Alexandra Frost

Alexandra Frost is a Cincinnati-based freelance journalist, content marketing writer, copywriter, and editor focusing on health and wellness, parenting, real estate, business, education, and lifestyle.

Away from the keyboard, Alex is also mom to her four sons and one daughter under age 8, who keep things chaotic, fun, and interesting. For over a decade, she has been helping publications and companies connect with readers and bring high-quality information and research to them in a relatable voice. She has been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Glamour, Shape, Today's Parent, Reader's Digest, Parents, Women's Health, and Insider.

Alex has a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications/Journalism, both from Miami University. She has also taught high school for 10 years, specializing in media education. To read more of her work or to connect, check out her website or her social media on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

The Great Doctor Debate

Can My OB-GYN Just Be My Primary Care Doctor, Too?

ByAlexandra Frost

More and more, people are calling their OB-GYN in lieu of their PCP. I asked experts to weigh in on this growing trend.

All In Favor... Say "I"

Hear Me Out: Let’s Just Combine Our Kids’ Birthday Parties & Split The Load In 2024

ByAlexandra Frost

Experts agree — there are big benefits to moms co-hosting special occasions.

Not In The Parenting Manual

My Tween Wants A Six-Pack. How The Hell Should I Handle This?

ByAlexandra Frost

Combatting the pressure to be perfect is a battle for so many young people.

Thanks, Buddy

I’m A Mom Of 5 Kids Under 9 — & The Movie Elf Helped Me Teach Them About Consent

ByAlexandra Frost

Kids pick the darndest times to have the big discussions.

Send Help

Why Does Everything Seem So F*cking Hard Right Now?

ByAlexandra Frost

Moms everywhere are (still) letting out a collective exasperated scream… here's why.

This Too Shall Pass

It’s Hard As Hell To Heal In Your Old House Post-Divorce, But These Pro Pointers Can Help

ByAlexandra Frost

Should you stay or should you go? Experts offer advice on living in the home you built with your ex.

Tough Stuff

Stressing TF Out Over Co-Parenting? Experts Address Top Anxieties (& How To Cope)

ByAlexandra Frost

Whether you are considering divorce or it’s in your rearview, these valid concerns are worth working through.


School Started Back & So Did My Kid’s Bedwetting... What Gives?

ByAlexandra Frost

Although determining the cause of bedwetting can be tricky, experts say anxiety can play a big part.

Take Note

There’s One Thing You Should Always Do Before Walking Your Dog In This Heat, Say Experts

ByAlexandra Frost

And it only takes 10 seconds.

It's just a phase, right?

What To Do When Your Pre-Pre-Teen Turns... Mean

ByAlexandra Frost

A recent study suggests age 8 is the hardest to parent — with 6 and 7 not far behind.

Reclaim The Day

“Experiences” Are Fun But Exhausting — It’s OK To Want A Splurgy Item For Mother’s Day

ByAlexandra Frost

Your reminder, from experts, that you deserve what you really want.

This Shouldn't Happen

I Was The Victim Of A Cervical Sweep I Didn’t Consent To — And I’m Not Alone

ByAlexandra Frost

My story is not unique, I’ve found out since.

9 to 5

It's Fine To Skip That School Event In The Middle Of The Workday

ByAlexandra Frost

The truth is I don’t want to miss work for a classroom party.

Well, This Is Fascinating

How Watching Fair Play With My Husband Shook Up Our Whole Marriage — For The Better

ByAlexandra Frost

The “invisible load” I’ve been carrying is a bit lighter now.

Gotcha Mom

Thank God, My Kid Finally Gets Sarcasm

ByAlexandra Frost

Turns out, parenting isn’t always serious conversations — sometimes it’s snarking at each other.

Funny But Flawed

I Just Rewatched Knocked Up — & I’m Madder Than Ever Over Movies’ Portrayals Of Birth

ByAlexandra Frost

Terrifying pregnant people everywhere (and their partners) since 2007.


Yes, Kids Should Absolutely Help With Their Younger Siblings

ByAlexandra Frost

The benefits are obvious to me.

Meal Prep Made Easy

6 Go-To Busy Night Meals At Costco From A Mom With 4 Kids Under 8

ByAlexandra Frost

Ideas to help feed your hungry horde when you’re wiped out.


Turns Out I Can’t Get An Epidural — At All, Ever

ByAlexandra Frost

I’m about to have my fifth kid, and I’ve learned a few things from this experience.

Mama Needs A Vacay

Your Dog Is Jealous Of The Baby. You're All Touched Out. What Now?

ByAlexandra Frost

It’s a lot to deal with, but experts have a few ideas to help.