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18 Amazon Purchases Scary Mommy Editors Are Loving In April 2024

Things we've bought on Amazon this month, from our shopping carts to yours.

Written by Team Scary Mommy
Ariela Basson/Scary Mommy; Getty Images, Amazon
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If you’re a mom in America, chances are you shop on Amazon. It’s just one of those things. And chances are you have some favorite finds — from beauty to random home products and everything in between. So we, the editors of Scary Mommy, have decided to start a new column wherein we highlight our favorite purchases from the past month. Here, then, are Scary Mommy editors’ favorite, totally random Amazon purchases from April 2024.

Happy shopping, and apologies to your bank account.

TULA Daily SPF 30 Sunscreen Gel

This is my favorite spring sunscreen! It's lightweight, makes my skin glowy, and I personally love the scent (which I think is pineapple-based but reminds me of a banana daiquiri). — Julie Sprankles, Deputy Editor, Lifestyle

Dried Flower Page Holders

I had no idea these existed! They are ingenious little thumb rings that help you hold a book open, one-handed, while you read. Great if you're holding or nursing a baby — or if you're reading the newest spicy romantasy. — Sarah Aswell, Senior Editor, News & Social

Small Sling Crossbody Bag

This crossbody is big but not too big, making it perfect for moms who need to carry hand wipes and snacks as well as their wallet and phone! Plus, it's easy to clean! — Katie Garrity, Editor, News & Social

Grace & Stella Eye Patches

I will be the first to say that I don't really know what these do, but they feel really, really good under your eyes and certainly help you wake up in the morning. Plus, you get a lot for the price. — Kate Auletta, Editor-in-Chief

Turmeric Gummies

If you wake up feeling stiff in your knees or your shoulders suddenly feeling tight, these turmeric gummies might help. They have been a game changer for me in my mid-40s. — Katy Elliott, Senior Editor, Personal Stories

Tigers Blood by Waxahatchee

Some people call it lo-fi folk, other people call it alt-country; I call it my favorite new album ever. If you haven't heard Waxahatchee, this is such a beautiful, beautiful collection of songs and I love putting on the record while I cook dinner or tidy up the kitchen. Her voice, the lyrics, the melodies are all fabulous. I can't get enough of this group or their music. — Sarah Aswell

Cozy Travel Blanket

If you are desperate to sleep on an airplane (or to get your kid to take a nap), this blanket is soft enough to make even the most uncomfortable airplane seat feel cozy. Plus, it's compact enough to tuck into your backpack or purse. — Katie Garrity

Plus Size Retro One-Piece Swimsuit

I'm hard on my swimsuits — my kid and I swim at least a couple times a month all winter, and multiple times a week in the summer. I needed a new one, and I was willing to spend well over 100 bucks if that's what it took. Nothing worked! Finally a friend recommended ordering a ton of swimsuits off Amazon and trying them until I found one that worked. Lo and behold! This one is comfortable, flattering, functional, and didn't cost a zillion dollars. — Kelly Faircloth, Executive Editor

Elastic Shoe Laces

My 8-year-old, who I might add knows how to tie his shoes, came home from school one day saying his friend had the coolest new shoelaces. These are them. They're super elastic and stay put, so you don't have to spend 10 minutes telling your kid to put their damn shoes on every morning. — Kate Auletta

Matte Black Silverware

Since my tweens have the inexplicable ability to lose spoons and forks (seriously, where are they?!), I needed an affordable "everyday" set of silverware that I wouldn't be too upset to eventually lose piece by piece. I love that these are still aesthetic and also feel substantial. The big spoon is perfect for cereals and soups! — Julie Sprankles

Compression Packing Cubes

Overpackers, take note! These compression packing cubes not only keep things organized, but you can fit so much in them and still have room to spare in your carry-on! — Katie Garrity

Expandable Garden Trellis

I live on a corner with heavy dog traffic, and these fences keep pets out of my garden beds. Made of natural willow, they are easy to set up and expand to any length you need. — Katy Elliott

YESNO Women’s Jumpsuit

I have these in a few colors — they are so comfortable and easy to put on, but you can also dress them up pretty easily with some accessories and cute shoes if you're headed somewhere other than your living room. You can also wear them year-round without getting too hot or cold. People always want to know where I got these! — Sarah Aswell

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver

I recently sat in on a virtual AMA with frequent flier David Sternlight, the founder of travel product company Cabeau, and he recommended this brilliant piece of tech that transmits audio from in-flight entertainment to your wireless listening device. It's great for planes, obviously, but also good for the gym and gaming devices. — Julie Sprankles

Grace Karin Girls One-Piece Rashguard Bathing Suit

My daughter has very sensitive skin, so just a few moments in the sun will leave her pink. I still use sunscreen on her exposed skin, but this rashguard swimsuit eases my worries that she'll burn. Plus, it's super cute! — Katie Garrity

NYX Professional Makeup Lift & Snatch Eyebrow Tint Pen

I think — gasp — my eyebrows are slowly falling out? Or maybe they've just grown in kinda wonky. Either way, this brow pencil goes on perfectly — not too dark or out of control — and adds just the right color for missing spots. Genius product. — Kate Auletta

Laser Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

This is the best lazy cat owner's toy. Turn it on and your cats are entertained for a good 5-10 minutes. Endlessly entertaining for the whole family. — Katy Elliott

Coloring Postcards

Making my kids write thank-you notes is such a hassle. I love these because they can color them when they're bored and then when we need to send cards, they are done and pretty and ready to go — they just have to add a couple of sentences on the back. You can also send them without coloring them and let the person you're writing color them in. Everyone wins! — Sarah Aswell

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