Best Toddler Activity Cubes - The Doctor's Office Essential You *Need*

Toddler & Baby Activity Cubes: The Doctor’s Office Essential You *Need* In Your Own Toy Stash

February 3, 2020 Updated June 25, 2021


Looking for the best activity cube? You should be — because you know your kid loves these things. (And you know this because you always watch in horror as Junior gleefully goes crazy on what must *surely* be a disgusting, germ-covered cube every time you’re stuck in a doctor’s waiting room.) Wooden, plastic, big, or small, there’s a cube out there to pique your baby or toddler’s interest — and we’ll help you find it. 

Needless to say, Mama, there’s a reason that docs stock up on baby activity cubes: They entertain even the most active toddlers, and the benefits of these developmental toys are major. They improve hand-eye coordination, demonstrate cause and effect, teach fine motor skills, and improve critical thinking skills. The cube’s many educational activities expose youngsters to elements like shapes, colors, and animals (get those unicorn coloring pages ready!) that will help you teach them by recognition. They’ll be shouting family sayings in no time after using an activity cube.

So, we found the best activity cubes that’ll fit flawlessly into your life — whether you’re seeking something portable and travel-friendly or so massive it can actually double as a toy chest. (Yes, really.) Scroll down to shop!

Best Budget-Friendly Activity Cubes

Elephant Educational Activity Cube by Top Bright

Increase the cuteness factor with a circus-themed elephant cube featuring five sides of spinning gears, turning wheels, counting beads, and a detachable bead maze. But quite possibly the most entertaining element of them all? “I bought this for my great nephew’s first birthday,” writes one reviewer on Amazon. “It was a huge hit! He only wanted to play with *that* toy once he opened it. He loved all the different activities on it, but especially pulling the ball to make the elephant ‘blow bubbles.’ Highly recommend!” Aw.

This toy is smaller in size so it’s easily portable, and if you’re not looking for an investment piece, it certainly won’t break the bank. 


9-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center by Lavievert

This wooden activity cube packs a lot of playtime into a relatively small space, making it a great option for travel (meaning you can actually bring it on trips or easily haul it back-and-forth to Grandmom’s house). Expect all the classics (abacus, gears, clocks, etc.) plus *three* super stand-out fun factors: 1) A tree with creatures invites kids to move circular blocks to match the corresponding place on the background. 2) The pond-themed feature allows kids to play fishing games with the enclosed rods and magnetic wooden marine creatures. 3) The bottom features a flight chess board that two to four people can play. Bottom line? This baby will keep your baby busy.

“What a perfectly adorable activity cube!” says a buyer. “It is a quality toy – solid wood, beautifully constructed. Every facet has something to engage a child. I love how the top inserts into the cube for easy storage. Completely happy with my purchase!”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

WolVolk Musical Activity Cube

This activity cube is sure to keep your little one busy, laughing, learning, and singing! With nearly 2,000 reviews, the WolVolk Musical Activity Cube is a great option. One reviewer said, “For my busy 6 month old grandson this is the perfect size. He moves it around all over the place. We find new things on it all the time. Several different tunes, each side has a bunch of different things you can push and play with and it seems really durable. I think this was a good choice. I know he will have a lot of fun for a long time with this toy.”

$42.99 AT AMAZON

Best Activity Cubes For The Littlest Players

K’s Kids Musical Farmyard Cube by Melissa & Doug

Think of this as an introductory cube for the truly bitty baby who isn’t quite ready for gears and clocks quite yet. This super soft cube with a handy handle features colorful animals that play songs when their noses are pressed. It also has a durable teether, padded handles, crinkly flower petals, and a sturdy plastic mirror. (Just note, you’ll need batteries for this one.)

“My granddaughter fell in love with this toy at daycare and I had to buy it because she wouldn’t leave with out it,” says a buyer. “The colors and sounds are very exciting for her and she played with it for hours.”

$14.39 AT AMAZON

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

A master of techie toys for growing minds, VTech’s five-sided activity cube has the works: Buttons, lights, songs, sounds — basically, all the good stuff that littles like. Kiddos as young as 6 months can play with this versatile toy, and when it becomes their new favorite, you’ll be glad it’s small and light enough for travel (whether you’re headed out of town or from one room to another). Knowing it’s made with BPA plastic will give you peace of mind, and a volume control button will save your sanity. But remember, you’ll need batteries for this one, too.

