You Can Spend The Night In The Iconic 'Friends' Apartment

by Erica Gerald Mason
Monica and Rachel's 'Friends' apartment Booking.com

Every Friends superfan recognizes that apartment straight away…

… you know, the dwelling with tons of charm, floor-to-ceiling windows, one bathroom of fluctuating size, and no hall closet: Monica and Rachel’s purple-licious flat. Fans love the show so much, they try to recreate the same energy at home. But now, thanks to Booking.com, you can stay in the iconic Friends apartment, leading up to the highly anticipated Friends reunion.

Booking.com and The Friends Experience in New York are offering fans an ultimate sleepover with two officially sponsored sleepovers at this super behind-the-scenes adventure turned overnight lodging in New York City.

With re-creations of the favorite television series’ set, visitors will live through Ross’s infamously cursed couch pivot, look through the peephole of Rachel and Monica’s purple door, relax on Chandler and Joey’s recliners after playing some foosball, examine original props and outfits from the show and much more.


As part of the Booking.com sponsored stay, visitors will stay over in the set re-creation of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, featuring a private 1-bedroom accommodation. Guests will be treated to a tour with dinner and drinks, a late-night game of Phoebe’s Cab Escape Room, a Friends-themed scavenger hunt, and wake up to coffee and breakfast at Central Perk — just like the pals would. For social media cred, the stay includes a private tour with a pro photographer to capture professional images as guests immerse themselves in the iconic show.


The Friends experience is the in-depth immersive experience for the person who loves to geek out over the show.

The entire experience is available to book for a one-night overnight stay for only $19.94, in honor of the year the show premiered, for a limited time. Set your alarms and act fast: Reservations open on May 21 at 10 a.m. ET and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for two overnight stays, which must happen on either May 23 or May 24.

If you aren’t lucky enough to win one of the stays, can we tempt you with a Friends LEGO set instead?

As part of the set, which costs $149.99 each, you can build and recreate your favorite scenes set in Monica and Rachel’s and Chandler and Joey’s respective apartments. It’s available exclusively on LEGO’s website and at LEGO stores starting June 1.

“From the purple walls of Monica’s living room to Chandler and Joey’s reclining TV chairs, this set is packed with classic TV moments,” the product description states. “You’ll find new minifigures of the whole gang, plus Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice, each wearing outfits tied to classic episodes.”

Get enough of ‘em, and you might be able to create something that looks an awful lot like Monica and Rachel’s apartment.