The Best Detangling Hair Brushes For Kids—So There'll Be Less Screaming And More Brushing

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by Ana Connery
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Best Detangling Brushes for Kids & Toddlers

The best hair detangling brushes for kids and toddlers can make the task of hair brushing a little less painless — for both of you. Does your kiddo freak completely out every time they see you coming with a hairbrush? There’s nothing like telling a pint-sized human, “It’s time to brush your hair,” to make them hide under the dining table, the bed, or otherwise just split, especially if they’ve got the kind of mane that knots and tangles easily. Making matters worse is that kids are messy in general, and throughout those early years at least (if not longer), very few of them care enough about what they look like to spend any time grooming. That’s, of course, where you come in — and where the eardrum-blasting squealing begins.

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But, there’s no need to feel sad about combing out your mane, kiddos! Whether you wait until bath time to take on detangling your child’s locks or you tackle their hair jungle every day, twice a day, or anytime they let you at it, having the right detangling brush for kids can make the entire experience much smoother for everyone, including you! “When looking for kids’ detangling brushes, it’s really important to pay attention to the bristles,” says Brittney Ogike, CEO and Founder of BEAUTYBEEZ. “You’re going to want bristles that will easily flex throughout the hair.” Plastic bristles are great for detangling coarse hair, Ogike says, but can cause breakage for those finer strands, so it’s important to take your child’s hair type into consideration.

Jamila Powell, founder of Naturally Drenched and Owner of Maggie Rose Salon, concurs. “My daughter has curly hair, so it’s important that I use brushes that won’t cause any pain or discomfort when I’m brushing through her curls, but will also prevent breakage.” (She uses the Brush With The Best Detangling Brush on her daughter and loves it.)

How To Detangle Your Toddler’s Hair

Besides having the best detangling brush you can find, it all starts with shampoo and conditioner. Use a deep conditioner in the bath or shower to loosen any knots. Some experts suggest combing their hair while the conditioner is still in it, before rinsing it out. This gives tangles an extra nudge, so they split apart more easily. It’s also a good idea to check out the best-selling children’s hair products for any that might seem tailor-made for your child’s locks. A leave-in conditioner can also help keep snarls at bay.

And before you know it, they may even start brushing themselves — instead of running for the hills every time they see the brush. Taming your child’s unruly hair with fewer tears is totally doable, you just have to find the right kids detangler hairbrush for your little one. Here’s a look at some of the best detangling brushes for kids so you never have to hear them whine again.

Best Detangling Brush For Kids and Toddlers

Whether your little one’s hair is smooth and straight, wild and curly, or something in between, the Tangle Teezer is one of the highest-rated detangling brushes for kids out there. It smooths hair gently with no snags or pulls, whether strands are sloppy wet or bone dry. This means you don’t have to wait until your kiddo washes their hair next to get the kinks out. You can detangle their mane anytime, without the whining that comes with too many tugs. This detangling brush combs through smoothly, even through hair extensions AND clip-ons. It comes in a pretty pink/purple and fits right into most purses and pocketbooks, so you can detangle on the go if you need to. “I highly recommend this brush for detangling textured curly natural hair. I use this brush for detangling my 5-year-old daughter’s 4a hair and it is absolutely wonderful!” said one Amazon reviewer. “No more ‘ouches’ she doesn’t even pay attention while I’m doing it.”

This brush works completely different from other detangling brushes: Instead of separating hair from top to bottom, the cone-shaped plastic bristles of this Crave detangling brush separates hair sideways, gently removing even the toughest, most stubborn tangles. It fits right in your palm, too, and it’s totally fine to use it when hair is wet or dry. It even has soft bristles that massage the scalp and increase circulation, a major bonus if you’ve got a kiddo whose hair growth needs a boost. Since this one doesn’t dig into their scalp, it makes getting ready to go to school or just about anywhere infinitely easier. (No more crying fits!) In fact, your kiddo may come to like having their hair brushed once they see what it’s like with the Crave. And given its scalp massage potential, you might, too!

Specially made for small hands (because eventually, kids need to learn how to brush their own hair, people), the Michael Mercier detangler has soft bristles in varying heights, which translates to less pressure on your child’s head, making it a thousand times easier to undo even the most stubborn knots. It comes in several bright, happy colors and it’s got a soft curve to the design that’s perfect for even a preschooler’s hands. One reviewer said, “I’ve started using this brush on my two little girls, and they don’t complain or cry anymore. Seems good for different hair types because one daughter has fine wavy hair and the other has thick curly hair. Tangles come out more quickly too!”

The same great detangling Wet Brush that you swear by as an adult is now kid-approved, too. We don’t care what age you are, nobody likes to tug their hair. If your hairdresser always gets on your case about brushing your hair while wet (hello, split ends), then this is what you and your LO need. Gliding through tangles with less breakage and pain, this bad boy will combat even the most gnarly knots while leaving hair extra shiny—especially when used alongside your favorite smoothing cream. The ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles are like no other. “The prints are cute and they last a really, really long time,” said one Amazon reviewer. “I've had cushion brushes in the past where the glue came off after a few months of use, but these seem to last a much longer time. Really like these hair brushes and they are the only ones my younger daughters do not complain hurt their head.”

