Meg St-Esprit

Meg St-Esprit, M. Ed. is a freelance journalist based in Pittsburgh, where she lives with her husband, four children, and way too many pets. Meg is a freelance writer for Romper and Scary Mommy. She covers wellness, education, mental health, family travel, and trends for both publications.

Meg has a Master of Education in Counseling and Development with a K-12 School Counseling certification from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Prior to launching her journalism career, Meg worked for the state of Pennsylvania as both a service coordinator and developmental specialist for children ages 0-3 in IDEA Part C Special Education programming. She has also worked as a therapist for children and teenagers and has visited over 800 families in their homes to help them navigate challenges including neurodiversity, developmental delays, and foster care and adoption issues.

Meg’s work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Yahoo, and more. In her hometown of Pittsburgh, she writes for most of the local outlets and is an active member of the media community.

When Meg isn’t writing, she’s probably camping. Meg and her family are passionate about travel — especially affordable family travel — and love to hit the road regularly. Find Meg around a campfire in the woods, or on social media.

Feel this

Are We All Just Too Tired To Be A Good Friend?

ByMeg St-Esprit

How many coffee dates have you canceled this year?

What does that mean?

I Was Not Prepared For My Kids' Lesson In Slang

ByMeg St-Esprit

Bruh, I have no idea what you’re saying. No cap.


I Completely Botched Our Pet's Death

ByMeg St-Esprit

A warning: learn from my mistake, friends.

hero worship

My Kid Thinks The Babysitter Walks On Water. What Gives?

ByMeg St-Esprit

There's nobody she trusts more than this teenager.


My Colonoscopy Was The Nap I Didn’t Know I Needed

ByMeg St-Esprit

It’s a sad testament to American motherhood that a procedure involving a rectal camera feels relaxing, but it’s the truth.

We love to hear this

I Hated Talking About Periods. I'm So Glad My Kids Are Different.

ByMeg St-Esprit

The secrecy and shame of our childhood seems to have missed today’s teens and tweens.

Cut, tape, wrap, repeat

Christmas Eve Is Always A Sh*tshow Of Chaos

ByMeg St-Esprit

Overblown holiday expectations sprinkled with a dash of procrastination is a recipe for mayhem.

rocky foundation

Is Anyone Else's Kid Struggling In Math, Or Just Mine?

ByMeg St-Esprit

It’s not even a skills issue — it’s a lack of confidence.

bring it on

Yup, I Let My Kids Eat All The Halloween Candy

ByMeg St-Esprit

I refuse to let diet culture creep into my favorite holiday.

Please, Mom

I’m Not Sorry For Occasionally Bailing My Kids Out

ByMeg St-Esprit

Natural consequences aren’t the only lesson I want them to learn.

no boundaries

Is Anybody Else Getting Tired Of Listening To Their Kids On Speakerphone?

ByMeg St-Esprit

Our kid’s favorite games are broadcasting to every family in town. What does that mean for our privacy?

just go

I’ll Always Be OK Pulling My Kids Out Of School For Trips

ByMeg St-Esprit

My kids will never win a perfect attendance award, but they are gaining so much more.


Kids Have Zero Texting Etiquette, Huh?

ByMeg St-Esprit

But as much as their incessant calling and chaotic texting frustrate me, it also makes me laugh.


It’s My Son’s Last Year Of Elementary School & I’m Not Ready

ByMeg St-Esprit

I am not sure either of us are ready for the next stage.

summertime bliss

Back-To-School Doesn't Have To Be Like This

ByMeg St-Esprit

This summer, I am opting out of the frenetic preparations that steal our lazy summer days.

insert eye roll

I Was Totally Unprepared How Much Tween Sass Would Set Me Off

ByMeg St-Esprit

The worst part is, I have a hard time controlling my own emotions when my kid loses control of his.

Hit The Road

Don't Be A Snob. RV Life Is Amazing.

ByMeg St-Esprit

We’ve learned that camping can be far from roughing it, if you want it to be.

Getting Real

My Honest Email Signature About Being A Working Mom Went Viral

ByMeg St-Esprit

As a working mom with four kids in a country with a broken childcare system, it clearly struck a nerve.

It's scary

The Day My Kid Can’t Forget, & Neither Can I

ByMeg St-Esprit

I looked up, and in a heart-stopping instant she was gone.

Skip the flowers

The Greatest Mother’s Day Gift Is A Day Off

ByMeg St-Esprit

It’s the best gift I’ve gotten on this cheesy Hallmark holiday.