The Rose Family Downsizes In ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Little People Collector Set

La La La La La, A Little People ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Set!

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Hearts may have never recovered from when the cult classic sitcom, Schitt’s Creek, aired their final episode in 2020, but thanks to Mattel’s Fisher-Price brand, fans might have a little healing moment with the new Schitt’s Creek Little People Collector line.

Developed in collaboration with ITV Studios, the new Schitt’s Creek set includes figures modeled after the four members of the Rose family: Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David.

Each figure is more than 2 inches tall, with details and packaging featuring easter eggs inspired by the show.

Patriarch Johnny Rose dons one of his classic blue suits but keeps it casual with the top button undone, and the Johnny Rose figure could not be complete without the iconic bushy eyebrows and the perfectly coiffed hair.

Moira Rose has on her iconic garbage bag dress, designed with a special spray for that glossy effect plus a designer bag in hand and a full stack of jewelry.

Alexis Rose wears her signature floppy hat, polka dot sundress, and classic “A” necklace. One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Alexis figure is that her hand points forward (a first-ever for the Little People Collection!) in her iconic floppy motion where she was surely telling David “EW!” or getting in a verse of “A Little Bit Alexis.”

David Rose is wearing one of his many designer sweaters, white-rimmed sunglasses, and black paints. Similar to the look he wore when he decided to run away to an Amish farm.

The back of the packaging includes art of the characters as Little People figures with their most iconic quotes including, “David, stop acting like a disgruntled pelican!”

The Little People Collector line has really been stepping up its game lately with plenty of pop culture collaborations for collectors like Stranger Things, Barbie: The Movie, Friends, and more.

Earlier this year, the brand even offered football fans the chance to support their favorite team with Little People Collector Super Bowl LVIII Champions Sets.

The new Little People Collector Schitt’s Creek Set is available now on Amazon with a retail price of $24.99.