Run, Don't Walk

Alert: These Costco Pullovers “Look Identical” To Lululemon’s Fan-Favorite Softstreme

And you can get ‘em for under $15.

CostcoGuide creator Angela Ackerman shows off a Costco pullover that's a supposed dupe for Lululemon...
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Who doesn't love a good Lululemon moment, right? Their fan-favorite pullovers and flared leggings (aka "yoga pants" to us millennials) are soft, smooth, and durable. It's hard, however, to look at a Lululemon price tag these days without balking. In this economy?! Luckily, Costco is pulling through in a big way this season with super-cozy Lulu pullover dupes for less than half the price of the "real thing."

We have CostcoGuide creator Angela Ackerman to thank for this little revelation. "I just picked up the cutest pullovers at Costco for only $13.99. I can't believe how inexpensive they were, and they're so cute," Ackerman shares in a new video on her Costco fan account, adding, "This is my Lululemon one at home — they look almost identical."

In fact, says Ackerman, she prefers the Costco dupe fit since the Lulu version is wider and shorter.

So, let's get down to the details. When you head to Costco, you'll want to search for Danskin's Ladies' Cozy Half-Zip. At $13.99, it's a total steal... especially when you consider its pricier alter-ego, Lululemon's Softstreme, would set you back $128.

Bonus: Costco offers a decent range of sizes, from XS to 3X. The dupe pullovers also boast the thick cuffs and bands that have emerged from the '90s and even those amazing thumb holes the emo kids loved so much in the early '00s. Nostalgia is in, my friends.

The colors are chic, too. It seems the most popular hue (likely to sell out fast) is the beige/camel, which offers the most tonal similarity to what you'll find right now on the Lululemon racks. And if matching sets are your vibe? They have leggings, wide-legged sweatpants, and more in the same array of colors.

It's worth noting that, when asked via Instagram comment how the pullover dupes compare quality-wise, Ackerman responded, "I'm not sure how they hold up compared to Lulu, but the stitching and thickness is very similar." Another follower replied, "I love the fit, actually better. But they do 'pill' faster for sure, sadly."

Still, even if you factor in a Costco membership, you're spending less than a trip to the mall for nearly the same thing... so, worth any potential pilling?

Danskin isn't exactly a cheap knockoff, either; it's been a trusted name in athletic apparel for decades. You probably even know a chef, nurse, or teacher who rocks their oh-so-recognizable and supportive clogs for long hours on their feet.

An alternate is a sleeker version in the same uber-soft material, this one by Sage, that looks (and, according to Ackerman, feels) a lot like a Lulu Softstreme Cropped Crew). It comes in trendy soft periwinkle, millennial pink, sage, baby blue, winter white, and more.

So, if you enjoy keeping up with trends and want to look like it without forgoing your Starbucks budget (or even just groceries) for a month, the Costco dupes are a solid style score for a fraction of the price.

And, ICYMI, shopping at Costco is cool. Where else can you find comfy clothes, a cookie the size of your face, a hot-dog-soda-combo for only $1.50, killer travel deals, and even skincare — all under the same roof? Now, who has a Costco membership and wants to take a friend (or five) shopping? Raise your hand!