11 Best Baby Doll Cribs & Beds For Playtime 2021

The Best Cribs For Your Child’s Baby Doll (Who, Naturally, Needs A Place To Sleep Too)

March 26, 2021 Updated April 22, 2021

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If your little one has a doll, they may want to accessorize with a baby doll crib. Because, well, naturally! In all seriousness, baby dolls are a great toy for young boys and girls, and can teach them caring and responsibility. There are no shortage of baby dolls to choose from, but the best baby doll cribs may be harder to find. While a baby doll doesn’t necessarily need a baby crib, it’s an accessory that pairs really well, since the baby has gotta sleep somewhere! And babies, even if they’re dolls, sleep a lot. Finding the best doll cribs may be challenging if your child has dolls of different sizes — but most cribs for baby dolls are good for standard dolls. (And, there’s nothing wrong with five Barbie dolls sharing a crib, just as long as your child is having fun.)

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Baby doll beds are also a popular find. If a baby doll is “big enough” to move from crib to bed, it may help your child adjust in doing just the same. Oftentimes, kids can play out scenarios that’ll make them seem less intimidating and scary. And since good sleep practices are pretty much what every parent hopes and dreams for, it makes sense as to why you’d want to find the perfect match.

Here are the best doll cribs and beds that are recommended by fellow parents.

Best Baby Doll Cribs

Hey! Play! Baby Doll Bed and Playpen

If your child is fond of pink, this set may be a great selection. This set is ideal for 15-inch baby dolls and stuffed animals. The accessories — especially the matching pillow and blanket — are what makes this baby doll crib stand out from others.


Joovy Toy Room2 Playard

This is more of a pack-and-play than a crib, but as most moms have used one for the same purpose, it makes sense to include. Much like your standard pack-and-play, multiple dolls can fit inside. “A standard square decorative pillow fits perfectly in the base of it if you want a little extra cushion should your child enjoy climbing in it as mine does,” writes mom and Amazon reviewer MommyInTheMitten. “Great purchase!”

$24.99 AT AMAZON

KidKraft Lil' Doll Cradle

This baby doll crib may look more like the one you had when you were a child. Meant to be more of a rocker, it’s a great place for tired baby dolls to catch some Zzzzs. It’s also a big hit with parents. Amazon reviewer FindMeScrollingAmazon (a name we can all relate to) writes, “The product is a good size for 18 inch dolls or smaller or an occasional stuffed animal.
Definitely well worth the price. Plus, they are adorable and could match any home decor.”

$34.16 AT AMAZON

Badger Basket Doll Crib with Bedding

If you’re looking for a stylish toy that looks like the baby crib of your dreams, just ask Badger Basket. The company is selling a beautiful set that takes it one step further, with built-in drawers for all of your baby doll’s accessories and needs. The company states that this crib is ideal for American Girl dolls, My Life dolls, and Our Generation dolls.

$43.49 AT AMAZON

Natural Wood Bassinet

How cute is this Natural Wood Bassinet from Pottery Barn Kids? Your kiddo will love this the grown up look of this baby doll bassinet for their doll.


EmilyRose 18 Inch Doll

This piece by Emily Rose is somewhere between a cradle and a crib. It’s hand-painted with a crown on it to help it stand out even more. It comes with a cozy looking quilted comforter, pillow and mattress, so that all baby dolls can sleep comfortably.


Best Baby Doll Beds

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Beds

In the life of every doll mom, there comes a time when their baby suddenly becomes too big for a crib. It’s a (sniff) milestone that’ll give you flashbacks of the very first time you unboxed your new toy. It seems like only yesterday. Anyway, as you know, Melissa and Doug make incredible products for kids, and this doll bed is no different. Like most standard cribs and beds, it’s best for dolls up to 18 inches.


IKEA Duktig Doll Bed with Bedlinen Set

Of course IKEA has their own doll bed. And, good news — it’s much easier to put together than the rest of their furniture. If you also happen to be looking for a good bed for a bunny or small puppy, this bed also seems to be a big contender. If you take a peek, make sure to see all of the adorable photos in the reviews.


Hauck Princess Pink Doll Bed

This bed seems pretty fancy, so it’s likely reserved for just the most special of baby dolls. It comes with matching pillows and quilts, as well as plenty of motherly approval. “My daughter was shocked at how nice it is,” writes mom and Amazon reviewer Virginia.


Best Baby Doll Bunk Beds

Badger Basket Trundle Doll Bunk Bed with Ladder

If you want a creative and intuitive baby doll bed, Badger Basket is seriously the company to look at. Not only does this bed have a bunk, but it has a trundle. You know what that means — Molly McIntire and Addy Walker can easily host a sleepover with Julie Albright.

$41.49 AT AMAZON

Hauck Birdie Doll Twin Play Center

The Hauck set of bunk beds is absolutely made for twin dolls. If you’re housing a pair of plastic multiples, you’ll love that these beds also turn into an eatery. One Amazon customer writes, “This was purchased for my 4 year old baby doll lover. She was obsessed with this and plays with it daily.”

$49.99 AT AMAZON

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