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15 Enchanting Fairy Tale Baby Names You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Sure, you’ve heard of Ariel, but what about Aycayia?

by Amber Guetebier
Ariela Basson/Scary Mommy; Getty Images, Shutterstock

Anna, Elsa, Moana, Belle. There’s no doubt about it: These lead characters in Disney fairy tales are already part of our baby-naming vocabulary. But there’s more to the story than our favorite Disney princesses. Fairy tales from around the world are a wealth of inspiration for interesting and unique baby names.

Consider the elegant name Iara. It comes from a Brazilian folk legend about a courageous mermaid-like creature in the Amazon River. Or how about Lilinoe? This adorable name traces back to a Hawaiian kupua — a supernatural being — and is associated with mist in nature.

Keep reading to discover more fairy tale baby names you may not have heard of that are sure to enchant your heart.



This lovely name is derived from a Nigerian story about a spider’s daughter who wore two skins and leveraged these to show the true nature of those around her.



From one of the most well-known fairy tales around the world (Alice in Wonderland), the name invokes a child ready for adventure and full of endless curiosity.



From Ghana and appearing widely throughout West African, African American, and Caribbean stories, Anansi is the wise, wiley spider trickster god who captures wicked fairies and challenges the moral compass.



While there’s still debate among scholars of British history if King Arthur was man or myth, there’s no doubt he was in cahoots with the Fairy Kingdom. His rule was said to be wise and steeped in magic.



The name of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Aurora is also the Roman goddess of the dawn who rides her chariot across the sky, bringing the rising sun.



Originating in the Taíno culture — the Indigenous people of the Caribbean — comes the mermaid of mythical and magical powers with an enchanting voice and the power to sink ships.



A Cinderella-like subject of Japanese origin, Benizara is the beautiful sister who overcomes the cruelty and trickery of her stepmother to win the kingdom. Bonus: It comes with two cute nicknames, Beni and Zara!



Of Celtic origin, Connla of the Fiery Hair is devilishly handsome and falls in love with a fairy maiden only he can see, ultimately leaving his father’s kingdom to be with her.


Fionn or Fin

Fionn mac Cumhaill, also called Fin MacCool, is a great giant of Irish origin who was said to be the king of poets and warriors alike. He features heavily throughout Irish mythology.



The medieval queen and wife of King Arthur appears in literature as virtuous, beautiful, and sometimes even villainous. You can call them Gwennie, Gwen, or Wendy for short.



We can thank Brazilian folklore for this elegant name! Stories of Iara (sometimes spelled Hiara or Uiara) tell the legend of a brave and beautiful mermaid-like creature who lives in the Amazon River.



A Hawaiian kupua — an otherworldly being not considered a god — Lilnoe is associated with the mist from clouds, mountains, and waterfalls.



The Chinese fairy tale “Lady Meng Jiang” has many versions. But in most, Meng is a faithful woman who braves the winter to bring her beloved warm clothes (and whose tears topple the Great Wall).



Neinya is the Japanese name for the dragon kingdom or paradise at the bottom of the sea. It sounds a little like “Nina.” You may also see it sometimes as Neriya or Nira.



In Peter Pan, Wendy becomes the mother of the Lost Boys and is loving, adventurous, wise, and fair.