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20+ Beautiful Brazilian Girl Names For Your Bright, Bold Daughter

These names were made for vibrant baby girls.

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Picking a name for your lovely little lady can be hard sometimes. How do you sort through a database of literally thousands of names and find the perfect one for your baby? Sometimes, none of the options seem right. Other times, you have a handful of names to choose from and only two positions (first and middle) available. However, narrowing down what kind of name you want will make your quest much easier. Perhaps you care most about the meaning? A name that means "truth" might be the vibe you want for your daughter. Or, if you're closely tied to your heritage, something rooted in your ancestral home might be the answer. Case in point? The beautiful, vibrant Brazilian girl names below.

Most Popular Brazilian Girl Names

According to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), these are Brazil's ten most popular names. As you can see, many of these names — or variations of them — are still popular and quite familiar in the U.S. and other English-speaking nations. We all know at least one girl with Maria as her middle name, right?

1. Maria

Maria's roots lie in Latin, like many other names and words in romance languages. While religious people frequently use this name as a tribute to Mary, mother of Jesus, its meanings are more secular. Most notably, Maria means "bitter," "beloved," and "rebellious."

2. Ana

A Hebrew name, Ana typically gets used as a translation of the popular name Hannah or a shortened version of longer names like Anastasia. It simply means "gracious."

3. Francisca

Want to guess what this name means? It literally translates to "one who is from France." While it may not seem particularly Brazilian, it's still rather popular in the country and has been for decades. Bonus: It lends well to the oh-so-on-trend nickname Frankie.

4. Antônia

Meaning "valuable" or "priceless," this traditional Latin name is prevalent across Brazil and all Spanish-speaking countries. Since the Portuguese language is rooted in Spanish, it's rightly popular among cultures that speak Portuguese, too.

5. Adriana

Because there are names so similar to Adriana used across the globe, it can be hard to nail down the exact meaning of the name. All variations, though, are rooted in Latin. It most likely means "water" or "sea" (reminiscent of the Adriatic) but is also often associated with the meaning "dark." A famous example of this elegant name? Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima.

6. Juliana

Another Latin name, Juliana means "youthful." Seems a bit meta, but still so pretty. And if you want to find real-life examples of this name in Brazil, you won't have to look too hard. There are many notable figures named Juliana in the country's history.

7. Márcia

The name Márcia is also Latin and directly related to the Roman god Mars. However, Márcia could also mean "proud" and "war-like" — which, you know, makes sense since Mars was the battle god.

8. Fernanda

Not enough people in the U.S. use this name! Fernanda is Portuguese, meaning "fearless to achieve peace." What a perfect name for the tiny human you hope is destined to win a peace prize.

9. Patrícia

You might not meet many kids in the U.S. with the name Patrícia these days, but it was once quite popular in North America. And, as you might have guessed, it remains popular in Brazil. The name, with Latin roots, is the feminine form of Patrick and means "noble."

10. Aline

Are you planning to build a big family, and this is your first child of what you hope will be many? Aline is a Brazilian name that means "noble protector." That's exactly the energy you want from a big sister.

11. Ágata

Although this is a common Brazilian name, it has Polish and Greek origin. It means virtuous, goof, or honorable. It's also the name of a Christian martyr named Saint Agatha. She was a patron saint of Sicily, and with hope, your little girl will be just as sweet.

12. Alessandra

This Italian name means protector of humanity and defender of mankind. It has a hero quality that would be perfect for your super girl.

13. Gabriela

This beautiful French name means "God is my strength." It's also a very popular name in Latin and European cultures. This moniker also belongs to OG good girl Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Hudges) from the High School Musical franchise. So if you decide to give your little girl this name, she will naturally be associated with aught royalty.

14. Beatriz

This name has a zesty quality to it and will definitely make your little girl stand out (in a good way) during attendance. This name means "the one who brings happiness." It has Portuguese and Spanish roots and in Latin means to "bring joy" or "she who brings others happiness." And if you're looking to switch up the spelling, you can write it as Beatrice or Beatrix.

Other Beautiful Brazilian Girl Names

Of course, just like in every other country, there are plenty of other beautiful names in Brazil that maybe don't typically make the "Top 10." These are some other names you'll find around Brazil, along with their origins and meanings.

1. Aparecida

Aparecida is about as Brazilian as it gets. The name honors Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil. It means "appeared" in Portuguese.

2. Dulce

This Spanish name means "lovely or kind woman." It's so cute and simple and reminiscent of "dolce," which means "sweet." You could call her "Cece" as a nickname, although Dulce sounds like a nickname already.

3. Fabiana

Surprise, surprise! It's another Latin name. Fabiana means "lucky,” which is probably exactly how you're feeling right about now.

4. Guilhermina

Got big plans for your little lady? This name (with High German and Normand origins) means "courageous protector."

5. Iara

A Tupi-Guarani (indigenous people of Brazil) name, Iara means "lady of the waters" or "water mother." Can you think of a better option for your future surf baby or the little one who came to you via water birth?

6. Janaína

This unique name means "goddess of the sea" and comes from the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé. It's another name for Iemanjá, who represents the divinity of water.

7. Jordana

Does this name make you think of actress Jordana Brewster? Me, too. That tracks! Brewster's mother, Maria João, is Brazilian. A name of both Greek and Hebrew origins, Jordana can be traced back to the Jordan River in Israel and aptly means "to flow down" or "descend."

8. Lígia

This Portuguese name is quite pretty and has an equally lovely meaning. It means "melodious" or "docile."

9. Maiara

Here's another indigenous name from the Tupi-Guarani. It means, simply, lady or great-grandmother. If you're hoping for a long, long life for your new babe, a name that literally translates into "great-grandmother" might help manifest that kind of longevity.

10. Valdirene

Looking for a Portuguese name with a powerful meaning? Valdirene means either "woman with peace-making capabilities" or "one who governs with peace." Either way, it sounds like the name of a future world leader!

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