Get Piggy With It! 11 Super-Cute Pig Coloring Page Printables For Kids

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Pig Coloring Pages
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When you ask kids what their favorite animal is, you’re probably going to hear “pig” a lot. And, well, there’s plenty of reasons why. For one, pigs are amusing, often preciously pink, and make hilarious sounds. Secondly, they actually make excellent pets if you have space to accommodate them. But even if you don’t, you have the next best thing: these free pig coloring pages.

OK, OK… pig coloring pages may pale in comparison to owning your own pig. But they’re nowhere near as messy. Plus, these pig coloring sheets don’t cost a thing, whereas we probably don’t have to tell you that feeding a pig can be costly. Whether you color your fantasy pig pink, brown, white with spots, or even rainbow-toned, it’s bound to look adorable (and mud-free!).

In other words, pigs are perfect for kids to color in — and you too if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time. Here are 10 free pig coloring pages that’ll keep you and your little ones entertained.

Free Pig Coloring Pages

1. Pig No. 1

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Simple yet adorable. This little pig is great if you’re in the mood to scribble with one or two colors. It’s also a good starter coloring page for a younger child who may be new to crayons. No matter who colors this pig, it’ll surely be a joyous experience for them. Just look at that smile! And contrary to popular belief, pigs are super smart! When it comes to the battle of the brains, pigs can beat out dogs, toddlers, and even some primates. Piglets can also learn their names at just two weeks old!

2. Pig No. 2

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Are you also getting Charlotte’s Web vibes from this happy little pig? Sure, this one seems to look a lot like Wilbur, but you can color him (or her!) in any way you wish. If you do want to recreate a scene from the classic book and film, you can add Charlotte’s actual web in the righthand corner to write out “Some Pig.” And much like people, pigs love massages and listening to music. (Who knew…)

3. Pig No. 3

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On the subject of famous pig celebrities, this coloring page looks straight like Babe from the movie that shares his name. If you feel like adding even more texture to this coloring page, you might want to experiment with the coloration on his forehead. If he’s going to be Babe, he might as well have more of a “poof” somewhere between his ears.

4. Pig No. 4

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If you have a lot of time to kill, this pig is ideal. This drawing is a perfect excuse to bust out your blue, green, yellow, and red colored pencils. There’s so much variation that you may find yourself printing this page out more than once. Fun fact: There are more pigs in Denmark than there are people.

5. Pig No. 5

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These pair of piglets look mighty confused. Perhaps they went on a little adventure and got lost, or maybe they’ve just been transferred to a new farm. If you have some extra time on your hands, add to the story by drawing and coloring in a background that gives this coloring page more of a real-life feel. Much like this picture proves, pigs love company. These social butterflies enjoy connecting with other pigs and animals. Fun fact: The phrase “bringing home the bacon” emerged during the 12th century. A church in England would give bacon to husbands who could swear they hadn’t fought with their wives for a year. Those hubbies were highly respected within the community.

6. Pig No. 6

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This pig looks like the perfect mascot for a fast-food restaurant. Friendly and happy, this pig reflects the mood of many of us: hungry. With a spoon and fork both ready in hand, this pig is likely waiting on a spaghetti dinner. And did you know pigs were around more than 16 million years ago? They were called enteledonts and weighed 1,000 pounds, seven feet tall, and had several sets of teeth. They were considered apex predators. Did you know wild pigs cause more than one billion dollars worth of damage in the United States each year? Feral pigs destroy farmlands, crops, and public spaces.

7. Pig No. 7

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Here is another intricate and gorgeous pig coloring page. Coloring this page is also a great way to pay tribute to spring. If you like pigs (and ink), you might even consider this coloring page for a future tattoo. And have you ever heard the expression, “You’re sweating like a pig?” Well, pigs don’t really sweat all that much because they don’t have many sweat glands.

8. Pig No. 8

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These pigs are happily celebrating being outdoors. This plucky picture showcases the spirit that everyone has during the very first day of spring, which makes it an uplifting coloring page. But these pigs also have a tough side. Alexander the Great used them during battle to scare away elephants. They feared the squealing noises the pigs made.

9. Pig No. 9

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Isn’t this pig living the dream? Laying outside in the sunshine (presumably), happy and relaxed. All this pig needs is a phone and a Netflix account to truly be complete. Happy drawings like this make for happy coloring pages. Try coloring this pig in with bright, sunny colors.

10. Pig No. 10

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This pig looks straight out of a comic strip. If you want to get creative, try turning this pig into a piggy bank. That, or see what it’d look like in metallic colors.

10. Pig No. 11

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Winston Churchill loved pigs! He once said, “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” Did you know pigs have been taught to bowl, play basketball and even do puzzles. There is a celebrity pig named Kama, The Surfing Pig, who rides the waves in Hawaii.

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