The 9 Best Splat Mats For Under High Chairs — Your Back and Floors Will Thank You

These mats come in every size and color you can think of.

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Why is it that every meal with kids ends with more food on the floor than in their mouths? If you're like most parents, you’re probably looking for a way to make cleaning up that mess less time-consuming. These splat mats for under high chairs are just what you need — they’re a lifesaver for your back and floors (or carpet), and you won’t believe how easy they are to clean since most can be popped right in the wash.

What To Consider When Shopping For Splat Mats

High chair splat mats come in many different materials and sizes, with options including vegan leather and waterproof polyester. There are even eco-friendly disposable high chair mats that are perfect for travel. In fact, the disposable versions are a Scary Mommy fave for eating out; because nobody wants to end a relaxing meal apologizing to a server for their child’s dinner that’s now all over the floor.

Most of the mats on this list also double as drop cloths of sorts that are ideal for setting kids up for painting and other messy activities that would otherwise be a real pain to clean up after, and many are machine-washable, too (and we’ve noted which ones are below).

Scroll on to check out our top picks for the best splat mats for under high chairs and nab one (or several) for your sanity, today.


This Fan-Fave High Chair Splat Mat

The Bumkins brand was founded in 1989 by a mother looking for safer and more sustainable diaper. Flash forward to today, the brand now offers tons of baby products that parents love, including this quick-dry, waterproof high chair splat mat that can be used for mealtime, art projects, and more. Boasting nearly 5,000 perfect five-star Amazon ratings, this best-selling mat wipes down easily and can also be thrown into the washer. Choose from more than a dozen adorable prints, including some sets that come with a matching sleeved bib.

Helpful Review: “We love this splat mat! It is the perfect size to go under our daughter's IKEA high chair. It is extremely waterproof and protects our dining room rug from spills. We chose the gray chevron pattern, so it camouflages the mess well. It is easy to fold up and throw in the wash. Highly recommend!”

Dimensions: 42 x 42 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: Yes | Available Styles: 15


This Large Splat Mat In A Cute Neutral Print

This adorable splat mat features a bohemian print complete with rainbows and polka dots in warm, neutral colors. But it doesn’t just look good. The embedded TPU layer stops wet messes from penetrating through to home surfaces and the non-slip grips on the bottom keep it from sliding around. And at just over 4 feet by 4 feet, it’s one of the largest mats on this list. Wipe it down after use or pop it in the wash.

Helpful Review: “Overall, I would say that this mat is a great investment! Not only is it wonderful for keeping the floor under my baby’s high chair clean, but it would also be great for any other messy projects that one might have to do; such as painting. I love how it’s also easy to clean. You can simply wipe the mat down or wash it in the washing machine. The fact that the mat also has non-slip grips on the bottom also are a huge plus!! I live in an apartment with carpeting virtually everywhere, so having a mat that doesn’t slip is a must.”

Dimensions: 51 x 51 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: Yes | Available Styles: 1


Another Popular Splat Mat In A Soothing Solid Color

A lot of splat mats are offered in prints, but this highly rated high chair mat comes in a neutral gray that promises not to clash with your decor (although it’s also offered in prints if you’re feeling more whimsical). The durable anti-slide coating on the underside keeps it firmly in place and it’s a cinch to clean as it’s machine washable. Not surprisingly, the large, waterproof mat comes backed by a 4.7-star rating after 2,500+ reviews.

Helpful Review: “I bought this to put under my birdcage! I have a synthetic hardwood floor and wanted to protect it. I was using old newspapers, but this is so much better. It looks so good, you can still see the hardwood floor and it makes it so easy to wipe up all the stuff my parrot drops on the floor!”

Dimensions: 51 x 51 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: Yes | Available Styles: 6


A Budget-Friendly Transparent Spill Mat

This budget-friendly circular splat mat from Nuby is just what you need if you’re looking for something to blend in with your floors. Since it’s made of clear vinyl, it doesn’t detract from your home’s style and is super flexible, making it easy to put away when not in use. And at just under 10 bucks, it’s a solid no-frills choice.

Helpful Review: “It’s a lot bigger than it looks! It’s also stupid easy to clean. Stuff dries up and falls right off. I was worried it was going to be a big wrinkly, ugly mess but it’s really super clear and lies flat out on the floor after it’s had some time to air out of the package. You hardly even notice the thing is there.”

