Jamie Davis Smith

Jamie Davis Smith is a mother of four in Washington, DC. She is an attorney and explorer who always has a bag packed. Jamie has written for Travel & Leisure, USA Today, the Washington Post, Fodor's Travel, Viator, Yahoo, the Huffington Post, Romper, Tinybeans, Insider, The Expedition, and Reviewed among many other publications.

Brb, Booking

These Hotel Chains Are Perfect For Tweens & Teens

ByJamie Davis Smith

You might even get through family vacation with minimal eye rolls.


I'm A Room Parent Not Your Child's Social Secretary

ByJamie Davis Smith

Don’t even try to delegate your tasks to me.

Hot Take

Sorry, But I’ll Never Pay Extra To Sit Next To My Kids On An Airplane

ByJamie Davis Smith

Only four major U.S. airlines guarantee family seats together at no additional charge.

undivided attention

Hear Me Out: I Bribe My Kids To Hang Out With Me

ByJamie Davis Smith

I don’t feel guilty and I won’t stop.

constant communication

My Daughter Doesn't Need To Talk For Me To Know Her

ByJamie Davis Smith

I will never know what her voice sounds like, but I know her deeply.