CJ Kelsey

I am a freelance writer for Scary Mommy and my essays put a humorous spin on the hurdles and joys of parenting. My content relates to parents of younger school-aged children as I am currently navigating this stage of life.

My educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Michigan State University and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Des Moines University. After 12 years of clinical practice I work remotely in the healthcare industry.

In my free time I am working on several personal writing projects and have a parenting blog that can be found at mommingonfumes.com. Parenting my two young children inspired me to create an online humor account for parenting jokes that has resonated with many parents and those that interact with children. My passion is to bring awareness that though parenting can be a stressful and emotional experience there is a way to find the lighter side to it all!

Let's be honest

I'm Messy & I'm Done Having Feelings About It

ByCJ Kelsey

Nobody is perfect and it’s alright to not have it all together.

slow down

My Daughter Is 7 Going On 17 & I Don't Know How To Handle It

ByCJ Kelsey

Bras, phones, boyfriends — she wants it all.


My Kid Refuses To Throw Anything Out

ByCJ Kelsey

Sometimes her collections — from candy to trash — can be problematic to say the least.

No more no

Is It Too Late To Become A 'Yes' Mom?

ByCJ Kelsey

Candy for breakfast? Honestly, maybe, at this point.

just gonna lay here

Sunday Scaries Came For Me, & I Hid

ByCJ Kelsey

Procrastination wins every time, and I’m not even mad about it.

Am I still screwing up?

This Gentle Parenting Stuff Sure Isn’t Easy

ByCJ Kelsey

I carry a lot of self-doubts, much of it related to my parenting skills.

I am good enough

I'm Done With New Year's Resolutions

ByCJ Kelsey

No more “new me.” I'm good.

No! Not yet!

That Time My Kid Googled 'Kissing' On His School Computer

ByCJ Kelsey

Reader, I panicked.


I’m A Hot Mess Mom, But I’m (Mostly) Ok With It

ByCJ Kelsey

Every year I swear this is the year things will be different.

Someone really stinks

I Was Not Prepared For Stinky Pits This Early

ByCJ Kelsey

In all honesty I really wasn’t sure how to handle this.

Tug -of -war

Oh God, My Kid Is Just As Stubborn As Me

ByCJ Kelsey

And then I saw it: I was losing a battle to a tiny version of myself.