“My 8-month-old daughter loves her activity cube,” one reviewer raves. “It’s the first thing she plays with every day. When we visit relatives or go on trips, we make sure to take it. She’s young enough that she enjoys the lights and sounds and manipulating the movable pieces. She has a lot of learning left to do with it, so I don’t foresee her losing interest any time soon.”

$16.88 AT AMAZON

6% OFF

Infantino Big Top Discovery Cube Development Toy

This discovery cube is perfect as an intro for an infant. It includes a clacker ring, a peek-a-boo mirror, and adorable animal on all six sides of the cube. One fellow parent reviewed, “This thing is fantastic! The colors, designs, and toys attached to it provide plenty of stimulation to keep our daughters developing brain active. It’s soft all around (keeping her safe) and is built incredibly well. The mirror that’s attached is a nice touch as, at this age, she REALLY enjoys looking at herself. This usually leads to some laughs!”

$13.59 AT AMAZON

Best Oversized Activity Cubes

Under The Sea Adventures, Deluxe Activity Wooden Maze Cube

Add a little music to your little one’s daily activities with this Under The Sea themed activity cube that includes a xylophone, a pound drum, and tons of other activities. One reviewer said, “My son loves this item, it’s sturdy, well made, and was thoughtful where corners were rounded to prevent injuries. Just a quality toy.”

$47.16 AT AMAZON

Country Critters Play Cube by Hape

Showcasing gorgeous design and quality, this oversized cube is super interactive featuring mazes, shapes, levers, and lots of flying, swimming, and croaking creatures. Especially adorable is the cutie honeycomb your kid will turn to move the bitty bees. Bzzzz!

Customers say that this cube sees daily use with their active little ones. “My daughter is 18-months-old and has an attention span of an ant,” one reviewer explains. “She blew me away because she plays with this activity cube for about 15 minutes at a time. That doesn’t seem like much, but as an Early Childhood educator, I can tell you that this is a great product when a baby can devote this much attention to one item.”

$94.99 AT AMAZON

37% OFF

Wooden Activity Cube by Top Bright

Looking for an extra large activity cube? This big boy turns into a toddler stool — awesome for when your L.O. needs a little independence reaching the sink or seeing what you’re up to in the kitchen. It even has storage space inside for stashing other toys — helping you cut down on the clutter. And it boasts not five, not six, but seven (!) sides of fun, with features like peek-a-boo doors, a clock with moveable hands, spinning gears, digital animal flip board, spinning wheel, sliding animals and, of course, a bead maze up top.

Buyers comment on this toy’s quality, sturdiness, and entertainment value. “Absolutely love this!” one reviewer says. “Wanted something sturdy for my daughter to pull up on and this is perfect! Assembly was super easy and took all of a minute.”

$89.99 AT AMAZON

Best Heirloom-Worthy Activity Cubes

Wooden Discover Farm Animals Activity Center by Battat

Your future farmer or aspiring veterinarian will adore this wooden activity cube covered with barnyard animals. Manufactured by a family company that’s been around since 1897, the cube’s sturdy wood construction and thoughtful touches (like rounded corners, a mom’s dream!) give it instant heirloom appeal.

“This is the best children’s toy I have ever purchased!” one reviewer says. “My baby just started standing up and needed stimulation from a new vantage point. The craftsmanship is beautiful, the quality of the paint is excellent. There’s so much to do with this toy and it’s such an awesome developmental tool! This is the kind of toy that gets passed down through generations. It’s worth every single penny!”

$59.95 AT AMAZON

Garden Activity Cube by EverEarth

This precious cube is easy on the eyes: It combines a soft natural wood with a mix of primary colors *and* pretty pastel hues like pink, purple and aqua (using non-toxic and environmentally friendly water-based paints, of course). It’s got six sides complete with counting beads, spinning gears, a magnetic shape sorter, peg maze, sliding pegs and spinning shapes — plus that must-have wire maze up top. Add in floral-themed gears and cute critters, and you’ve got yourself a relatively adorable cube happening here. (Your living room decor says thanks, btw.)

“One of the big hits of this Christmas season, both my toddler and my 4-year-old are fascinated with this toy,” one Amazon reviewer reports. “The price may seem steep to you at first, but being a woodworker myself, I can tell you that it’s extremely well constructed with a lot of router work and small details. It’s sturdy enough that you’ll be passing it down through your family for ages.”

$104.99 AT AMAZON

Because playing is *literally* one of the most important things your kid can do right now — shop our mom-approved toy picks for the best and brightest in baby and toddler toys.

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