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25 October Prime Day Deals On Halloween Costumes, Decor, & Other Spooky Last-Minute Needs

There are some scary good deals this year.

October Prime Day deals on Halloween decor and accessories were abundant in 2023.
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Sure, Halloween is mere weeks away. By now, you should have your sh*t together — your fam’s costumes, decorations, a fully stocked candy bucket for trick-or-treaters... the whole shebang. But you know what? Moms have 7 million things to do at any given moment (default parenting at its finest). If last-minute supply shopping is more your jam, do your thing. In fact, with Amazon’s October Prime Day deals on Halloween costumes and decor, one could argue you were downright smart to wait.

Whether you’re on the hunt for some cutesy Halloween-themed PJs for the kids or some more spooky stuff to toss on the mantel, you’ll find it here. And because Halloween is the most magical holiday of all, you’re going to save anywhere from 25% all the way up to 60+% when you add these procrasti-shopping treasures to your cart.

So, bask in the glory of your brilliant timing while you stock up on essentials for this Halloween and next.


Leejec Floating Candles with Magic Wand Remote

PotterTok loves these floating candles, and who can blame them? With a swish-and-flick of the remote control wand, you can bring the 12 flameless taper candles to life — and feel like you’re at Hogwarts.


Mysterium Board Game

Staying in this Halloween and needing something fun and on-theme to do in between the knocks of trick-or-treaters? Try Mysterium. One player takes on the role of the ghostly victim in this game, who was murdered on the grounds of Warwick Manor 30 years ago. Everyone else plays a group of psychic investigators trying to get to the bottom of the crime now haunting the grounds.


Purple & Orange LED String Lights

Add a little razzle-dazzle to your doorway with these vibey purple and orange LED string lights. With 300 lights stretching 100 feet, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck — especially since these come with eight light modes, 29V low voltage for safety, and waterproof-grade casing.


Halloween LED Flameless Pillar Candles, Set of 3

Real-flame candles might be beautiful, but they can also be a hazard. No one wants to spend Halloween nursing little burnt fingertips! (Or, worse, putting out an actual fire.) These flameless candles are made with real wax for a realistic look with a bonus: LED flickering lights provide safe ambiance.


Black Spooky LED Glitter Tree

You’ve probably seen pictures of this glittery, glowy black tree floating around your social media feeds, right? Now’s your time to score one! Two feet in height with 24 LED purple lights, the lightweight decoration comes with eight hanging metal bats and three small figurines. Plus, it comes with a built-in timer feature.


SFX Halloween Special Effects Makeup Kit

You can never have too much Halloween makeup! This special effects kit comes with a face and body paint palette, scar wax, extension oil, coagulated blood, fake blood spatter spray, fresh “blood,” stipple sponges, a spatula tool, a pack of angled brushes, makeup sponges, and makeup brushes.


Stretchy Spider Webs Halloween Decorations

Listen, we all know how this goes. You put up the stretchy spider webs at the start of October because your kids begged you to, and by mid-October, your little monsters have pulled half of it apart. Fortunately, it’s 45% off for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days, so you can stock up.


Zombie Kittens Card Game by Exploding Kittens

If your idea of a scary good time is sitting around the table laughing maniacally, you need Zombie Kittens ASAP. An “undead twist” on Exploding Kittens, it’s the perfect Halloween spin on family board game night. Exciting twist: The new Zombie Kitten Card lets you bring dead players back into the game.


Rubie's Child's The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

You just know someone is going to rock an inflatable dinosaur costume for Halloween, so why not let it be your kid? This fan-favorite is on sale for a whopping 42% off, making it a total no-brainer. Plus, your kid running around flapping their tiny T-rex arms is never not funny.


100 Halloween-Themed Vinyl Stickers

For parents who want to give trick-or-treaters more options than candy, these Halloween-themed stickers are just the thing. After all, kids L-O-V-E stickers — this we know. And these are cheap and plentiful.


