30 Fun Activities For Kids Who Love Princesses

by Lindsay Wolf
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25 Fun Activities For Kids Who Love Princesses
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My daughter has been obsessed with princesses ever since she first discovered the color pink. She’s also been fascinated by mud, wields a sword like a pro, and is the fastest tiny superhero around. I guess you could say that my kid is her own unique version of a princess. And I am here for all of it.

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Being stuck in self-quarantine often feels like we’re all Rapunzel singing to herself in “Tangled,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t also slay dragons, have a rockin’ tea party, and twirl around in pretty dresses. So here’s a handy-dandy list of my all-time favorite princess-themed activities that will have your miniature Merida entertained all day.

Courtesy of Lindsay Wolf

Best Books About Princesses

First up: books that are as fancy as they are inclusive, and teach your kids that anyone can be a princess.

Best Princess Toys For Make-Believe

Make your home magical. These fun toys help spark imagination for creative kids who love playing make-believe.

Best TV Shows & Movies About Princesses

These TV shows and movies are all very different, but at the heart of them all is one amazing theme — princesses who can do anything.

Nella and the Princess Knight

As the title explains, Nella is a princess who can also transform into a knight who saves the day every chance she gets. With the help of her adorable horse Trinket and her friends, Nella helps proves that heroes can wear capes and dresses.

Sofia the First

I remember falling in love with this show when this spunky, sweet princess fought hard to get to compete in a horse flying tournament that only boys were invited to. It’s a total gem and one of my daughter’s favorite shows.

Elena of Avalor

Elena is the coolest princess, because she’s also one hell of a leader. She’s not afraid to challenge anyone, runs fast, and has three magical creatures who make up her squad.


This one gets my vote because it features a female heroine who is a princess by day and an ogre by night. When she finally transforms into an ogre for life, she realizes that beauty really does comes from the inside out. When COVID-19 is over, I’m definitely going as Fiona the Ogre for Halloween.


Who doesn’t love a Princess whose also a bow-and-arrow slinging, angsty teen? This tale of a mother-daughter duo who just can’t seem to understand each other has now become a classic staple in our home.


If you haven’t shown your child this Disney classic, now is the time. Mulan is one of the coolest princesses around because she, like so many fabulous girls out there, bucks the system and dresses up as a dude to help honor her family during a war.


Technically this fierce and brave young woman is being groomed to become the chief of her people. So she’s not technically a princess. But she is a leader, and you are definitely going to want to share her story with your kids. This is one of the first Disney characters I’ve ever seen whose main storyline didn’t involve being married off. Props to The Rock for being a fantastic sidekick too!

Best Princess-Themed Activities Online

Finally, these additional activities will have you enjoying self-quarantine like the unique princess that you are.

Let Ming-Na Wen read you the story of Mulan and be totally transported to China in this enchanting read-aloud.

Dress up your favorite Disney princesses and then listen to stories about them afterward.

Enjoy printable coloring pages of your favorite female royalty.

Disney also has a page filled to the brim with online princess games your little ones can play.

This online tutorial will teach you how to flip your fins and make a shimmery, shining DIY mermaid costume.

Ever wanted to create a beautiful homemade princess dress but don’t know how to sew? This tutorial has got you covered – and it’s also a family-friendly activity.

Pretend like Disney World is still open and take a virtual whirl on their Frozen’s Ever After ride.

Virtually splash around with Ariel on Disney World’s Little Mermaid Ride.

Check out the full-length live-action musical of “Frozen” performed at Disneyland Resort.

Or just enjoy a bunch of kids doing a hilarious rendition of their favorite parts of “Frozen 2.”

No matter what kind of kid you have, these princess-themed activities will definitely add some welcome splendor to your days at home. And if you’re anything like me, you’re in major need of a little extra magic these days.


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