Clutch Your Pearls! We Found The Best 30th Anniversary Gifts

by Megan McCarty
 The Artifact Uprising Photo Book and Cotacoco Mother of Pearl Earrings as 30th anniversary gifts
Etsy/Artifact Uprising

If you’re even browsing a 30th anniversary gift article, you deserve a round of applause. Whether you’re celebrating your own 30th wedding anniversary or are lucky enough to have parents who are, know that it’s a huge accomplishment! Thirty years married deserves a medal, but if the Olympics won’t recognize marriage as a sport, then the least we can do is love up our spouse, parents, or friends with some seriously sweet anniversary gifts. (Psst…in case you need 15th anniversary, 20th anniversary, or 25th anniversary gift ideas —we’ve got you covered there too.)

After 30+ years together, you’ve racked up enough memories, unforgettable travels, perhaps children, and so so sooo many loads of laundry to write a book about. (Which you should. Please write a book and tell us how you did it.) If you’re the traditional type, a 30th anniversary gift generally involves pearls. And while pearl jewelry is a given, we found a few more creative options for you to consider too.

Scroll on for 15 of our favorite 30th anniversary gifts, from personalized pieces to luxury home goods to subscriptions that will have them feeling the love all year long.

Best 30th Anniversary Gifts

Best Pearl Anniversary Gifts