Jamie Kenney

Jamie Kenney is an associate editor for news and entertainment at Romper and Scary Mommy, where she writes about a wide range of topics pertaining to motherhood, including politics, health, news, web culture, and celebrity parents, as well as family entertainment to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services. Additionally, she writes essays that run the gamut from silly to serious in an effort to capture the full spectrum of what it is to be a parent today.

Prior to joining Romper in 2015, she was a part-time web culture editor at Bustle. Within months, however, she was asked to join the team at Romper in helping launch the site. In November 2022, she came on as a full-time staff member. She joined the Scary Mommy team in 2024.

Jamie earned earned a bachelor's degree in creative writing and history from Purchase College, State University of New York. Her previous work has also appeared in Parents, Playboy, McSweeny's Internet Tendency, Jezebel, and The Takeout.

Jamie lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and enjoys hiking, embroidery, reading, and other activities mainly enjoyed by septuagenarian retirees. As such, she strives to embody the spirits of all four of the Golden Girls at once. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

new study

New Study Suggests Teens May Feel Less Support Than We Think We Give Them

ByJamie Kenney

It might come down to how parents and kids think about support.

lesson learned

Mom Who Took Away Her Daughter's Phone Makes A Plea To Other Parents

ByJamie Kenney

“What’s gonna happen? I don’t know.”

Dear Diary

This Mom Reads Daughter's Journal To Make Their Relationship Stronger

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A mom shares her unique trick to bonding with your kiddo.


Mom On TikTok Explores The Guilt Of Summers With Tweens & Teens

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“It’s really hard for me this summer.”

Surviving Their Teens...

TikTok Psychologist Shares How To Avoid Having A Rebellious Teenager

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do the math

Viral TikTok Debunks The '50% Of Marriages End In Divorce' Myth

ByJamie Kenney

We've all heard that 50% of marriages end in divorce, but do they actually? Comedian & Writer Alex Falcone explains why we're all wrong in a viral TikTok.

Couch + Partner + Quiet = Bliss

A Woman Captures The Simple Joy Of Hanging Out With Your Husband At Home

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Forget date night, this woman wants to know if other couples make plans to just vibe on the couch.

she has a point

A Mom Claims The Hardest Parenting Transition Is Going From Zero Babies To One Baby

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Forget going from one to two or two to three, this mom says it doesn’t get harder than becoming a parent for the first time.

Nightmare Fuel

A Mom Is Warning Parents About SeaWorld After A Terrifying Roller Coaster Experience

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She shared the video on TikTok, and it’s gone viral.


Redditor's Family Offers Advice To Make Husband More Responsible: Have A Baby!

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What could possibly go wrong?!


Toxic Tampons: First Of Its Kind Study Finds Heavy Metals In Tampons

ByJamie Kenney

Of the 30 products tested, none had consistently lower concentrations of all or most metals.


Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, & Eddie Murphy Are Heading Back To The Swamp In Shrek 5

ByJamie Kenney

(And, at last, we’re getting a Donkey movie!)