I’ve you’ve been searching high and low for a detangling brush that works on all hair types (wet and dry), then you’ve come to the right place. The BESTOOL detangler brush has flexible moving arms and smooth long bristles that leave hair smooth, shiny, and well-defined. Just think of the results when you use it with a dollop of your go-to conditioner. According to reviews on Amazon, fellow moms couldn’t be more pleased. “This product is amazing! After one use, I’m convinced it may be the most transformational element in the detangling process for my and my daughters’ hair. After adding a conditioner and gently finger detangling, I used this product on my two-year old who had fallen asleep during the washing process— she didn’t even budge, this comb literally slid through her hair with minimal breakage (very scant); she slept unbothered.”

This detangling brush (which you can use for your own hair, mama!) is super beloved on Amazon, with over 2,500 ratings and 4.8 out of 5 stars. Its soft bristles make detangling a breeze, and you can use it for both wet *and* dry hair. “I swear this brush is MAGIC I never realized how long it took me to brush my hair before (I have thick curly hair down to my hips) and now it takes less than a minute. Brushes right through no snags or pulls and even my 4 y/o noticed a difference and doesn’t fight getting their hair brushed anymore,” an Amazon reviewer wrote.

Static-Free Detangling Brushes

Know what’s better than one detangling brush? Two detangling brushes — especially since with kids in the mix, you’re bound to lose one. These brushes are good for both wet or dry hair, and claims that you’ll be able to see up 45% less damage than any other brush. Another bonus? This brush doesn’t produce static electricity, making hair styling even more of a breeze.

Sometimes, hair can be a whole project. That’s why this detangler kit — which includes two different hairbrushes along with an eyebrow brush —may be your best line of defense. And, according to reviewers, this set is even more special since it doesn’t create a ton of static. “This brush and comb are a real life saver!!!! It has totally changed our morning routine!!! No screaming or crying for my extremely curly headed child,” raved one very enthusiastic Amazon customer.

Best Detangling Brush For Babies

Shaped like a little cloud, you sort of hold the Knot Genie with your whole hand, as if you’re holding a sponge. “This thing is magic,” raved one Amazon reviewer. “My 6-year-old granddaughter HATED to have her long hair brushed and would cry whenever we tried, My hairstylist told me about the knot genie and said it was magic and now I believe her. Gave it to my granddaughter today and she’s been brushing her hair with it ever since and saying “my hair is so soft…I can’t even feel it.” I am a firm believer now.

The great thing about this Fridababy detangling brush is that you’ve got two options for different bristles: one for thick or curly hair, and one for fine or straight hair. And according to reviewers, both work wonders! No pulling, fighting, or fussing when you use this brush on your little one. One mama said, “I absolutely love this! It does exactly what it says it will. I don’t have to put much effort into detangling with this brush. It also helps that my 10-month-old and 2-year-old think it’s cool because it has [a] cover that glides on. I highly recommend this brush and honestly wish I had found it sooner.”

Best Detangling Brush For Natural Hair

If you’re working with (not against!) kinky, curly, or wavy hair, this detangler brush has been specifically engineered to tame tangles and smooth coils, apparently cutting detangling time in half. Widely spaced flexi-bristles are to thank, since they glide easily through hair without breaking or damaging the strands, and the wide handle ensures a comfortable, sturdy grip. Celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, who is known for her innovative natural hairstyles on Issa Rae, Ava Duvernay, and Jill Scott, is the brains behind this detangled brush, and we trust her. “This brush makes detangling my 4B-4C combination hair extremely easy and not as painful as using other detanglers,” stated one Amazon reviewer. “The Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush has replaced a wide tooth comb, detangler comb and a faux Denman brush. So for the price of three I get one really good brush. Worth the price. Very happy with purchase.” It also comes in a bunch of different colors if yellow isn’t your thing.

This detangling brush is designed for textured hair (3a to 4c) with nylon bristles that glide through knots and tangles without damaging or tugging on hair. The bristles also massage the scalp, which feels amazing and also supposedly stimulates hair growth. “My son is a four-year-old with the thickest natural hair known to man. The detangling process was my nightmare. Took over 30 minutes and still couldn’t get it as good as I wanted because he would fuss. I tried everything possible. This detangler brush has been amazing,” one mom reviewed on Amazon.

Best Boar Bristle Brushes

If you’ve ever used a boar bristle hairbrush you know how gently it works through tangles. This particular paddle brush is ergonomic, so if your kiddo has long locks, you can probably go a few extra strokes before your hands start to feel strained. It’s also got these little nylon bristles on the tips of the bristles that have a soothing massage effect, so you barely notice the moment when the tangles start to come loose. One Amazon reviewer noted how easy this brush was to clean, among the rest of her praise. “this hairbrush has changed the game for me. It handles my thick hair easily without ripping it out or losing nibs. It makes that nice swoosh sound when I brush,” she said. “Also, I didn’t realize that cleaning hairbrushes could be so easy? You just run the little comb they give with it down the hairbrush and boom the hair is taken off.”

This hairbrush simply looks like a work of art. Perfect for hair ranging from thin to curly, this brush is great for natural hair and hair extensions. Customers can’t get over the quality of the brush, especially since it’s quite reasonably priced. “My follicles were singing some kind of ethereal verse known only to those who have achieved nirvana after a thorough brushing with this brush,” commented an Amazon reviewer. “So enraptured was I with how stimulated my scalp was, and how soft my hair became, I couldn’t stop petting my head, attracting odd stares from my family, but they Know Not the Wonder that is a good brushing with this brush. It’s nice. Love yourself.”

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