Peppa Pig Trolls Kanye On Twitter After Better Album Review

Entertainment One and Taylor Hill/Getty

When Pitchfork gave Peppa Pig a better album review than Kanye West, the cartoon icon had some thoughts

Kids’ cartoon legend Peppa Pig has only been a hit on the music scene for the past few years, but she’s already besting Kanye West when it comes to album reviews. In a since-deleted tweet, everyone’s favorite British cartoon piglet appeared to fully roast the maligned rapper over the fact that she scored a higher Pitchfork review than him, and it’s the next-level sass we never knew we needed.

Here’s the scoop: Back in July, Peppa released her sophomore album, fittingly titled Peppa’s Adventures: The Album. The famed music outlet gave the album an impressive 6.5 rating, calling it “a charming and self-assured celebration of family, friendship, and muddy puddles.”

Then, of course, there’s West’s latest output, Donda, which has made headlines for its revealing lyrics, West’s battle with his label, Universal Music, over its release, and his bizarre promotional efforts, which included him holing up in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium prior to a massive listening party for fans in July. Oh yeah, there was also the time he brought homophobic rapper DaBaby and alleged abuser and sex trafficker Marilyn Manson on stage with him during a Chicago concert. Just Kanye things, you know?

Fans were quick to notice that Pitchfork only gave Donda a 6.0 rating, with Peppa edging him out slightly. In their review, the publication wrote that West’s lengthy tenth studio album is “a data dump of songs searching for a higher calling.” Adding further insult to injury, they wrote, “a significant portion of this album still sounds incomplete, searching for meaning everywhere and coming up impressively short.” Ouch. Sorry, ‘Ye.

Well, even Peppa herself had to give herself props for releasing an album that’s more critically adored than the rap icon. Sharing the side-by-side shot of the Pitchfork ratings, the official Peppa Pig account quipped, “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz Stadium to get that .5.” Truly well-played, Peppa.

Though the account sadly deleted the shady tweet (a screenshot was captured, bless), they did keep one incredible response to a fan’s reaction. When one user wrote, “Stan the Queen @peppapig,” the lovable piggy responded simply with a crown emoji. Slow claps all around.

For his part, West didn’t respond to the hilarious shade, but given that he’s got four young kids at home, we wouldn’t be surprised if his crew feels similarly about both albums. Better luck next time, Kanye.