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A Mom Was Ripped Apart By Other "Ruthless" Moms After She Posted A Homemade Sensory Table

"I'm just making a child death trap."

A content creator and TikTok mom called out TikTok moms for coming after her for her choice of craft...
Carly Zeringue / TikTok

It’s always risky posting something to #MomTok. You’re bound to be inundated with trolls who want to come for you and correct everything and anything you do. The internet trolls know best, of course! While some creators may take these annoying comments on their parenting skills to heart, one TikTok mom is finding the humor in it all — and calling it out as silly.

Carly Zeringue, content creator and mom from Texas, posted a video, sharing her homemade Halloween-themed sensory bin that she made for her three-year-old son. Using rice and beans along with some adorable accessories from Dollar Tree, she filled a dried-out water table with stuff that will provide hours of toddler-friendly fun.

What she thought was an adorable idea soon turned into a disaster when her viral video was overtaken by trolls in the her comment section.

Zeringue made a follow-up video, addressing the several hundred unsolicited opinions about her choice of sensory play filler, accessories, and well, every single damn thing she did for her son’s sensory bin, poking fun at the entire scenario.

“Oh my god, moms are ruthless,” she says through laughs. “I'm not new to the trolls but like some, some sh*t that y'all say is just so funny to me.”

She then goes through several comments from users who pointed out “all the things she did wrong.”

First off, she used rice as the base for the sensory bin which, apparently, is a big no-no.

“Everyone on Google, everyone on Pinterest, everyone on TikTok uses rice,” she says before showing a comment from someone saying that rice could kill the birds in her area.

“It's dangerous for the birds,” she jokes. “I'm a bird murderer.”

She also was chastised for adding some cute little candles to make the sensory-bin have a spooky vibe.

“I thought accent lighting would be super cute. Nope, it's got batteries. Everyone's gonna die,” she says. “Oh my, damn, okay, I get the batteries.”

But she doesn’t understand why someone is coming after her for her Dollar Tree tongs after their toddler hurt themselves with the same tongs apparently.

“The utensils I picked were wrong!” she yells.

She was also yelled at for using uncooked beans and ping-pong balls.

“I'm just making, like, a child death trap at this point,” she jokes.

“And it literally goes on and on and on. I just thought I was making a cool, fun, sensory thing for my son, and I was really doing the most and really being the coolest mom, but apparently I'm a bird murderer and a danger to all kids.”

Zeringue found solidarity with other moms who are just trying to do their best and felt her pain.

“Omg how many birds are you expecting to join in on the fun sensory table with the kids? 🤣🤣🤣” one user commented on the follow-up video.

“I had a thought about the batteries too, but I also recognized that it was a supervised activity and you know how to keep your babies safe 🤷🏽‍♀️,” another wrote.

One user echoed, “it's like as if you're not sitting there watching and monitoring him 😂 oh and ef the birds they're government spies 😂”

“Pediatric OT here, the profession that created sensory bins and those are all safe for a 3 yr old! He Just needs to be watched, which I know I know 🥰,” one user wrote.

Most moms know that every single thing a toddler does could turn into something dangerous, that’s why, like this mom, we watch our kids closely and take precaution when necessary! Some of these commenters never drank from a hose and it shows!