rub between kittens. Then, in the next shot, he’s lovingly hugging his cat partner.

“Baby daddy goals,” the post reads. “Best dad award goes to Santos.”

And the internet agreed. Comments started pouring in from fans who appreciated Santos’ measured, thoughtful, and compassionate support. A loving kitty who did not, it should be noted, eat a single noodle of spaghetti during the labor.

“Human fathers should be taking tips,” wrote one viewer, adding a well-placed nail-painting emoji to her comment.

“Even a cat is does better than my babydaddy,” another commented.

“Ladies, if he wanted to he would,” another wrote.

Is there more? Yes, there’s more.

Santos also got fixed after the litter was born — are you listening, human dads? His virility and manhood were not threatened, and he did not try to put the procedure off until March Madness, when he could recover and watch basketball at the same time. He just went to the vet and got snipped without complaint or drama. I bet if he could talk, he would have said to Poppy, “You’ve managed our birth control this far into our relationship, and now it’s my turn to take the helm, with a simple and affordable procedure. And during my recovery, why don’t we watch the entire BBC production of Pride & Prejudice?”

In the second video, “Baby Daddy Goals 2,” we see Santos taking over childcare and giving them all baths while mom takes a break. I’m guessing she’s getting her nails done and eating a vole for self-care.

And while animal experts say that male cats should always be kept away from kittens because their prey instincts could take over, we all know Santos would never do that (plus, his owner says he’s always supervised).

Finally, in the third video, we see Santos playing with one of his rambunctious toddler kittens, and it is just so heartwarming. His full attention is on his son — he doesn’t even have his phone out. Afterwards, they take a little nap. What a role model for dads — and cats — everywhere.