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Mom's Cute Search For A Girl Who Befriended Her Son At A Children's Museum Goes Viral

Calling all moms of kids named Ava.

Two children playing together. A mom is searching for a girl named Ava after his son had a blast pla...
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How many times have you been at the library or local playground and watch your child instantly click with another kid? How many times have you wished you’d exchanged info with their parent so you could set up a real playdate, but are instead just left to wonder forever if that little kid could have been your child’s life long friend?

One Illinois mom is on a quest reconnect her son after a fast — but brief — friendship. Kensey Stasica recently posted on Facebook hoping to find the parents of a young girl that her 3-year-old son, Beau, instantly connected with at a local children’s museum. Her heartfelt post has gone viral.

Stasica told NBC 5 Chicago that she and her children often frequented the DuPage Children’s Museum, but this time was different. While they were there, Beau “met his match,” she said.

“He was playing with one of the toys and this little girl introduced herself and they were kind of just playing together very well and they must have taken to each other because she grabbed his hands and they were just holding hands around the museum everywhere,” Stasica said.

“They were holding hands and he was like, ‘This is my friend mommy, it's my friend Ava.’ And they just did that for about half an hour.”

She admitted that while she did chat with Ava’s parents for a bit, but when chasing after toddlers at a crowded children’s museum, there’ s no time for anything more than surface-level conversation.

“We kind of talked to their parents a tiny bit, but obviously you're watching your children making sure we don't lose them because they're flight risks, you know. They run everywhere,” she said. “So I was like, what's the chance that maybe we'll catch up with them? I honestly have no idea where at what town they live in. That was the first time they were at the museum.”

She explained that when their time was up at the museum, everyone said their goodbyes and went on their way. At the time, Stasica thought the moment was sweet but didn’t expect her son to be so enamored.

“I didn't think he would even remember her. But every time we put him down at night, I always say, 'Beau did you have a good day today?' And it was always, 'Yes mommy. I had such a good day. Let's go to the museum tomorrow we will see Ava,” she explained

“I was just like, 'I don't know if we're gonna see Ava again. You know, like sometimes we make friends and we don't see them again.' And he was like, 'But mommy, like it was my friend. We held hands. We were on the boat. We were on the pirate ship. We loved the pirate ship. I mean, it was my best friend.’”

When Beau kept asking about Ava, Stasica turned to her local Facebook mom group — Oswego Moms IL Unite.

“If you have a 3 year old named Ava, and were at the DuPage Children's Museum [on March 26]. And she held (dragged) a little boy's hand around for quite some time. That little boy is now infatuated and will not stop talking about his friend,” she wrote.

“Every night he talks about her and how he wants to play again. And is heartbroken when I tell him that I'm not sure that will happen. So, I think your name is Maggie. I'm literally guessing at this point. But if this sounds familiar. You'd make my child's year if you wanted to have a playdate at the museum again sometime.”

The post soon went viral, with more and more moms sharing it across other local Facebook mom groups.

“I was so surprised,” Stasica said.

“People were like, 'Well, I'm a nanny and I'm in this group and the Naperville group, do you mind if I post it there?' I'm like, 'Yeah, sure fine, it's not gonna hurt anything. And then I kept seeing like, 'I saw your posts in this group,' 'I saw your posts in this group,' 'I posted it here for you' and it blew up.”

Even though a village worked to bring the two toddlers together, no one has found Ava.

“If he never finds her that's okay. But I I think it's a sweet story to tell him when he gets older, especially because he just wants to find his friend. He just he misses his friend,” she said.

And though Beau might not have found his museum friend, Stasica revealed that several other parents have reached out asking for a museum meet up or playdate with Beau.

“Some parents have reached out and they're like, 'I have a little boy or little girl,' and like, 'I'm a new mom' or 'I just moved here and we would love to like meet up and have a playdate.' So even if we never see the little girl again, I think Beau has made an impact where like he can meet some other little kids and maybe make some other new friends.”

In the meantime, let’s hope these two can be reunited for some more pirate ship shenanigans!