Dimensions: 50 inches (diameter) | Machine Washable: No | Available Styles: 1


Editor’s Choice: This GATHRE Mat In Buttery-Soft Faux Leather

This modern splat mat is made by up-and-coming kid’s brand, GATHRE. It’s constructed with supple vegan leather that’s surprisingly easy to clean — simply wipe it clean, vacuum it, shake it outside, or hose it down (whatever works for you, mama!). Plus, it can be folded down to fit into a diaper bag. The periodic table printed in muted earthy tones makes this waterproof mat stand out against others — in the best way possible.

Editor Praise: When my spirited toddler starts slinging snacks off of his high chair (or trying to climb out of it), this mat really comes in handy for catching those crumbs. It's durable, wipes clean, and yep, looks really cute while doing it, too. I keep a larger one in my car for impromptu picnics at the park or beach, and I also appreciate that the timeless look of these mats makes them more versatile in the long term. - Ileana Morales Valentine, Scary Mommy associate editor

Dimensions: 36 x 46 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: No | Available Styles: 1; Additional sizes and styles available here


This Versatile Splat Mat That Comes With A Wet Bag

This high-quality, waterproof high chair mat is backed with grippy dots to prevent slippage and features a tri-ply design for reliable floor protection. Plus, it comes with an included wet bag. Compact and ready for travel, this mat could double as a beach blanket since it’s lightweight and dries quickly, and the wet bag would be a convenient place to store bathing suits or swim diapers after a day in the water. Parents also love the fact that it is big enough to catch all that baby throws.

Helpful Review: “So impressed with this splat mat- my kids are older and no longer use high chairs - but we use it for plenty of other activities, including when I cut their hair! It’s easy to clean, portable, and a great design. Love the bonus wet bag for bathing suits!”

Dimensions: 51 x 51 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: Yes | Available Styles: 3


These Eco-Friendly, Disposable Splat Mats

These disposable splat mats are a must for traveling, whether you’re staying at grandma’s house or eating out. The rectangular shape makes them easy to tuck into a diaper bag, and the set includes 30 individually folded mats for quick access. Just unfold it, place it on the floor, and then wrap it up — along with the mess — when done. The best part is that they’re made from 100% biodegradable, compostable, recycled, and liquid-resistant paper. The brand also sells a 50-pack of disposable placemats that will come in handy, too.

Helpful Review: “We bought these for going on vacation, to bring with us when we dine out. Our daughter is almost one year old and she loves to eat but is very messy! These are perfect to put under a highchair at a restaurant to catchall of the food that falls when she is eating. We had one manager at a restaurant come and thank us for bringing it with us, which was nice to know they appreciated our effort!”

Dimensions: 47 x 29 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: No (Disposable) | Available Styles: 1


This Round Splat Mat With A Marble Pattern

The marble swirl print on this splat mat would look great in any minimalist home. And since it’s made of durable, waterproof vinyl that’s easy to wipe down, it can be used for just about anything — a high chair mat, table cloth, beach blanket, you name it. Not into the marble look? No worries. There are four other styles to choose from.

Helpful Review: “Great quality product for an affordable price! Makes mealtime a breeze for when mommy cleans! Also the style of this mat looks beautiful on our hardwood floors. 10/10 recommend!”

Dimensions: 52 inches (diameter) | Machine Washable: No | Available Styles: 5


This Large Rectangular High Chair Mat

This high chair mat comes in a generous size and is affordable enough that you could buy a few to cover large spaces, like under the dining table to protect your area rug. It’s made of a durable PVC material so it can take a bit of beating.

Helpful Review: “Bought these for my aunt to use for her in-home daycare and she loves them for under the high chairs. They catch food that the babies drop and save a giant mess on the floor. They clean well.”

Dimensions: 43 x 51 inches (L x W) | Machine Washable: No | Available Styles: 1


Also Nice: This Highly Rated Suctioned Food Mat That’s Great For Self-Feeding

This latex-free silicone plate has a built-in placemat that suctions to surfaces, keeping it firmly in place. It’s lightweight and both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. When feeding time is over, simply shake off the mat into the trash or sink and give it a spin in the dishwasher. The brand also offers a larger size for older kids.

Helpful Review: “I love these plates!! I used one for my son and just bought another one to use for my daughter. Great suction, love the colors, and the little zip bag it comes in is great at keeping it clean in between uses. A must have when eating out for kiddos!”