Gettin' The Stink From Smoke And Toxins Out Of Your House ASAP

by Steph Osmanski
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Molekule Air Home Smoke Purifier

How often is researching air purifiers on our to-do list? As a mom, you already have a sh*t-ton of stuff to do. No doubt you have to cut crusts off lunch sandwiches at 6 am (and that’s for hubby) followed by an entire day of last-minute potty runs and spill clean-ups. That doesn’t even scratch the surface, so there’s no way you have the time/energy/patience to give the slightest f*ck about indoor air quality.

Do air purifiers work?

They really do! The filter and fan are working inside the purifier to push out clean air. The unclean air in the room moves through the air purifier, allowing the filters inside to catch all of the dust, pollutants, and other unhealthy substances. Once the air is re-released into the room, it comes out clean. It’s something you’ll notice after around 30 minutes of the air purifier being on and working. Trust us, investing in one is totally worth it. Whether your air feels stuffy or unhealthy because of wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, dust, or pet hair. Bad air quality significantly affects your health.

The quality of indoor air is worse than outdoors and since Americans spend 90 percent of their time inside, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we’re exposed to up to 5 times the amount of pollutants. Suddenly, staying home, cuddled on the couch with your family doesn’t sound as safe as we thought. Not even essential oil diffusers can help you with this situation…

What is the best air purifier for smoke?

Listen, we’re not trying to give you nightmares, but pollutants like pet dander, mold, dust, smoke, and other allergens are a real risk. And since nobody has time for worrying about and testing indoor quality — especially moms! — we’ve done the work for you, rounding up the highest-quality air purifier smoke eaters. If the house is smoky from cooking or maybe you or your SO like to dabble in the occasional cigar (or you’re worried about outdoor smoke making its way inside), check out the 13 best air purifiers for smoke and household pets.

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