100+ Elegant Names For Girls That Exude Strength, Confidence, And Grace

by Team Scary Mommy
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If there’s one word in particular that comes to mind when you think of babies — in all their drool-covered, diarrhea diaper, flaky-skinned glory — it’s probably elegant. “My, my, Baby, just look at how elegantly you spit up your peas all over yourself and my outfit right before I have to leave for work.” OK, maybe babies don’t come into this world in a tasteful ensemble (nope, that’s amniotic fluid and mucus), but that doesn’t mean they won’t grow into their elegance. And what better way to put your daughter on the right track than selecting for her one of many elegant girl names out there.

But before we get into some of the elegant girl name options, what is elegance, anyway? A certain look? A particular personality? Possessing specific skills or traits? Well, it depends who you ask because elegance is in the eye of the beholder. If you were to ask our friends at Merriam-Webster about elegance, they’d tell you that, first and foremost, it involves “refined grace or dignified propriety.” Now we don’t know about you, but the women we know with a refined grace about them don’t look or act a certain way. In other words, being elegant doesn’t require pearls, a ball gown, or an accent like Mrs. Howell’s from Gilligan’s Island.

And when it comes to baby names, you’re the one who gets to decide what qualifies as “elegant.” For some, that might mean old lady names, full of old-world charm and style. For others, elegant girl names could be strong names, traditional names, middle names as first names, last names as first names, or the names of certain Disney characters. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

See what we mean? Elegance is more about strength, confidence, character, and what goes on in your mind than anything a person could wear. And with that said, here are 101 elegant girl names you may want to consider:

Elegant Girl Names

  1. Alexandra: To ward off or keep off
  2. Alice: Noble, exalted
  3. Amelia: Lofty; sublime
  4. Annabelle: Gracious and beautiful
  5. Anika: Sweet faced
  6. Anne: “He (God) has favored me.”
  7. Athena: Goddess of wisdom and war
  8. Aubrey: Elf or magical being, power
  9. Beatrice: Voyager, blessed
  10. Bianca: White
  11. Carmen: Song, Truthful, Poetry
  12. Celeste: Heavenly
  13. Claire: Clear, bright
  14. Claudia: Lame
  15. Clementine: Merciful
  16. Daphne: Laurel
  17. Elaine: Sunray or shining light
  18. Eleanor: Bright, shining one.
  19. Elizabeth: God is my oath
  20. Ella: Light
  21. Emmaline: Peaceful home
  22. Esther: Hide or conceal
  23. Estelle: Star
  24. Felicity: Happiness
  25. Florence: Flowering or in bloom
  26. Frances: Free one
  27. Genevieve: Woman of the race
  28. Grace: Elegance
  29. Greta: Pearl
  30. Hadassah: Mrytle tree
  31. Hazel: Hazelnut tree
  32. Helen: Light
  33. Imani: Belief or faith
  34. Ingrid: Beloved or beautiful
  35. Isabela: God’s promise
  36. Ivanna: “God is gracious”
  37. Jayda: Precious stone
  1. Jimena: Heard
  2. Joy: Joy
  3. Julie: Youthful, soft-haired, beautiful, or vivacious
  4. Katherine: Pure
  5. Laurel: Victory
  6. Leona: Lion
  7. Louisa: Famous warrior
  8. Lucia: Light
  9. Lucy: “Of Light.”
  10. Lydia: Beautiful one
  11. Lynn: Living near a lake, waterfall, or pool.
  12. Madeleine: Tower, elevated, great or magnificent
  13. Mae: Bitter or pearl
  14. Maeve: Intoxicating
  15. Magdalena: Woman from Magdala
  16. Maren: Star of the sea
  17. Mavis: Song thrush
  18. Melina: Honey
  19. Mara: Bitter
  20. Maya: Good mother
  21. Malaya: Free
  22. Marilyn: Star of the sea
  23. Matilda: Mighty in battle
  24. Maxine: Greatest
  25. Milana: Favored
  26. Milena: Pleasant
  27. Mira: Wonderful, peace, or prosperous
  28. Nadia: Hope
  29. Noor: Illumination
  30. Nora: Honor
  31. Octavia: Eighth
  32. Olivia: Olive tree
  33. Opal: Precious stone
  34. Ophelia: Help
  35. Paloma: Dove
  36. Paola: Small
  37. Pearl: Purity, generosity, and integrity
  38. Penelope: Weaver
  39. Raina: Queen
  40. Ramona: Protecting hands
  41. Regina: Queen
  42. Rhea: Flowing
  43. Rivka: To bind
  44. Rosalie: The flower of life
  45. Roselyn: Gentle horse
  46. Ruby: Love, passion, or energy
  47. Ruth: Compassionate friend
  48. Samira: Evening conversationalist
  49. Saoirse: Freedom
  50. Selena: Moon
  51. Simone: Hear or listen
  52. Sonia: Wisdom
  53. Stella: Star
  54. Tatum: Cheerful bringer of joy
  55. Teresa: late summer
  56. Thalia: Flourishing
  57. Tiana: Princess
  58. Valentina: Strong or healthy
  59. Veda: Knowledge or wisdom
  60. Violet: Royalty, nobility, and luxury
  61. Victoria: Victory
  62. Vivienne: Alive
  63. Willa: Will helmet or protection
  64. Yara: Water lady or small butterfly
  65. Zelda: Dark battle

Elegant Quotes About Elegance From Some Very Elegant Ladies

Looking for more elegant girl name inspiration? Take a look at these quotes about elegance said by some women known for that exact quality:

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” — Audrey Hepburn

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” — Coco Chanel “Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.” — Carolina Herrera “True elegance for me is the manifestation of an independent mind.” — Isabella Rossellini “The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.” — Diana Vreeland “I feel that my environment reflects my belief in the grace and art and elegance of living simply.” — bell hooks “The elegance of honesty needs no adornment.” — Mary Browne “I think fashion can always date, but I think if a woman has elegance, she doesn’t date.” — Alice Temperley “Real elegance is simply a true encounter with oneself.” — Carole Bouquet “There will always be a desire for something new, fresh and innovative, as well as a yearning and respect for timeless elegance and beauty.” — Helena Christensen “It’s always wonderful to be elegant, it’s always fashionable to have grace, it’s always glamorous to be brave, and it’s always important to own a delectable perfume! Yes, wearing a beautiful fragrance is in style at any age!” — C. JoyBell C. “Elegance for one society is not elegance for another. It’s in the eyes of the beholder.” — Louise Wilson “I do see the difference now between me and other men. When a disaster happens, I act and they make excuses.” — Florence Nightingale “A woman is like a tea bag you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” — Eleanor Roosevelt “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” — Nora Ephron “You must remember, Madame Harris, elegance is in the details.” — Lynn Sheene

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