A Mom’s Viral “Stroller-Gate” Video Calls Out Judging Other People’s Stroller Brands

She and her Graco were surrounded by “luxury” stroller brands at the zoo.

TikTok mom wonders if her standard stroller was the reason she was getting judgemental looks while o...
TikTok / @brookesobasic

There is no doubt that there is a certain group of baby products meant for a certain tax bracket. The Snoo bassinet, Wonderfold Wagons, and Baby Bjorn baby carriers are just a few of the many products sold to parents that will cost a pretty penny. For some reason, the brand of the baby products parents display are an indicator of one’s status and wealth.

Baby strollers are one of the major needs for parents, and while there’s really no such thing as a “cheap” stroller, there are certainly some stroller brands that are seen as “better” because they cost a grand.

One mom on TikTok spoke to her followers, wondering if her standard stroller was the reason she was getting judgmental looks while on a family outing at the zoo — and the result was “stroller-gate.”

“Every single stroller or like baby device that I see that’s going by is like an UPPA, UPPA Vista, Mockingbird, the Wonderfold,” Brooke beings.

“And I'm pushing my Graco, and I feel like people are judging me because of my Graco baby stroller. What the f*ck?”

First, let’s break down some numbers. A convertible single-to-double UPPAbaby Vista stroller system will cost around $1,300. A Mockingbird can be purchased for a fraction of that — $450.

The trendiest of wagons — the Veer and the Wonderfold — are going to cost between $300 to $1,600 (depending on style, features, and size).

The most affordable Graco stroller runs on their website for $76.

There is clearly a staggering price difference between a standard Graco stroller and the most “luxury” brands. And while people judging one another based on what kinds of brand names they do or do not have is nothing new in this world, when it comes to parenthood, stroller-shaming seems especially silly.

However, Brooke is not paranoid for thinking that she’s being given side-eye for her stroller choice. Others moms wrote in the now-viral video’s comment section, sharing that they have felt the same way at times for not keeping up with the “trendy” baby items.

“I went to the park the other day with my Baby Trend!! stroller & im not kidding every single person had a Wonderfold & they weren’t friendly 😅,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “I was at the NC zoo this past weekend and me and my husband had this exact conversation 😭 we felt so judged with our graco double stroller 😅”

“I bought an off-brand on amazon for $113, that's similar to an evenflo pivot. and I always feel like people are looking like...,” chimed in another mom.

Some commenters pointed out that moms truly can’t win when it comes to the baby items they pick out because having one of the “nicer” strollers will also come with judgement. “I feel like I get side eyed with my uppa 😅 We’re going on 4 years with it and it will absolutely last us another 4. Moral of the story..Some moms just suck 🤣 I don’t think it’s stroller specific. I think it’s b*tchy mom specific,” one user wrote.

“I just went to the zoo yesterday with our wonderfold (that I was gifted generously but would never pay for myself 😬😅) and I got a lot of stares,” another mom said.

Several other TikTok users backed Brooke up on her Graco stroller, noting that it was one of the best options for their families. “We shamelessly love Graco over here. No way I’m spending $1000+ on a stroller that functions the exact same as a $300 one 😂,” one user wrote.

“I had a graco and I LOVED it but when I had my second we went with the mockingbird. I miss my graco lol,” said another.

In a follow-up video, Brooke continued to expand on the idea that “stroller-gate” is real.

“If you think that there's not somebody judging you based on the stroller you're pushing, you're 100% wrong because they are and they will,” she said.

She says that she made the video as a jumping off point to help parents debate the pros and cons to some strollers, talk about which brands seem worth the cost, and to help end the idea that strollers enable “classism.”

“I feel like it's like a financial status for sure 😅🥺,” one user wrote.

Most users concluded that deciding what the best stroller is come down to an individuals personal preferences. Someone living in a walkable city may want to spend a little more on a durable, long-lasting stroller that a family can grow into. While a parent living in the suburbs who only plans on having one child may opt for a more affordable stroller since it won’t get as much use.

When talking to Scary Mommy after the video took off, Brooke still wasn’t sure how she felt about the whole “stroller-gate” controversy.

“I didn’t want to assume my stroller’s brand was classifying me — but it totally is, and I’m not sure how I feel about it,” she says.

For new moms ready to make that jump into baby gear buying, Brooke hopes you let it roll off your back because stroller judgement will be the least of your worries when it comes to being parent-shamed.

“There definitely is ‘cult-like’ behavior surrounding baby gear,” she says. “If you’re a new mom facing stroller judgement or unknowingly joined a baby gear gang — try not to let it get to you. Stroller selection is a walk in the park compared to other judgements we face when becoming parents.”