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The Internet Has Dubbed Generation Alpha The "Honey Badger" Generation

They just don't care.

More and more people are describing Generation Alpha and "the honey badger generation."
@ThatPsychNP, @thespecialmagnolia / TikTok

A new crop of kids are on the come up, and according to their parents, these kids don’t mess around. Kids born after 2010, also known as Generation Alpha, have dubbed as the “honey badger generation” by their Gen X and millennial parents.

The reasoning behind this new honey badger generation nickname is going viral on TikTok.

Why is Generation Alpha called honey badgers?

After stitching a TikTok video where a user innocently asked why this new generation is called “alpha” and what makes them so much more “alpha” than the “rest of us.”

TikTok user @ThatPsychNP explained why she calls Generation Alpha the generation of “honey badgers” by showing a complication of video clips where Generation Alpha kids are defending, staying strong, and not backing down in certain situations.

In an October 2022 video, she explained in further detail why she believe the alpha generation is built different.

“Our little nuggets will throw hands with anybody because they are built different and they don't give a sh*t,” she said, adding that these kids were born with “zero f*cks to give.”

How do honey badgers behave?

She compares Generation Alpha to an actual honey badger. Do not let the sweet name of this animal fool you. Honey badgers are known for being vicious, fearless, and aggressive. They are strong and are known to attack anyone and anything they feel threatened by.

Honey badgers were called “the world's most fearless animal” by the Guinness Book of World Records because they are known to attack predators much larger in stature like hyenas, leopards, lions, and pythons.

What is the honey badger generation?

This week, another TikTok content creator and a millennial mother, @thespecialmagnolia, went viral for confirming that her five-year-old daughter’s personality and behavior fell right in line with the honey badger generation theory.

“These little beautiful psychos have more fury, conviction, and confidence in their pointer finger, which they don't mind putting in your face than any activist or politician on the stage right now,” she joked.

She explained that though this generation can be intense, their passion comes from a place of doing good. However, parents need to monitor their little honey badgers and keep them in check!

“Fire can do a lot of good for a lot of things, but it can also get out of control if it's not honest and used for good. Speak from experience, y'all. It's hard. It's hard out here in the street. It's hard to find that balance as a millennial parent. We don't want to extinguish the fire, but we don't want our little kids running around being a**holes to people that actually don't deserve it. Fine line,” she said.

She hopes that the fiery demeanor of the honey badger generation can actually make some much needed changes to the world.

“But it's hard to raise tough, strong, empathetic humans that might actually make a difference in this damn world. Maybe these little honey badgers are going to be the one to do it. If we can figure out how to keep them out of jail first,” she joked.