MGparty 18Pcs Halloween Party Favors

Another great option for trick-or-treaters (or their parents) who don’t want sweets? Halloween-themed novelty toys. This assortment includes three types of toys: six jumping toys, six wind-up toys, and six pull-back cars in the style of Halloween characters.


Stupid Deaths The Party Game, for Adults & Teens

If your kids are a little older and/or have your wickedly dark sense of humor, break out Stupid Deaths on Halloween night. This game celebrates the stupidest deaths over the centuries, challenging players to work together and competitively to figure out which stupid deaths are myth versus fact.


P&J Fragrance Oil Halloween Set

Where my oily girlies at? With over 50,000 positive reviews, P&J fragrance oils will make your oily hearts happy. The Halloween collection consists of six 10ml premium fragrance oils to bewitch your senses: Candy Corn, Marshmallow, Autumn Wreath, Caramel Corn, Night Air, and Pumpkin Pie.


The Children's Place Halloween Pumpkin PJs for Babies & Toddlers

So, you’ve been on the fence about buying your kiddo Halloween PJs. Well, here’s your sign to do the damn thing! The Children’s Place is offering their snug-fit cotton pajamas for toddlers at 40% off for October Prime Days.


The Children's Place Family Mummy PJs

If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can buy a set for the whole fam! These two-piece PJs come in the cutest mummy print so your entire household can coordinate.


8-Pcs LED Glow Scrunchies

Tweens and teens never leave the house without their scrunchies or claw clips these days, and they’ll flip over this glowing LED version of the former. You’ll get eight in a set, so no need to worry about mid-trick-or-treating meltdowns when your kiddo can’t find theirs.


Black Glitter Halloween Party Decorations

It happens to the best of us: You have every intention to throw some Halloween decorations up outside, but life happens. Before you know it, you’re the only house on the block with no Halloween spirit. Snag this set and rectify the situation! It comes with 12 pieces, including black glitter witches riding brooms, spiders, bats, skulls, haunted houses, the moon, and stars.


3-Pk Halloween Window Lights

For those of us who don’t have the time to pull together anything large-scale at the last minute, these three LED window hanging lights will add a little pop of Halloween panache. The set includes an orange pumpkin window light, a green spider window light, and a purple witch-hat window light.


Halloween Dog Bandanas, 2-Pack

Is there anything cuter than a doggo who likes to dress up? Some puppers aren’t keen on putting on a full costume, which is where these precious Halloween-print bandanas come into play.


Danxilu 8-Ft Giant Halloween Inflatables Ghost

Go big or go home, that’s what I always say! This inflatable ghost decoration stands at an impressive 8-foot tall and features bloody eyes, bloody handprints on its body, and a mesmerizing flame lamp for an eerie ambiance. Even if you don’t use it this year, it’s a must-buy for 2024 at 51% off.


5-Ft Hanging Corpse Prop

Hang this 5-foot fake corpse in your yard. Toss him on the lawn. Whatever you do with him, he’s sure to spook the heck out of your neighbors — and maybe spawn a few true-crime theories, too.


Athena Halloween Face & Body Paint Palette

If fake blood and gore isn’t exactly your Halloween makeup style, this vibrant face and body paint set may be a better fit. The kit’s 20 creamy, intensive-pigmented colors are made using high-quality ingredients for easy blending and a smudge-proof finish.


5-Pcs Halloween Creepy Cloth

I bought this creepy black cloth to decorate our home this year, and it’s great for moms like me who want to be extra but lack the crafty gene. Toss it over anything, and your house immediately looks spooky and cool. Besides, at 60% off, Amazon is practically paying you to try it (#GirlMath).


Pet Cat Bat Wings

You can’t very well leave Kitty out of the fun! If we’re really being honest, this cat bat wings costume is so frickin’ adorable, you’ll probably want to keep it out year-round for impromptu cat-bat-cuteness.


LED 3D Bat Halloween Decorations

Could you go classic with plain black bats like every other house on the block? Sure. But you’re not like other moms; you’re a cool mom. And this year, that means scoring some of these LED bat decorations. They come in a pack of 24 pieces and are made of waterproof PVC, so stick ‘em anywhere you want.