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15 Gifts You Want This Year Because You’re An Adult & Socks Are Awesome

These items are practical, beautiful, and perfect for the grown-up version of you.

by Amber Guetebier
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I remember the running joke over the holidays in my family: Someone picks up a package, squeezes it, and declares sarcastically, “Oh, what is this... socks?” There’s even a funny Christmas song by JD McPherson where he laments, “Why’d you waste the paper on a lousy pair of socks?” But at a certain point (like when you hit your 30s), you realize that all your socks are worn and holey, and you want nothing more than a brand-new pair of adorable socks. There’s a certain beauty in the things that you will actually use every day, including practical and pretty things that just make you feel good‚ even if they are hidden under a pair of shoes.

I’m betting you’ve already made holiday gift-giving lists for your kids, relatives, and friends. While you’re at it, treat yourself and add these items to your cart (forward this list to anyone wondering what to get you). Sure, diamonds are nice, but a desktop cup holder that keeps your coffee hot is way, way nicer.

1. Non-Stinky Socks

As a kid, you might have thought socks a disappointing gift, but now that you’re adulting, you understand the sheer pleasure of replacing holey socks with new ones. The excellent thing about these socks — which are moisture-wicking and lightweight — is that they are designed to help keep your feet stink-free. Be forewarned: Your kids might steal them ‘cause they are oh-so-comfy.

2. Chelsea Boots You’ll Wear For Years

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect boot: stylish with a little height without sacrificing comfort. After wearing these for eight days straight traipsing around Scotland, I’m here to say these are the best boots I’ve ever owned. They’re waterproof, look cute with skirts and jeans, and the chunky cushion sole offers shock absorption. Slip them on as you head out the door, and you’ll have no footwear regrets.

3. A Hair Dryer That Also Styles Your Hair

Want 30 minutes back in your day? This 2-in-1 styling tool allows you to style your hair while simultaneously drying it. With three sizes, two attachments, and three heat settings, it’s easy to use even for someone who has never quite mastered styling (like me). Choose medium for medium to long hair and short for anything above the shoulders.

4. A Warming Coffee Mug Because You’re Busy

Never waste coffee again with the highly-rated Ember mug, which sits right on your desk or countertop and keeps your warm drinks at the optimal temperature — no matter how much time passes between sips. This one allows you to set your perfect heat between 120°F - 145°F range, and it keeps it at your chosen temp for 1.5 hours.

5. A Bodysuit to Help Celebrate the Goddess You Are

Don’t wait for someone to buy this for you. Unleash your inner Medusa and gift yourself this bodysuit from size-inclusive lingerie, lounge, and sleepwear maker Thistle and Spire. If snakes aren’t your jam, there’s more to choose from: dragons, celestial scenes, magical arcana, and florals.

6. Sparkling Wine for One Because You Feel Like It

Cracking a bottle of bubbly might seem indulgent when you’re the only one who wants a glass, but thanks to indie brand Archer Roose, you can have one anytime you like. This wine-in-a-can maker also offers different wines, sparkling and otherwise, and you can even mix and match your selections in an Explorer Pack.

7. A Phone Case That Makes It Easier to Ditch Your Purse

I know; there are a million phone cases out there. But this one protects your phone, has a handy adjustable strap and a secure pocket for storing ID, cash, and credit cards — all in luxurious leather. You can use it in place of a purse on walks and errands or keep it around your neck to snap photos easily on outings.

8. A Robot Vacuum That Picks Up Pet Hair & Cheerios While You’re Away

A robot that picks up the crap on your floor while you do other things is pretty much what technology was invented for. Treat yourself to something that takes one less thing off your to-do list. This one works on hard floors and carpets and is compatible with Alexa.

9. A DNA Test to Learn More of Your Story

Unlocking your family’s genetic history can be fascinating and informative. I’ve done a few different ancestry tests and have found 23 and Me to be more accurate to what I know of my family’s history, along with a few surprises.

10. A Can’t-Put-Down Novel About the Ties That Bind

In this debut novel by masterful writer Thao Thai, the story of three generations of Vietnamese American women is revealed — secrets and all — when the family’s matriarch dies and leaves Banyan House, a crumbling gothic manor on the Florida coast, to Ann and her estranged mother, Huơng.

11. Noise-Canceling Headphones for Reasons We Need Not Explain

Working from home and want to signal to the fam that you’re in concentration mode? Or maybe you just need to get through some boring tasks with proper sound quality. Either way, noise-canceling headphones are your secret weapon. These comfy over-ear headphones do the trick.

12. A Gorgeous Eyecolor Palette That Will Make You Feel Glam Even on Tired Days

Parenting is anything but glamorous, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a fun pop of color to brighten your tired eyes. This Black-owned brand features vibrant, long-lasting colors that will help invoke party vibes even when you’re sleep-deprived.

13. A New Water Bottle Because You Lost the Lid to Your Favorite One

We’ve all had those days when we forget to drink enough water, especially this time of year. The truth? A cute water bottle helps. Gift yourself a new one and let your tween have the older model.

14. Slippers You’ll Never Want to Take Off

Keep your feet cozy and warm all winter with premier slippers from UGG. These have heavy tread on the bottom to make it easy to slip outside and run errands because once you slide them on, you will not want to take them off.

15. A Cozy Two-Piece You Don’t Mind Being Photographed In

Whether it’s Christmas morning or a holiday night, downtime at home doesn’t have to be leggings and grubby sweatshirts. This two-piece set is comfy and practically stylish enough to use as a travel set for your next overnight flight.

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