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Clutch Your Pearls! We Found The Best 30th Anniversary Gifts

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If you’re even browsing a 30th anniversary gift article, you deserve a round of applause. Whether you’re celebrating your own 30th wedding anniversary or are lucky enough to have parents who are, know that it’s a huge accomplishment! Thirty years married deserves a medal, but if the Olympics won’t recognize marriage as a sport, then the least we can do is love up our spouse, parents, or friends with some seriously sweet anniversary gifts. (Psst…in case you need 15th anniversary, 20th anniversary, or 25th anniversary gift ideaswe’ve got you covered there too.)

After 30+ years together, you’ve racked up enough memories, unforgettable travels, perhaps children, and so so sooo many loads of laundry to write a book about. (Which you should. Please write a book and tell us how you did it.) If you’re the traditional type, a 30th anniversary gift generally involves pearls. And while pearl jewelry is a given, we found a few more creative options for you to consider too. 

Scroll on for 15 of our favorite 30th anniversary gifts, from personalized pieces to luxury home goods to subscriptions that will have them feeling the love all year long. 

Best 30th Anniversary Gifts

The Citizenry Catalina Boucle Throw

The Citizenry calls the color of this luxurious soft throw ivory, but to stick on theme, we think of it as pearl. Made of an alpaca/wool blend, it’s the ultimate let’s-get-cozy signal, which you can size up to the bed blanket size, perfect for cuddling up and revving up another episode of The Great British Bake Off. It’s handcrafted in Peru, and made to last a lifetime, just like your marriage.


Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus

“Let’s go, honey!” is what this gift says. After 30 years of marriage, you deserve to see all the sights, whether that’s a weekend away to visit grandchildren, or that across-the-world trip you’ve always dreamed of. New luggage from Paravel, which creates carbon-neutral suitcases, would make for easy travel, with it’s 360° rotation, ultra-smooth ride and sleek design you’ll be able to easily spot from the checked bag carousel. The only catch: you might want one for yourself too.


YesChef Cooking Classes

If your partner commands the kitchen in your house, treat them to a subscription to YesChef, where they can follow along with classes some of the best culinary icons — from Francis Mallmann to Nancy Silverton to Sean Brock! It’s part Chef’s Table, part Masterclass, part “Ooh, can you make us that for dinner?” The videos are as cinematic as the recipes, and introduce you to cuisines and techniques from all over the world in an approachable way. You can buy an annual pass ($180) or a lifetime pass ($460) – you choose. 


Keepsake Frames

You love having meaningful framed photos around your house. You hate printing pictures, finding the right size frame that isn’t $1,000, wondering which matte color looks best, and getting your smudgy fingers all over said frame before it finally finds a home on one of your walls. Enter Keepsake, an app that allows you to choose your photo (straight from your camera roll!) and frame, then have it delivered super fast at an affordable price. Whether you have three years or 30 years of marriage under your belt, framed photos always make great gifts.


Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

Your kitchen counters will never look as good as they do with this Fellow coffee grinder sitting oh-so sleek on top. Make your morning coffee routine — um, we mean your loving partner’s routine… — a lot more chic. With this grinder’s 11 settings and 31 steps in between, you can choose the perfect grind for you two, whether your partner prefers pour-over, French press, cold brew or any other variety. 

$299.00 AT AMAZON

Yana Sleep Pillow

Let’s face it: after 30+ years of sleeping in the same bed, snoozing might not be as smooth as it used to be. Hello snoring, sleep apnea, tossing and turning, one of you (no pointing fingers) staying up too late and the other waking up ungodly early. Before one of you sneaks off into the guest bedroom for a good night’s sleep, try gifting your partner this Yana sleep pillow, which may look funny but actually may save your marriage for another 30 years. It provides full-body support, so achy knees and joints get relief all night long. “This will change the way you sleep for the better forever!” says one reviewer. I want to get one for my husband too because he is so jealous. It’s not just great for sleeping but also laying in bed watching movies. It’s like a hug for your whole body and a pillow.”

$199.00 AT AMAZON

BloomsyBox Flower Subscription

Flowers = always a good idea. A flower subscription = way better. BloomsyBox keeps the romance alive all year long with their weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscription plans where they ship a gorgeous bouquet fresh from the flower farm right to your doorstep. Your S.O. will feel the love every time a bouquet arrives. 


Uncommon Goods Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Even the most competitive game player will melt a little when they see this personalized four-across game, handmade by Kasey and Justin Pearson in Greensboro, North Carolina. Make it your own with your names, anniversary date, or a sweet message. You can trust this will become a family heirloom that’s passed down generations. As they say, the couple who plays together, stays together.


Uncommon Goods 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

After 30+ years, your dating life – because you know you never stop dating, right? – may need a little spicing up. This 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster will be a warm welcome then. When’s the last time you went horseback riding? Or star gazing? Or attended the ballet? With each completed date you scratch off, you’ll be inspired to do more, which will lead you happily into your 31st year and beyond.


Artifact Uprising Photo Book

An heirloom-quality photo book is the ultimate personalized gift. Laugh until you cry over decades’ worth of memories, like when someone had to pull over on the highway to pee, or when the whole family was about to yank each others’ hair on that road trip to the Grand Canyon. These photo books are worth every penny, especially since you know they’ll stay in the family for another three plus decades. 


Best Pearl Anniversary Gifts

Hazel Grove Customs Engraved Oyster Shucker

We wouldn’t have pearls without oysters, so for a pearl-adjacent gift, gift your honey with an engraved oyster shucker. It’s on theme, it’s personalized and it means they’ll always do the shucking. Win/win/win. Plus, it’s insanely affordable, so you can add this on to a bigger gift as a little bonus. 

$13.95 AT ETSY

Cotacoco Mother of Pearl Earrings

For a pearl-themed gift that doesn’t cost Tiffany-level dollars, check out these go-with-everything Mother of Pearl Earrings. They’re delicate but not dainty, perfect to jazz up an everyday outfit or fit right in with a refined look. Plus, they’ll come gift wrapped, so go ahead and scratch “ribbon” off your Target list.

$17.09 AT ETSY

Melissa Ceramics Mother of Pearl Porcelain Bowls

How many times in your 30 years of marriage have you heard your other half say, “Hmm…where did I put my wedding ring?” No more. Gift your partner these pretty Mother of Pearl porcelain bowls so you’ll both have a place to keep your wedding rings safe. Choose between the small, medium, or large size — or a combo of all three! Bonus: they already come gift wrapped.

$21.77 AT ETSY

BTB Los Angeles Willow Imitation Pearl Rattan Clutch

Whether you’re celebrating 30 years of marriage or 30 days of dating, this gorgeous rattan clutch sprinkled with imitation pearls, would be a knockout of a gift. Between the chain-link handle and picnic-chic vibe, it’s the perfect match for a day date outfit to celebrate your big anniversary. And always – always! – for the love of the gift wrapping gods, let Nordstrom do the (free) gift wrapping for you.


Gogo Art Prints Johannes Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring Exhibition Poster

For a pearl-themed gift that isn’t too obvious, frame a print of the iconic Vermeer painting Girl with a Pearl Earring for your love so every time you walk past it you’ll be reminded of your 30th anniversary. Reviewers rave about its high quality and prompt delivery. (*Ahem,* talking to you last-minute gift shoppers.)

$37.41 AT ETSY

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