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Starbucks Just Released A Metallic Red Special Edition Holiday Stanley Cup

And yes, people are already having trouble finding them.

Starbucks and Stanley have released a metallic red holiday edition of the Stanley cup.

Pumpkin spiced latte season couldn’t be more over. And the best way to tell is that Starbucks has officially dropped its line of holiday goodies, which includes specialty drinks, holiday-themed cups, lots of tumblers, and gifts for coffee lovers.

But by far the star of this year’s holiday drop is a very beautiful limited edition metallic red holiday Stanley cup — known officially by the thermos company as the 40-ounce stainless steel FlowState quencher. They’re retailing for $49.99.

And yes, resellers are already grabbing them up and making them hard to find.

While neither Starbucks nor Stanley have made a single peep about their collaboration, over on TikTok, @itszoeford gave everyone a first look. And it’s very pretty!

According to TikTok and Reddit (because, again, Starbucks has been mum), the cups are available at standalone Starbucks as well as Target and Kroger Starbucks — but each store only got a drop of one to eight cups total. One TikToker reported that there are 26,000 cups out there, which sounds like a lot until you remember there are about 400 million people in the United States.

After the first Starbucks x Stanley collaboration, in which they released bright pink cups that sold out almost immediately, and then resold for hundreds online, resellers were on top of this release, with many people reporting that their store was sold out in minutes or hours.

“My store got 3, we opened at 5 am and were out by 5:04, no there isn’t enough,” one person wrote on TikTok.

“A reseller in front of me, bought all 4,” another wrote.

In many instances, the Starbucks workers bought the cups before the official release.

“I called my Starbucks the day before they told me to get there early — they open at 4:30 a.m. I was there at 3:40 waiting, I was the first one in the door when I was told there sold out already,” one person shared on Reddit. “And they were on hold for associate purchase. I left thinking I didn’t know I had to fight the people selling the cups for one and how can they be sold out before the store ever opened”

“I work at Starbucks and me and my coworkers bought almost all of them before we opened,” said another.

The bottom line? Even though these were just released a few days ago, your best bet might be asking Santa, befriending a Starbucks worker, or finding one online at an inflated price. It’s not clear if more will drop before the holiday season is over, but here’s to opening.