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The Upside Down Never Looked So Cute With These 'Stranger Things' Little People Sets

Every detail is perfect.

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Oh my god, there are 'Stranger Things' Little People now!
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Halloween might be over and done, but National Stranger Things Day is just around the corner!

On Nov. 6, fans of the hit Netflix show will celebrate all things Stranger Things. Why not add to the fun with these adorable Little People sets from Fisher-Price modeled after several characters and infamous moments from the sci-fi series?

“The brand is going full supernatural with this collection of three sets, which feature fan-favorite characters from Eleven to Eddie and everyone in between,” Fisher-Price said in a statement.

“The sets also highlight iconic moments from the show. Whether you’re reaching for your cassette player to play *that* song, looking to become the newest member of the Hellfire Club, or getting ready to face off with the Demogorgon in the Upside Down, these sets will make you feel like you’re part of The Party.”

Fans wanting to stick to more a more classic Stranger Things theme will love the Castle Byers set which features Eleven and her waffle and the rest of the OG gang, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and poor Will stuck in the Upside Down with a Demogorgon.

Another limited edition set includes figures from that infamous Stranger Things scene from Season 4. The set includes a possessed Max Mayfield — headphones and all — while she’s pulled into Vecna’s Mind Lair. The set also features the rest of the gang, Lucas Sinclair, Steve Harrington, and Dustin Henderson sitting at Billy’s grave in the Hawkins cemetery. Also included in the set is a creepy Vecna.

This limited edition set is available for pre-sale online via Target starting November 2. On-shelves at Target starting Dec. 3.

For all the Eddie Munson stans, there’s a set just for you. The Hellfire Club Little People set takes the Stranger Things kids, including Munson, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler, and Erica Sinclair, back to school at Hawkins High where it’s time to play some Dungeons & Dragons, so grab a die and get rolling.

This limited edition set is available at Best Buy.

While there is still no set release date for Season 5 of Stranger Things, these Fisher-Price Little People sets are the perfect way to hold Stranger Things fans over until that exciting day.

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